Organize Your Life

Photo By: Avenue [Handmade]

Organize Your Life
By Jessica Watts (c)

Being a young college student I learned more than my fair share about time management (the hard way). At first I just figured students kept planners and such just to remind them when assignments were due and to fan out long projects to make sure they got it done on time. This may just be a big tradition in college, but I realize after talking with people and watching their lives how disorganized people can become and it causes them emotional chaos!

Just a few tips to help get your life organized and lift some of that unwanted and unneeded stress from your life.

1.) Get a Calendar
- This is the most basic and simple thing you can do for yourself to help manage your time and tasks. I personally have a little calendar on my computer and many computer email programs have them as well. Although you don't want to live perfectly by your calendar you should at least set it up so that you have slotted times for certain tasks.

First would
be work, obviously, and next you should set time for home tasks or cleaning or extra work that needs to be done. Since I am a huge believer in exercise to rid you of stress I would also recommend giving yourself a time slot for exercise times (if you go to a local gym you could slot the time for an aerobics class or something you enjoy, such as a sport).

2.) Don't Rush Yourself - This is one of the hugest things that get you flustered and then you will not only be stressed, but will probably snap at others in your frustration. This also goes with the above Calendar; when you are planning your events for the day giving yourself enough time to complete the task is essential. You should actually give yourself more time than you think is necessary! If you think that mopping will take you 30 minutes, then give yourself an hour. This not only ensures that if something goes wrong you still have time to fix it and complete the task, but it actually could give you time to start early on the next task, or even take a short break.

The last thing you want to do is get flustered and angry with yourself for packing too many things into your day. Just take it slow and give yourself plenty of time. Its not a race and you want to eliminate any and all unneeded stress from your life.

3.) Plan something fun - Everyday you need to make sure you have something wonderful planned for yourself or even your family! My family and I used to make sure we had dinner and would play a game just about every night. Not only was it fun, but it brought us closer together! Sometimes you just need a night out with the guys or with the girls, so plan those nights ahead of time to ensure a fun time to help get the work week off your mind.

4.) Get into a Routine - This does not have to be just for exercise, but get into a daily routine to help you remember things. Most people get up and first thing is a shower, so most people have a morning routine that encompasses a variety of things in a particular order. By setting routines for other things you can increase productivity in those activities and also help to ensure things get done. A huge one for me is putting dishes right in the dishwasher when I am done with them and when I wake up automatically unloading the dishwasher. By doing this, dishes never pile in the sink and I don't ever have to worry about setting aside time to do them later. Little things like putting items back where you got them and basic things like that go a long way with stress relief!

5.) Make Your Schedule Flexible - Like I said before, you do not want to just live by the schedule. That would make life dull and feel like a job in itself. You want to make sure your times are flexible and there is space between activities in case something unexpected comes up and you have to reschedule some things for later (such as someone comes to visit, or you oversleep what you expected Saturday morning, etc). You want to make sure if you are a little extra tired from a long week that you can sleep as late as you want and roll out of bed as slowly as you want. By having a flexible schedule you are more making a to-do list with time lengths attached, not making a list to live or die by. A flexible schedule will make things feel much more stress free and relaxing for you.

By taking these tips into consideration in your everyday life you can work through some of your daily routines and needed to-do tasks and eliminate a lot of stress. Once you make a routine out of it you will love it and you will not let this go. You will, guaranteed, live a happier, healthier life!