Wellness, Dates and friends are yours if you avoid the four don’ts

photo by femaletrumpet02

The Four Don'ts

  1. Never Guess their Weight
  2. Avoid the Age Question

  1. Never Talk Politics
  2. Religion is a NO NO
I used to know a gentlemen that had numerous concessions at an Amusement Park my parents owned. His primary function was to run a concession which involved using a large wood mallet which you used to hit a rubber object connected to an single board that when hit would drive a metal object up the pole and if done properly and hit hard enough would ring the metal bell at the top of the upright pole. Primarily men would do this to impress their lady companion with their physical prowess. The trick wasn’t to hit it hard; the trick was to hit the rubber object squarely with the wood mallet and that would make it more likely to hit the bell when your strength alone generally didn't get the job done .
My acquaintance would also substitute at other concessions. His favorite job was working the weight and age guessing concession. Here he would challenge ladies to come up and win a prize. He would say what do you wish me to guess your age within one year either way or weight within three pounds either way? Then the player would put up a certain amount of money to consummate the deal, which was non refundable whether they won or not.

Even if he guessed wrong he still made money or he just broke even because most prizes were created out of plaster, which the concession owner would make between things or during the winter, when the amusement business was dormant.

One day while business was slow the weight guessing guy and I were enjoying lunch together which was right by where we were both working. At the time I was running the Ferris Wheel which often was one of the best jobs at the park to meet girls. Mainly because you were in close proximity of them when they were boarding the Ferris Wheel for a ride. When the girls that caught my eye were walking up the ramp to gain access to their seat I as the operator would be holding the seat foot portion tightly pressed against the loading ramp floor. After the girls would sit down I reach over them with my left hand while looking at them and hoping to see a flicker of interest that they would be of a mind to join me for a cold drink later when I wasn’t working. Being I was the owners son I always had the option to furnish free rides for the fair damsels.

Now back to my co-worker the weight and age guessing guy. While talking this day he gave me some insight that has stuck with me every since. He said there are four don’ts in life to never talk to anyone about if you want to make a good connection with them. First two are never guess a ladies age or weight. And as for men avoid talking about religion and politics. Like most people I once in awhile don’t take good advise and then I wouldn’t get a date with a girl I liked and likewise my poor judgment would drive a friend away. And sometimes it was about things like the four don’ts I’ve mentioned earlier. I sure that there are many more don’ts to avoid but these four are high on the list of never using if you want to make a good impression with someone.

Don L. Terrill