Listening to God Bless America is always a great high for me

photo by ₪ ÇP ₪

Bears Fan

Even thought I’ve moved to a different state I’m still in my heart of hearts a die-hard Bears & Cubs fan. When I first got to my new location I would walk the neighborhood and of course wear my bears cap, which was my favorite cap at the time. Those who crossed my path especially the guys would sometimes comment about the cap. Like oh I see you’re a bears fan and of course there were the ones that viewed themselves as would be comics and they would say things like, are you lost? And then pointed to my cap Or etc. In time I joined the locals and purchased a cap more compatible with my new surrounding.

Ruth Pointed to Center Field

I remember my Dad telling me a story about when he and a group of his friends went to watch the New York Yankees play at home. He said they sat directly behind home base and the day was perfect. Little did my Dad know that he was about to watch history in the making. This was the day when Bath Ruth came up to the plate and pointed with his bat to center field indicating that was where the ball was going and sure enough that's were the Babe sent the ball flying to. Some have said it didn’t happen, but my Dad sitting behind home base was only four rows away and he said it did. According to follow up news reports Babe Ruth had visited a kids ward in the hospital and promised this one boy that he would point to center field and make a home run just for him. A movie was made centered around this event. My Dad said he couldn’t validate the hospital event but did see Babe point and put the ball right where he pointed. Wow I would have loved to have enjoyed watching the titans of baseball, at that time and many of them played for the Yankees.

Beer & Baseball go Hand in Hand

One time my lovely wife and I joined up for a bus ride to Chicago to watch the Cubs play. A great time was had by all. During the ride to and from the game, mind-altering liquid was available to those that wanted to partake. At that juncture in my life I enjoyed the brew stuff, my wife was a mixed drinking person. The bus boarded at eight AM and some were even drinking then. They especially had a good time, till errors of judgment and the mind-altering stuff caught up to them. Two large consumers of the bubble had a confrontation with one of the beer-selling ladies. They wanted more to drink and she said that they had already reached the level of having too much to drink. They used unfavorable words in her presence and she just walked away. The two stupid ones yelled at her as she left. In ten minutes she returned with four large fellows that escorted them out of the stadium. We never saw then again that day. They apparently wondered off and ended up in some neighborhood bar and lost track of time. The bus left without them. I never did hear how they got home. I guess bad behavior didn’t deserve them a bus ride home.

I Can Still Hear God Bless America Ringing in My Ears

I look back on the times I’ve enjoyed being at and watching sports and have always been overwhelmed by the playing of God Bless America. It thrills and chills me right to the bone. Find what chills you and do it often. Its a great way to feel better.

I love this wonderful country and am proud to say I’m an American. God Bless America.

Don L. Terrill