Get Outdoors

Photo By: NejroN

Get Outdoors
By Jessica Watts (c)

It is springtime and the sun is out! This is the perfect time to get outdoors and get started living healthier and happier. There are many activities you can participate in outdoors that can help you get active and you can also do a number of activities with friends and family. A list of possible activities include:

  • Sports – There are a multitude of sports you can participate in outdoors at your local parks, schools, or gyms. Tennis, Golf, Disc Golf, Football, Basketball, Baseball, and many more types of sports are out there. This area of outdoor activities is best for a large group of friends or the whole family to participate in. Also, in games such as golf try to walk as much of the course as you can. This should produce a challenge, as well as give you more of an active experience.

  • Swimming – Now that it is after Memorial Day most of the community and personal pools are open. This is one of the best cardiac activities to participate in outdoors. It is good to walk constantly, jog, or swim laps in the water. Also, you can work on triceps dips or pull-ups on the side of the pool. This is a great way to enjoy the sunshine while creating an active outdoor experience.

  • Walking/Jogging – Enjoying the fresh air of a walk or the cool breeze of a jog with a friend is a great outdoor activity. Also, variation is good so try to go on a different path or trail every few weeks or even vary your speed while you walk. You can mix jogging with walking to help get your heart rate up and create more of circuit type training. Variation of speed on the body can help heighten endurance and increase cardiac exercise.
  • Gardening – A lot of people want a beautiful yard for all their neighbors to see, but hate the hard work. Well make gardening and plant care an enjoyable activity that helps you start a healthier life. Most people make this a year round hobby and learn as much about planting as possible. However, indoor gardening is less physically active as outdoor gardening that is done about once a year. Now that its warmer in the year it is time to get out and get dirty. Pulling weeds, raking, and other yard work done every few days will help increase your physical activity level as well as giving you a beautiful yard.

  • Bicycling/Rollerblading – Both of these are great ways to travel to increase physical activity and save you a little money. If you live in the city close to the store or any other buildings you frequently visit, even work, you should try to travel by bicycle or rollerblading. Not only will you save gas, but also this will increase your daily physical activity.

Enjoy the fresh air and feel better each day from increased cardiac and physical activity. Do not just keep thinking that you should do something with your life or that you should do something more physical, just get up, get outside, and do it!