Wear comfortable fitting shoes; your feet will thank you

photo by ellievanhoutte

Tennis Shoes

I have been pretty much of a tennis shoe wearer most of my life. And little did I know that most of them were not helping my feet and or making me a happy camper.

What a Difference a Good Pair of Shoes Makes

In my younger years I wore what was given to me and the choice wasn’t mine to make. Coins were tight and eating had a higher priority. Also I didn’t know any better, so what you don’t know doesn’t necessarily hurt you till you find out differently. And I pretty much maintain this mentality until I joined my second wife in holy blish. She had and still does have this incredible ability to access a situation and then point out the futility of it. During our mating ritual my soon to be wife couldn’t help but notice the shoes that I normally wore. They were tennis shoes and the soles we paper thin and looked like the dog had drug them thru the woods and collected every form of dirt they came in contact with. To me that were perfect and required no changes to be made to them. My wife to be who loved me dearly and still does put her foot down and insisted they be buried with honors and new ones be purchased. She said these shoes can’t be good for your feet. Love prevailed and the shoes got the boot. I’m sure I shed a tear but finally like most brain dead men came to my senses under pressure and tried new shoes with my love companion guiding the shoe trying process. Wow what a difference a good pair of shoes can make in your life. Even my footies said thanks for thinking of me.

Gets Shoes that Fit Right

Since then I have been an avid believer in good and comfortable shoe wear. Now when I find a pair of tennis shoes I like I will frequently buy two or more pairs at one time. And also I try each pair and then walk the store like a dead man walking to his execution till I’m convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that there ok; then and only then will I purchase them.

Bad Shoes, Unhealthy Feet

I remember working at a Die Cast company and spent a week or so working next to a gentlemen that’s been doing the same sanding job for five years. And I couldn’t help but notice he wore the most worn out shoes I have ever seen other then my old tennis shoes. Each shoe was worn differently and that forced him to walk awkwardly. During lunch he always removed his shoes and complained how much his feet hurt. Know wonder the shoes were in terrible condition.

Get Inserts if You Need Them

My oldest son used to machine racecar motors and because of that had to stand long lengths of time. Eventually his feet started hurting him. He being a person of action contacted a shoe doctor and had shoe inserts made that stopped his feet from hurting.

Bad Shoes, Bad Idea

Bad wearing shoes are a great hindrance to good emotional wellness. So take the advise of one who knows. Throw those worthless shoes away and get a pair that make you feet feel good and that goodness will walk its way to your brain and your whole body will feel better.

Don L. Terrill