Use the Buddy System

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Use the Buddy System
by Jessica Watts (c)

Most of society likes to go with the flow and people become nervous when they feel like they stand out. So when it comes to a new exercise routine it is hard to get started because most people feel unmotivated when they are in something alone. This is where my one year in girl scouts comes in handy. It was called the buddy system and every child was given one buddy that they were to stay with and work with throughout the year in all activities. This helped us stay motivated and as children, safe. So here are some tips to help get a buddy and stay motivated to live healthier!

  • Recruit - If you are reading this to try and help get more motivated in making your life better, then someone else is too. You are not alone in the desire to change your lifestyle! There are many people that tell themselves to start everyday and they just don't do it. Be proactive and ask neighbors, church members, people from work, or even a spouse, child or sibling. You may be surprised at how many people respond to you and want to find a buddy too.
  • Dog is Man's Best Friend - Over 75% of household have dogs for pets. I am a dog owner personally and watch a lot of the Dog Whisperer. Cesar Millan's main point in almost all his cases are that the dog has bad behavior due to a lack of exercise! So if you are having a hard time finding a reason to get up and go for a brisk walk, just look at that pooch lying around the house all day. Just a 40 minute walk once a day, four times a week would be a great increase in the health of your dog and you! If you don't have a dog, there are many up for adoption or even just ask a neighbor who has more than one dog to go with them. My roommate had two dogs in high school and I would go walking with her and her two dogs. They were very grateful.
  • Join a Class - There are so many organizations and gyms who have activities to join in with others. If you like to just walk there are a multitude of websites out there that you can sign up and meet others for walking, jogging, or hiking. Also, at local YMCA's there are many classes, such as, aerobics, personal training, yoga, and even martial arts. If you have a membership, some organizations offer these classes free and you can make a schedule to go everyday. If you enjoy sports then join a club at your local gym, such as, racquetball, paddleball, basketball, soccer, and more.
  • Buy a Video - The first thing that started me on exercise was a pilates DVD set my mother purchased from Gaiam. The instructor went at a nice pace and showed each step to ensure a productive workout every time. If you can't find a friend or family member to help you out then find a friend in an instructor on a video program. There are so many different types out there that you can experiment with and find which routine suites your body type and exercise needs. It is easy, from the comfort and privacy of your own home and they help you step by step and the system has already been set up for you. Most videos you do every other day and I lost a good amount of weight and was at one of my peaks of physical fitness.
  • Motivational Ears - You don't need someone with you at all times to stay motivated. One of my best tricks to get myself in the mood is to listen to motivational music. There are many sites that have a list of songs that are upbeat and even some sites have created their own CDs to help you work out. Not everyone likes the same music and there are many genres to choose from, but for a workout routine a play list should consist of songs with a high BPM (Beats per Minute) count to help keep your heart rate elevated and keep your body going. The faster you are moving the higher the songs BPM should be.
These are just some of the ways to keep motivated, but once you start keep the buddy system going! If you do find a friend to exercise with do not be the motivated, but take action to motivate them as well. I had a professor that said, "the group who sweats together stays together". Whichever method you choose you should stay motivated and remember it is healthy to switch up your routine. This will keep you interested and give your body some variety. Variety is the spice of life!