Find a Hobby

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Find a Hobby
By Jessica Watts (c)

Most people go through life just doing what they must do without taking some downtime to do what they want to do. It is always nice to have an activity to help relieve stress and just “take a load off”. Modern day relaxation activities usually include watching television, movies, or something involving little to no activity or brainpower. Some ideas of a more productive and healthy hobby are:

  • Gardening – A great hobby with a beautiful outcome. Now that it is getting into summertime most people are out doing yard work and making it hard work. A good hobby would be to take pleasure in your gardening activities and make it more of an enjoyable activity. Planting activity can help create a little exercise and a good amount of fresh air. Try to learn as much as you can about your environment and your plants to ensure the healthiest outcome for both. Also, do not get discouraged. If you plant seeds some may not sprout and that is okay just try a new method and soon you will be a pro, but do not stress about it, that is the key!

  • Walking – Although most find this a boring idea and do not know what the benefits would be of such an activity this is another good way to incorporate physical activity into a stress relieving activity. By walking through your neighborhood or a park you can look around at the scenery and all the wonderful things we have in this world. This can help to clear your head while taking a break from other stressful activities or events in your life.

  • Sports – This is another basic hobby, but without the super competitive edge. Find a sport activity that you can do and actually relax at the same time. Some people get too competitive, which is good when you are playing to win, but if you can find a sport that you enjoy playing win-or-lose then this is the best relaxation activity for you. Golf, disc golf, tennis, football, baseball, basketball, and so many other sports are good choices if you can go and have a great time.

  • Family/Game Night – There are many types of board games or other family oriented games that are fun and active (some mentally and some physically). Twister is a good example of something active to play inside or badminton, tennis, or catch are great activities to play outdoors when the weather is nice. My family makes a point to do some type of family game, from Yahtzee to Wii Bowling, at least once a week and we not only have a great time, we are also closer than ever!

  • Crafts - For most this may sound childish, but there are tons of people who make things out of virtually nothing and don't think of it as a craft. This can be building things from wood, carpentry, sculpting various materials, sewing, quilting, crocheting, making jewelry (string and beads to welding), and restoring a car. There are a multitude of activities that can be considered crafts that could relieve stress and help you actually create something. Some actually do these activities for money, but I would suggest to not put that much stress on yourself or the activity may no longer be relaxing.

The goal is to find something you enjoy that can help you alleviate stress from your life and give you something of value. The above are just recommendations I could come up with, but there are tons of activities that people find relaxing and everyone is different. For instance, I find video games very relaxing because I like the challenge, but I know a lot of people who find them frustrating and throw their controllers. You must find the activity that best suits you and your lifestyle. It is up to you to make your life better.

"Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action." ~Benjamin Disraeli