Wellness, Dates and friends are yours if you avoid the four don’ts

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The Four Don'ts

  1. Never Guess their Weight
  2. Avoid the Age Question

  1. Never Talk Politics
  2. Religion is a NO NO
I used to know a gentlemen that had numerous concessions at an Amusement Park my parents owned. His primary function was to run a concession which involved using a large wood mallet which you used to hit a rubber object connected to an single board that when hit would drive a metal object up the pole and if done properly and hit hard enough would ring the metal bell at the top of the upright pole. Primarily men would do this to impress their lady companion with their physical prowess. The trick wasn’t to hit it hard; the trick was to hit the rubber object squarely with the wood mallet and that would make it more likely to hit the bell when your strength alone generally didn't get the job done .
My acquaintance would also substitute at other concessions. His favorite job was working the weight and age guessing concession. Here he would challenge ladies to come up and win a prize. He would say what do you wish me to guess your age within one year either way or weight within three pounds either way? Then the player would put up a certain amount of money to consummate the deal, which was non refundable whether they won or not.

Even if he guessed wrong he still made money or he just broke even because most prizes were created out of plaster, which the concession owner would make between things or during the winter, when the amusement business was dormant.

One day while business was slow the weight guessing guy and I were enjoying lunch together which was right by where we were both working. At the time I was running the Ferris Wheel which often was one of the best jobs at the park to meet girls. Mainly because you were in close proximity of them when they were boarding the Ferris Wheel for a ride. When the girls that caught my eye were walking up the ramp to gain access to their seat I as the operator would be holding the seat foot portion tightly pressed against the loading ramp floor. After the girls would sit down I reach over them with my left hand while looking at them and hoping to see a flicker of interest that they would be of a mind to join me for a cold drink later when I wasn’t working. Being I was the owners son I always had the option to furnish free rides for the fair damsels.

Now back to my co-worker the weight and age guessing guy. While talking this day he gave me some insight that has stuck with me every since. He said there are four don’ts in life to never talk to anyone about if you want to make a good connection with them. First two are never guess a ladies age or weight. And as for men avoid talking about religion and politics. Like most people I once in awhile don’t take good advise and then I wouldn’t get a date with a girl I liked and likewise my poor judgment would drive a friend away. And sometimes it was about things like the four don’ts I’ve mentioned earlier. I sure that there are many more don’ts to avoid but these four are high on the list of never using if you want to make a good impression with someone.

Don L. Terrill


Listening to God Bless America is always a great high for me

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Bears Fan

Even thought I’ve moved to a different state I’m still in my heart of hearts a die-hard Bears & Cubs fan. When I first got to my new location I would walk the neighborhood and of course wear my bears cap, which was my favorite cap at the time. Those who crossed my path especially the guys would sometimes comment about the cap. Like oh I see you’re a bears fan and of course there were the ones that viewed themselves as would be comics and they would say things like, are you lost? And then pointed to my cap Or etc. In time I joined the locals and purchased a cap more compatible with my new surrounding.

Ruth Pointed to Center Field

I remember my Dad telling me a story about when he and a group of his friends went to watch the New York Yankees play at home. He said they sat directly behind home base and the day was perfect. Little did my Dad know that he was about to watch history in the making. This was the day when Bath Ruth came up to the plate and pointed with his bat to center field indicating that was where the ball was going and sure enough that's were the Babe sent the ball flying to. Some have said it didn’t happen, but my Dad sitting behind home base was only four rows away and he said it did. According to follow up news reports Babe Ruth had visited a kids ward in the hospital and promised this one boy that he would point to center field and make a home run just for him. A movie was made centered around this event. My Dad said he couldn’t validate the hospital event but did see Babe point and put the ball right where he pointed. Wow I would have loved to have enjoyed watching the titans of baseball, at that time and many of them played for the Yankees.

Beer & Baseball go Hand in Hand

One time my lovely wife and I joined up for a bus ride to Chicago to watch the Cubs play. A great time was had by all. During the ride to and from the game, mind-altering liquid was available to those that wanted to partake. At that juncture in my life I enjoyed the brew stuff, my wife was a mixed drinking person. The bus boarded at eight AM and some were even drinking then. They especially had a good time, till errors of judgment and the mind-altering stuff caught up to them. Two large consumers of the bubble had a confrontation with one of the beer-selling ladies. They wanted more to drink and she said that they had already reached the level of having too much to drink. They used unfavorable words in her presence and she just walked away. The two stupid ones yelled at her as she left. In ten minutes she returned with four large fellows that escorted them out of the stadium. We never saw then again that day. They apparently wondered off and ended up in some neighborhood bar and lost track of time. The bus left without them. I never did hear how they got home. I guess bad behavior didn’t deserve them a bus ride home.

I Can Still Hear God Bless America Ringing in My Ears

I look back on the times I’ve enjoyed being at and watching sports and have always been overwhelmed by the playing of God Bless America. It thrills and chills me right to the bone. Find what chills you and do it often. Its a great way to feel better.

I love this wonderful country and am proud to say I’m an American. God Bless America.

Don L. Terrill


Are certain sounds bothering your wellness?

photo by Jef Poskanzer

Tick Tock

My Mother In Law has a clock hanging on her living room wall that’s of the old fashion variety with the swinging arm which ticks at the end of each direction it moves to. When she has it working it goes tick tock. Now most of the time it doesn’t bother me, but sometimes my focus gets on it and I can't seem to get my attention off it. Sometimes I break the spell by visiting the boy’s room or probing for goodies in the kitchen. When all else fails I suggest an early retreat and exit stage left.

I Removed the Batteries

We have one clock in our kitchen that I disabled probably six months ago. It’s just a regular wall hanging clock that has sentimental value to my wife; as the clock got older it started to tick louder all the time. At first it only concerned me when I was in the kitchen and since I don’t spent much time there it was no problem to me. Then out of know where it started ticking even louder and it bothered me while I was sitting in my favorite chair and trying to sleep in the mid afternoon and sometimes in the late evening. While my love was doing her thing somewhere else I removed the batteries and then I found my wellness again. I think my wife knows I did it but isn’t saying anything about it. I guess having someone that loves you is good thing, because they have a tendency to over look your need to change things that they know bothers the one they love.

Too Many Clocks

I had a tenant once that loved clocks and collected them as a hobby. She occupied a one-bedroom apartment and shared her floor with seven other tenants. When she first moved into the building all was well with everyone on that floor; that is until Jane got the rest of her collection out of a storage facility she rented. I’m not sure because I never counted them but I would estimate that she had a least fifty clocks and half a dozen of them were stand up clocks that were taller then she was. Needless to say the tenants jointly filed a noise complaint and that’s when the stuff hit the fan.

After a week of discussion we developed a compromise with her. She could keep the clocks but the noisy ones had to be disabled but could remain in her apartment. It didn’t give her much room to move around, but that was ok because the fire marshal said it didn’t restrict her ability to exit the apartment in case of an emergency. I’m sure she missed the sounds of the clocks but was glad that she could still keep them all.

We humans are all different and that means that what bothers others may not bother you. Now sometimes we all can be really picky about something that’s bothering us and that’s when a compromise must be arrived at. Unless you’re a king, dictator or president you will from time to time need to find common ground and get harmony back in your life.

Life Isn't Noiseless

Trying to get your way all the time is the first step in being a person by yourself. Personally I like living with someone and taint going to let the sound break us up. So live smart and realize life isn’t a noiseless thing. Do the best you can and then just live with it. Remember being alone sucks.

Don L. Terrill


Make a list of things that aren’t working for you

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I Woke Up Feeling Great

During my mid years I accumulated numerous issues in my life that were slowing consuming the wellness in my life. It seemed like I was spending all my time being unhappy and couldn’t seem to find my way back to being an ok person like I used to be. Then one day in an effort to find peace I consumed a large quantity of alcohol and passed out on my bed. My last recollection of the time was five AM. I slept over twenty-four hours and woke up at seven AM the following day. You would have thought that my brain would have been throbbing because of the booze I consumed. When I awoke my feelings were just the opposite. I felt super and couldn’t remember the last time I felt that good.

This Is How I Want to Live the Rest of My Life

I got out of bed and sat down right in front of one of my living room windows. The sun was just coming up and I remembered saying how great the sunlight felt coming thru the window. I sat there for the longest time because I was afraid if I moved my happiness would fade and the doom in my life would cling to me again. When I did finally moved I noticed that nothing happened to my wellness. I stood before the window with my arms stretched out, smiling from ear to ear and said with absolute conviction, that this is how I want to feel for the rest of my life. And then I said I don’t care what I have to do I going to change my life, know matter what it costs me emotionally or financially to make it happen.

Then like being guided by some greater force I decided to write down everything in my life that wasn’t working for me. Here’s a partial presentation of that list.

1. My personal relation with someone wasn’t working
2. I was involved in a partnership that wasn’t working
3. I was in constant turmoil with my youngest son and my parents concerning how they were supporting his bad behavior.
4. I had a regular job that involved interaction with tenants and their problems.

These four things only represented part of my list; I didn’t want to bore you with all my issues.

Here’s the plan I developed to help me maintain my new found happiness.

I asked myself the following questions about each item on my list

1. Can I do something to terminate this issue in my life?
2. If I cant do # 1 what can I do to lower the emotional pain it causes me?
3. Have I done everything I can to this issue right now?
4. If my third answer is yes I wrote it on a future list and viewed it in one month and observed if anything’s changed that would allow me to do something so lower the effect it had on me.

Here’s what happen when I applied by new technique to the four items on my to fix list.

Item # 1 I approached by regular dating person and timidly suggested things weren’t working out for me concerning our relationship. And then she admitted it wasn’t working for her either. We both liked each other but didn’t feel the relationship was going anywhere. We stopped dating and parted being ok with each other. Problem # 1 solved

Item# 2 I made my partner an offer that he couldn’t refuse and even thought it cost me a ton of money I felt great relief when the deal was completed. Problem # 2 solved

Item # 3 Since I couldn’t convince my parents or son to change their behavior I decided to stop sticking my nose in issues that I had know control over. I accepted them and hoped they would do like wise with me. Problem # 3 solved

Item # 4 I applied the previous paragraph to this issue and solved the problem

This method worked great for me, primarily because I was dedicated to changing my life for the better and didn’t mind making the hard decisions and then taking action to make things work out.

Happiness Will Be Your Reward

Here’s my parting thought. If happiness is what you seek, then drop the unhappiness you’re holding on to. It may hurt at the time but wellness will be your reward.

Don L. Terrill


Take a Class that will in someway improve the quality of your life

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Fainted and Hit the Floor

All thru High School I had this extreme fear about talking in front of a class. It even bothered me to stand up and respond to questions directed to me. As I moved up in the grades the situation became even worse. One time while in an Economics Class I got up stood before the class and fainted dead out on the floor. I remember coming to with the whole class standing above me and most of them were smiling. After that the teacher wisely allowed me to give my presentation via paper and pencil. Apparently the teacher and or students spread the word and no teacher asked me to make a talking presentation. I guess my fainting impressed everyone.

I Took Boxing Lessions at the Local YMCA

Also I was older then any other students because I quit school for a while during family problems that were not of my doing. While walking the streets and spending a small period of time in a detention center I learned the fine art of protecting myself by taking boxing lessions at the Y. Shortly after returning to school I was challenged by the local bully and the gym coach gave us an opportunity to exchange blows with the boxing gloves. I had every intention of just getting thru this event with as little effort as possible; because I promised the couple that were helping me I would avoid fighting / etc. I had every intention of keeping this promise till he hit me and I hit the canvas. I got up bleeding from the nose and punched him till the coach and others pulled me off him. From that moment on no one challenged me for anything.

Yes I wasn’t Afraid to Defend Myself but I still couldn’t stand before a group and Talk.

Then five years after graduating I took a Dale Carnegie Speaking Class and totally over came my fear of talking before people. After that class I took every opportunity I could to speak before people. Boy was that a great feeling and still is today. The class was very simplistic and you only talked about things you were similar with. They would call each person during each session and while you walked up to the front of the class that’s when the instructor would give you a subject to talk about. Then you would be given maybe fifteen seconds to gather your thoughts and then you would be told to speak for one minute and say anything about the subject matter. My first talk was about shoes. Its amazing how long a minute is when your standing in front of a group of people. When you finished your minute the audience would clap and cheer. If I remember right the class lasted two weeks and then we all received certificates of completion. I proudly displayed it till the day I retired.

The Greatest Class I Ever Took

This class of Public Speaking was a major milestone for me and even today I still enjoy talking to groups. Take a learning class and maybe it will change your life for the better, like it did for me.

Don L. Terrill


Create a Home Environment that makes you Happy

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Make Your Space Work for You

Make your environment work for you. Children growing up understand this concept that’s why if there allowed to will hang up posters, listen to music, dress weird and laugh on the phone with their friends. They use whatever they can to make themselves happy. They seem to have the natural born ability to just be ok. Of course if they hang around parents that feel unhappy then they will pick up on that and part of this unwellness will brush off onto them. So if your children are happy please don’t dump your emotional pain on them. Rather then doing that pay attention to what makes them happy and use that information to improve your emotional wellness.

We Changed Life Didn't

Life if I’m reading it right seems to slightly tilted in the direction of negative thinking. Now most people don’t want to be this way. Its like a gradual thing that happens to us like watching the bad stuff on tv all the time. Little by little is starts changing how we feel and then one day we wake up and wonder why life sucks so much. Life didn’t change we did. We slowly stopped being happy and then we seldom smiled anymore. Now we wait till the current day ends and we look forward to tomorrow hoping it will be better. This thinking is of course is futile because change requires change and that’s the only way things get better.

It Was My Cave and it Worked for Me

So when my life started tilting to the negative side I fought back. I created a small cubbyhole in the basement that no one else wanted and I proclaimed myself king and this was my kingdom and posted a no trespassing sign. This small little corner of the basement contained the furnace, air-conditioning, hot water tank and shelves that contained stuff no one ever used anymore. I constructed a low maintenance wall and hung a door. I created a bench area placed my first Mac on the bench and started writing. There was no direction to my writing I just wrote whatever came into my mind. Then I started putting up posters and other forms of pictures that made me feel good. At first my family ignored my behavior, but in time started wondering what was going on down there. Finally I opened my cave and let the light shine in. I’m not sure what they thought about my cave but they left me to my resources and my life got better.

A Small Change can be a Big Thing

Time has taught me that small changes are just as good as big changes. So maybe you can’t make a cave like I did, but I’m sure you can do something that will make you feel better. Like how about a picture where you normally sit that makes you feel good. Maybe that could be a Grand Child's picture or a special remembrance of something that happened in your life that made you feel good then and still does now. If you can't find space for yourself create a scrapbook and put pictures of people, places or things that make you happy when you look at them. If pictures are not available to you, use words to replace the pictures for names, places and things. For example my scrapbook includes pictures and words. Like John Wayne, the rising sun, fly fishing, playing golf, listening to an opera. Your choices are as endless as the world is round.

It's Medicine for the Mind

These pictures and words if viewed daily will greatly improve the wellness in your life. It's medicine for your mind and in time you’ll be better and a happier person for doing it. No it’s not as good as having a cave but the cave can be in your book and that’s second best.

Don L. Terrill


Pets are great feeling boosters

photo by Andrea Pokrzywinski

The Pets Were Part of the Family

My parents were great lovers of pets, I can’t remember not having a dog, cat or both in the house. And sometimes I think they had more seniority then I did. Also they could do things that I couldn’t do. Like chewing shoes, climbing the drapes and make messes they never were required to pick up. But they were family and as so I acted according knowing well they would diddle on the floor to indicate I failed to let them venture outside in the morning for their bathroom smell-athon.

Pet Lovers Find Each Other

It seemed that every friend of my Mother had a pet also, I sometimes wondered if that wasn’t a requirement before my Mother allowed them to join her group of influence in the community.

Her Best Friend Was Her Dog

When my Mother was near leaving this earthly place her closes confidant was her last dog an English setter. Her and the dog only parted company when her companion needed to go piddle. When the dog returned they both returned to their normal posture and that was in someway touching each other. By now Mother was entirely living the days of her youth and most of the time I was her departed brother who pasted away thirty years ago.

My Mothers Greatest Fear Came True

Finally after falling numerous times and the last fall broke her hip. This forced her to have corrective surgery and then rehab time in a local facility. So for a time she constantly asked about her closes companion but then even that thought found no place in her consciousness. Her last residence was in a nursing upscale facility that catered to her every desire. She now was unable to walk but could use the wheel chair and spend the rest of her days traveling around this large one story facility making sure the exit and entrance doors was securely locked.

In Heaven with Her Pets

Finally heaven opened its mighty doors and welcomed my Mother with open arms. Waiting there for her beloved husband she called Cheifie and the family pets. I know this because my heart says it is so.

Pets are Great Protectors

Now and thru my entire life I have experienced the joy of having pets by enjoying and viewing the experiences of those who have or did have pets. Pets have huge advances over human companions. They never stop loving you and always have time to listen to the issues that you are facing in your life. They if it’s within their ability to do would give up their life so that yours would remain safe.

He Decided to Live with my Mother

I enjoyed the company of one pet in my life. His name was Brandy and I acquired him while working at the animal shelter one time doing electrical repairs. He was only months old and was found wondering the streets alone he hardly had enough body mass to keep himself alive. I worked there two days and that’s all it took to make a connection with him. He and I enjoyed many good times together and the one-day while walking my friend a drunken young person recklessly ran into my pet from behind. I took him to the vet and got care for him and then asked my Mother to watch him for a few days. Because during work days he would be alone and I worried about that till his body recovered from the incident. Finally one day I went to my Mothers house and when I got ready to leave I summoned Brandy and he didn’t respond by coming to me. That’s when I realize that he had chosen my Mother over me. That bothered me for a while but then I realized maybe that’s the way it was meant to be.

Pets are Forever

So if you looking to find someone who will be loyal to the end try making friends with a pet.

Don L. Terrill


Sleeping is an Individual Thing, so find your Thing

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How's Your Life Going?

What's the environment you’re producing when you lay down to sleep? You if your like most people you are probably adding a whole mix of different things to your sleeping that is totally confusing your body and your ability to find the sleep your trying to achieve. Allow me to use myself as an example of what I’m talking about. Sleeping per say seems a simple thing to do. When we first started out in life we developed a pattern of sleeping and we just followed it and all seemed to work well for us. During this successful sleeping time are daily activities was probably controlled by others and we did little to interfere with that process and sleeping was probably a successful endeavor for us. But life changes our environment as we get older and are personal choices of doing things starts interfering with are sleeping and so that’s the beginning and here we are today. We like most people complain about our sleeping but usually give little thought to it and how our current habits and usages play a part in making a sleeping wellness or unwellness depending on how your life is going.

What Is The Problem

The first solution to solving a problem is to figure out what the problem is and what's causing it. Then with this knowledge in hand we can if were still using an open mind can and should be able to construct the events that lead up to a good sleeping pattern we can follow. And what we will discover is that the problem is not our sleeping it's the junk we do or consume prior to putting our head to the pillow and the stuff were thinking about.

We Are Generally the Problem

It's been my observation in life that we the human are the problem and the solution is generally solved by changing habit's that currently exist in our life. Often times as not we don’t really realize how screwed up are sleeping process is and the part we play in making it happen the way it does.

Cancer Added to the Problem Sleeping

Here’s how life, me and my sleeping became a major concern for me when I discovered I had prostate cancer. Currently I’m void of cancer and all looks well for my complete success. I received radiation treatments and also had the option to receive shots which restricted my testosterone productions which deprived the cancer cells of a place to live and grown in my body. The shots did their job but in the process gave me hot flashes. Which come and bother me at the most inopportune time. I already had slight issues with my sleeping when he cancer issue rose its ugly head and the sleeping became more complicated and required different approaches be achieved for a compatible correction could be arranged at.

Your Sleep Like Everything else in Life is Ever Changing & That is Normal

I have come to the conclusion that the sleep of your youth is not likely to be the sleeping success of your future. But be of good cheer there is hope and it will require diligence on your part to make it happen. Sleeping patterns and good solid sleep may never be as good as it was when you were younger. But don’t worry life always brings change and change in itself is not a bad thing, it just requires a better awareness on your part and a wiliness to make changes that will meet your sleeping needs. I think looking for the sleep of your youth is a fools journey and will never be achieved and thus will always be an annoyance to you, unless you take the time to understand and then go with the flow and use the change to your advantage rather then fighting an uphill battle all the time.

Increased Age Less Sleep

Getting older if the brain thinkers are correct requires less sleep then when we were younger and also the sleep we do get may come in divided sessions during different times of the day.

Hot Flashes

I started paying attention to the hot flashes and observed that they would always come during or right after eating. They also arrived shortly after I started my nightly enjoyment of wine. My sleeping would always be interrupted by me sweating.

Ceiling Fan Did the Trick

What I really wanted to accomplish was to avoid the sweating thing and sleep better at night. To accomplish this I discovered that I could run the ceiling fan all night with my arms outside of the covers and this apparently dissipated the moisture thru my arms into the air in my bedroom. Sometimes where my head hit the pillow I would notice a slight wetness, but it didn’t keep me from sleeping.

What Are You Doing or Thinking before Bed Time?

Pay attention to what your doing and thinking about the hours prior to going to bed. This will give you insight into what to change or adjust and then just try different approaches and find out what works best. And stop thinking eight hours is a must to be your best. Who thought that idea anyway? I probable sleep one of so hours in my evening chair and then five in bed and that seems to work well for me. Remember sleeping like most things in life is an individual thing so figure out your thing and then just be ok with it.

Don L. Terrill

Avoid Demeaning Yourself

photo by Waponi

Bad Habits are a Bad Idea

We humans sometimes don’t use the good sense God gave us. That’s what one of my neighbors used to say while I was in the early stages of growing up. At that point of my existence I’m not sure that phrase made any impact on my life. Today I think its right on point. We wonder thru life and frequently repeat activities that demean ourselves and probably don’t even realize were doing it. These activities become habits and are replayed over and over again like a broken record in the old music box of my childhood.

Didn't Have Faith in Myself

I’m sure I have many such demeaning habits, here’s one such habit that I’m glad to report is slowly being beating into oblivion. I who is now considered a senior citizen have in my latter years have found myself having small difficulties that probably have been with me all my life but now seem to be taking on more importance then ever before in my life. Like remembering names, special occasions and where to turn going to some place that I have visited a zillion times before. My lovely wife who always points out the obvious has always given me the truth and nothing but the truth concerning myself and how I run my life. Apparently and I know it to be true, I’m not one to gather such information and never have. I look back on my growing up especially when I was really young didn’t have much faith in myself and consequently lived up to those expectations. My report cards mostly contained c,ds and fs. And can never in my youth ever remember getting an A. So I kind of developed a singular existence and though I had friends I didn’t share my inner thoughts with them. I don’t entirely blame myself for this existence because there were some mitigating circumstances. My early childhood involved no mother or father. When my Mother was forced by circumstance to assume her motherly responsibilities the effort came to late and didn’t last long because I was finally placed in a boy’s detention center and my only crime was that no one cared about caring for me. But don’t feel sorry for me because in short order two incredible people snatched me up and adopted me and like a fairy tale I acquired parents that loved me like the original ones should have.

I Say Negative Things About Myself

Wow I just expelled a lot of words to get to the badest bad habit I have. I have a tendency to say negative things when I make a mistake that I shouldn’t make because I know better. Like driving to our regular bank from this one direction and almost always going in the wrong entrance way, which is right next to another entrance way. When I do this I still make some gesture or comment that demeans myself. Yes I’m better but I still have progress to make. I also have other circumstances that still slightly bug me but I’m really getting better.

Stop Talking Bad About Yourself

So here’s the gist of this article stop running yourself down for making mistakes because your not alone and even the perfect people still make mistakes. So pay attention to your demeaning behavior to yourself and count to ten before you say anything to yourself that you know will piss you off. Pissing should remain in the bathroom and not hurting yourself. I guess it better to be pissed on then pissed off. That’s my remaining thought for the day and good luck with your thoughts.

Don L. Terrill


Walking a way to calm yourself and collect your thoughts

photo by anthonylavado

Walking Calms Me

I make a great effort everyday to walk. First and foremost because it makes me feel better. Sometimes I just walk and am pretty much like a Zombie, it's like nothing is going on in my head and I’m just experiencing my feet moving me along. I really try to make my walking a refreshing experience and leave the hassles and troubles of life back home on my doorstep. I think that were slowly becoming a society that’s working too much and not taking regular time to give our mind an opportunity to relax and thus keep all aspects of life in there proper place in the thinking of our mind. The mind is the greatest tool available to the human experience and sometimes we need to remember that and give it calmness so it can create the most productive thoughts and ideas for us.

Give Your Brain Time to Think

I am as guilty of this as all people are, but it's time this fast moving society gets its priorities right and elevates the brain to the highest status in our thinking. I’m constantly amazed how simple complex issues are when downtime is applied to the moment. I write for a number of reasons. One and fore mostly because It creates wonderful feelings in my mind. I enjoy seeing the words hit the paper and take on a life of their own. Sometimes when I walk I find myself thinking about different ways to say the same thing.

Imagine the Thinking it Took to Get to The Moon?

Last night while walking I observed a full moon and it was incredibly bright and clear. And I was reminded of our countries trip there and how great an accomplishment that was.

Walking Makes My Thinking Easier

I have noticed that what was difficult at my computer becomes simple when I’m walking. I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that life isn’t hard we just make it that way. Recently I purchased an item on the Internet for Christmas. It was a lighting device that supposedly would make my wife’s night bed reading a more enjoyable thing. When it arrived by carrier I promptly placed it in my closet. Later in the evening while my wife was out shopping I put the device to a test. Supposedly you can use this lighting device in your bed when its nighttime and your reading experience will be greatly improved according to the seller. My experience was less then satisfying. It not only didn’t help but it made my reading more difficult. I promptly returned the item and via a card they included in the order I expressed how I felt and also expressed the lowest grade possible on EBay where the item was listed for sale. I wasn’t trying to be mean, I was just trying to show that it doesn’t produce the affect the say it will. But that’s that.

Try Walking

So is your life moving too fast and is your wellness taking a back seat, while your hurting in the front seat? Trying walking it may not cure the problem but it’s a step in the right direction.

Don L. Terrill


Purchase a comfortable bed, preferable King Size

photo by Steve Parker

I Moved In With Her

I remember when my love and I decided to get married and move into her house. We made this decision because her dwelling was the best place to live. I lived in an apartment and it had all the trappings of a single person, which I was for over nineteen years. She had central air I had two window cool air providers. I parked in an open-air configuration; she had an extended two-car garage. For me it was a no brainier, I gathered up my paper plates, plastic utensils, clothes, sofa, myself and didn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I move in with the love of my life.

New King Size Bed

I also brought my waterbed, which one of her two sons decided he wanted to have in his bedroom. My wife’s bedroom, which according to the rules is now half mine, contained a twin bed, which for a time served our common needs. Then out of the blue we started talking about getting a King Size Bed. So out we went and tried all varieties of beds and then we found the one that felt good to both of us. And yes it was quite roomy and felt good to lie on. We purchased they delivered and removed the old one. The first night was a delightful experience, but in the morning both of us were in a state of moderate pain at certain junctures in our body. And it was a shocker and boy were we disappointed with our new purchase and called the place where we purchased it and said we wanted our old bed back. They explained that wasn’t possible because it had already been disposed of. But they gave us words of comfort. They explained that this temporary aching body situation we were experiencing was only temporary and would in a day or two demises and finally go away. We doubted their words but laid on and like a miracle we adjusted and then we developed a love relation with our new bed. We surmised that the old bed didn’t give good support but the new one did and our body just needed to conform to a good sleeping bed. After the first discomfort the new bed became a cherished family member.

King Size is so Roomy

The bedding industries should be paying us royalties for promoting the kind size bed concept. Most of our family members have switched to the larger size and also say what a pleasure it is to sleep in a good comfortable king-size bed.

Room for GrandChildren

Now we have Grand Children and three are in diapers. Sometimes we come out of retirement and take charge of one or more for the night, just to give the parents a night out and a time to remember their singleness. Sometimes while were baby-sitting one will sneak into bed with us during the night or early morning that’s when the extra space is really appreciated. The parents don’t condone this behavior but were not the parents so the rules don’t apply to us. That’s one of the benefits of being a Nana and Papa.

Your Body Will Say Thank You

So if your looking for a bed choose a good one and make it king size. Your body and mind will be glad you did.

Don L. Terrill


Smile in the Mirror and take Pride in your Accomplishments

photo by Tub Gurnard

Smile in the Mirror

Sometimes we all get in one of those moods when we feel down about life and what we should have done to make our life better. And then we start mulling over all those stupid and thoughtless things we did and now wish we could do them over and make amends by doing something to correct what we did. But life seldom opens up the past and lets us make adjustments that make us feel better. Oh sure we can try by saying were sorry and offer up help but it seldom accomplishes the thing we want to fix. We as humans must understand that being human is a constant learning process and part of that learning is to understand that were not perfect and errors of judgment will always be laying on the steps of our front door. So if your looking to slide thru life with a clean slate and never make mistakes, your facing an uphill battle that you will never achieve, know matter how much effort and skill you put to the task.

Forgiving is Good for Everyone Including Yoursel

Since being perfect is not an option (unless of course your God) you might want to consider another way to approach your errors in judgment. Know matter how diligent and caring you are, things will happen and your collection of wrongs will grow as your life grows. Yes we should learn from our mistakes and try not to make them in the future. But err is human and to forgive is divine. And not only should you forgive others you should also forgive yourself.

Think About the Good You have Done

Now that’s enough about all the pit falls we gather thru our journey of being human. Now lets talk about the other side of the coin. Rather then always regretting the errors of you’re past how about turning the coin and view the accomplishments that you have made. All too often we judge ourselves by only our failings and totally forget about all the merit badges, ball catches, love encounters, water survival, tour of duty, certifications, helping hands, dreams come true, hugs and every other steps forward you made in your life.

Make a List of Your Good Things

We have all made these positive steps and sometimes when things don’t seem to matter in our life we should stop make a list of them and review once in awhile to make ourselves realize that we all have in so many ways contributed to the well being of the human experience. And we should take great pride in the part we played in doing something that helped someone else move forward by one step, so that they, could like you help someone else.

Enjoy Your Family

Sometimes we view our part in the universe as just one ripple in the water and soon the ripple ends and so does the value we gave to making the ripple happen. But that isn’t the way life happens. A few days ago I had the joy of having lunch at McDonalds with two of my Grandchildren and my lovely life partner. The youngest is four months and the oldest is just over two years. My three eating companions by their smiles and gestures made the food taste like the best stuff in town. And what effort did it take for them to give that feeling to me? Ill let you answer that question for yourself.

Take Pride You Earned it

Take pride in your accomplishments and the generosity you share with others. Oh and don’t forget to make a list of them and view them once in awhile. I’m sure the balance of wellness will tilt in your direction. Take pride in that and smile at yourself in the mirror.

Don L. Terrill


The Healing Affects of Water

photo by Gaetan Lee

You Are Mostly Water

Now I’m not a water expert but I am a regular user of water. For years now I have observed in my life that I’m a better functioning person because I consume water on a daily basis. I have been told my others that I look younger then my years, I contribute that success to water, regular exercise and a variety of healthy food. And I’m not one to obsess on any particular aspect of life. I guess, if I would explain myself, I would say that I love life and would rather live it then worry about it.

By Giving Your Body more Water it Will Work Better

I have friends and acquaintances that I hardly ever see them drink just water its always a soda, orange juice, beer, wine, milk, coffee and etc. There still alive so I can assume their getting enough liquid to keep them functioning. But are they getting enough water to get their body to work at its best? I think not. I draw this conclusion by using my powers of observation and the logic I conjure up in my brain matter. Because of this I proclaim myself a body expert in relation to my body and how better it works when a tad more water is given to it. I am of the opinion that waiting for your body to thirst for water is waiting to long and thus you are not maintaining a constant level of water to allow your body to give you the best performance it can. Your body uses water for everything it does and if you don’t regularly consumer water your body will not use the water it is retaining for all the functions it needs to do.

Drinking Water Regularly Pleases Your Body

Your body’s primary objective is to survive and to do this it needs water and without it you will shrink up and die. Now lets give this thinking some thought. Now lets imagine for a moment that water isn’t your regular drink in your life and maybe your drinking pattern is up and down the scale. Some days you drink a lot of stuff and other days you hardly drink anything. Guess what? You body can't predict from day to day whether your going to consumer enough water to meet its daily needs and because of this it will retain water, like a reservoir does because it cant predict with regularity that rain will fall every day. So like the reservoir your body will divert water in a retaining posture and not use it for all its needs. Thus you body will not get all the water it wants, only what its needs to survive. When this happens certain parts of you body will diminish in wellness sooner then it should.

Regular Water Helps You Look Your Best

If you convince your body your not going to be a regular consumer of water it will then take evasive actions that will protect itself and in doing so will deprive you of the water you need to maintain the exterior portion of your body. Like walking across the dessert without water you body will gradually deteriorate like the exterior of your house if you don’t do regular maintenance on it. The exterior portion of our home is covered by wood siding and requires regular periods of renewed painting to keep it from rotting and letting the bad weather ruin our happy home. And so goes you body it you don’t keep it regularly supplied with more water then it needs. I say more then it needs because the body needs to regularly flush itself and water is needed to make that happen.

Water is Your Friend

So for the above reasons and many more I’m sure you would be wise to diligently keep the water level in your body up and keep it that way. Remember water is like the oil in your car, without it your car will come to a rolling stop. And so goes the body if you don’t keep your water tank full.

Don L. Terrill