Lifestyle Makeover Success

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Lifestyle Makeover Success
By Jessica Watts ©

I will admit I am guilty to watching the many makeover and fashion shows, such as “10 Years Younger” and “What Not to Wear.” However, many people that go on these shows admit to watching it and still not following the advice! Everyone, at some point, has made a plan to get in shape, eat right, or just get out more and failed to pull through for one reason or another. Most make New Year’s Resolutions, but stop trying to achieve their goal until it comes to summer a.k.a. bathing suit season. Don’t be discouraged, though, because now is the perfect time to start your new routine for next summer.

Some lifestyle makeover success tips are to:

Make a Plan

Most of us just think of what we should or want to do in our heads, but nothing gets written down. I suggest you find a calendar (computer or book planner) that is dedicated to your lifestyle goals and fill each day with a goal. Example: My mother has recently suggested running a marathon with me next year and I kept thinking how we would need to plan to run almost every day of the week to be in shape on time.

How to approach this goal would be to first pre select an ultimate goal. Which marathon(s) we would want to run and then write those dates in the calendar. Once you have evaluated the length of time you have, then plan small incremental goals to accomplish your ultimate goal on the date specified. If the goal if a healthier diet you can pre select meals for each day of the week and give yourself a free day to reward yourself. If your goal is to be with the family pre plan activities your family can do and this will also ensure all members can attend. Planning is a great way to get on track with your lifestyle makeover.

Spend a Little

Now most people use money or time as excuses, but your calendar should eliminate time constraints. To eat healthier, you may need to spend more on food. Children’s cereal that is full of sugar is half the price of the healthy grain and oat cereals that have the fiber your body needs. So, if your goal is to eat healthier you will need to assume your grocery costs will go up. You may be able to offset this, instead of buying a $2 bag of chips or cookies, buy $2 worth of fruit that is on sale. Its healthier and the same price for a delicious snack.

For a fitness goal, you may have to pay for a gym membership or invest in some at home equipment. Depending on how hard it is for you to stick to a goal you may even want to consider going some place where you can get one-on-one help. Having someone tell you exactly what you need to do and what you should eat may be exactly what you need to meet your goal, so be prepared to incur some start up costs.

Get Your Own Helga

“Helga” is a nickname I have earned from my mother and stepfather. My mother has tried quite a few diets and had more than one exercise goal every year. I have dedicated time and effort to help her stay with these goals by asking or calling her to see if she had been sticking with the plan. You may need your own cheerleader or coach to help you reach your fitness goals. I know I was more than annoying, but it would occasionally work. Find someone who is honest with you no matter what and is not afraid to speak his or her mind in front of you. You will need someone who is as dedicated to your happiness as well as your health. If you are lucky you could find someone who will participate in your makeover challenge with you. This could be a spouse, friend, child, sibling, or parent. This could be your key to success and they will not allow any excuses for shunning your calendar or going against your routine (diet or exercise).

The main thing is to stick with your goal and see it through. The sense of achievement is a great esteem booster and a motivation for future actions. Multiple goals will also help you feel good, even if you only make three out of five, that’s still three huge goals you have accomplished. Remember, make your goal achievable and make mini goals to make meeting the larger goal easier. Do not set yourself up for failure or else your self-esteem could suffer greatly. Also, keep a positive attitude or else you will get what you expect (if you expect to fail you indefinitely will). Reward yourself and be supportive of yourself and others. Take these things to heart and you can’t fail!