Are certain sounds bothering your wellness?

photo by Jef Poskanzer

Tick Tock

My Mother In Law has a clock hanging on her living room wall that’s of the old fashion variety with the swinging arm which ticks at the end of each direction it moves to. When she has it working it goes tick tock. Now most of the time it doesn’t bother me, but sometimes my focus gets on it and I can't seem to get my attention off it. Sometimes I break the spell by visiting the boy’s room or probing for goodies in the kitchen. When all else fails I suggest an early retreat and exit stage left.

I Removed the Batteries

We have one clock in our kitchen that I disabled probably six months ago. It’s just a regular wall hanging clock that has sentimental value to my wife; as the clock got older it started to tick louder all the time. At first it only concerned me when I was in the kitchen and since I don’t spent much time there it was no problem to me. Then out of know where it started ticking even louder and it bothered me while I was sitting in my favorite chair and trying to sleep in the mid afternoon and sometimes in the late evening. While my love was doing her thing somewhere else I removed the batteries and then I found my wellness again. I think my wife knows I did it but isn’t saying anything about it. I guess having someone that loves you is good thing, because they have a tendency to over look your need to change things that they know bothers the one they love.

Too Many Clocks

I had a tenant once that loved clocks and collected them as a hobby. She occupied a one-bedroom apartment and shared her floor with seven other tenants. When she first moved into the building all was well with everyone on that floor; that is until Jane got the rest of her collection out of a storage facility she rented. I’m not sure because I never counted them but I would estimate that she had a least fifty clocks and half a dozen of them were stand up clocks that were taller then she was. Needless to say the tenants jointly filed a noise complaint and that’s when the stuff hit the fan.

After a week of discussion we developed a compromise with her. She could keep the clocks but the noisy ones had to be disabled but could remain in her apartment. It didn’t give her much room to move around, but that was ok because the fire marshal said it didn’t restrict her ability to exit the apartment in case of an emergency. I’m sure she missed the sounds of the clocks but was glad that she could still keep them all.

We humans are all different and that means that what bothers others may not bother you. Now sometimes we all can be really picky about something that’s bothering us and that’s when a compromise must be arrived at. Unless you’re a king, dictator or president you will from time to time need to find common ground and get harmony back in your life.

Life Isn't Noiseless

Trying to get your way all the time is the first step in being a person by yourself. Personally I like living with someone and taint going to let the sound break us up. So live smart and realize life isn’t a noiseless thing. Do the best you can and then just live with it. Remember being alone sucks.

Don L. Terrill