It Is Okay to Say NO

It Is Okay to Say NO
By Jessica Watts

Today there are so many diets, kits, meal plans, and pills to help you lose weight. Due to this high emphasis on everyone to be 'skinny' in today's society people have begun to be skinny, but very unhealthy. Your body has needs for nutrients, vitamins, carbohydrates, and food! Some of the worst ways to lose weight is to starve yourself or just take pills that make you drastically lose weight; this is very unhealthy.

There is so much you can do just to slightly alter your current habits in order to start to boost your metabolism, curve your appetite, or lose weight naturally and safely. Here are some tips I have:

*Keep Control - The best thing you can do for yourself and your diet is to be in control at all times. This is where we begin to learn to just say no! It is not a good idea to go to a buffet if you can't resist the all you can eat desserts. If someone invites you somewhere, a restaurant that you have great temptations at, that you know are not healthy then decline the invitation or negotiate a place with a healthier selection of foods.

*Resist the Irresistible - Everyone has that food, that special snack that always hits the spot! Mine was cookies at the lunch buffet at school. Super unhealthy, but they became a daily ritual to eat, but not just one or two, I always had to get four whole cookies to eat and a slushy (not a smoothie). When I finally questioned my weight this is one of the things that opened my eyes. I couldn't resist this and it was a big problem, due to the fact it had turned into a daily eating habit! Just like the Cookie Monster learned, "Cookies are a sometimes food." You need to learn your unhealthy craving and resist it or change it. I changed from cookies to strawberries, which is much healthier and you can eat just about as much as you can stand.

*Take Action - We all have those times that we tell ourselves that we're going to do something, but then we make up excuses why we can't, don't need to, or just don't want to. I always tell myself I am going to get up an hour or so earlier than normal to go running. These types of things you start to psych yourself out about, think its too hard or going to be terrible so you just roll over and go back to bed or just watch television instead. I did this for so long, but once I got up and felt how wonderful my day was by starting it with a run I almost couldn't wait to go running! So just once, instead of making up excuses for doing something that you will benefit from, no matter how terrible it might seem in your mind, just get up and DO IT!!

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." ~Abraham Cowley

*Learn your Resources
- There are so many resources out there for you to use to motivate yourself into starting your healthy lifestyle. Not only is there family and friend support, but some companies now even offer free gym memberships for their employees. There are a lot of competitive gyms out right now and you can now search online for the best price on memberships. Also, for the dietary part of healthy living there is the Pyramid Tracker that you can use for free to keep an eye on calorie intake versus calorie output. There are a lot of resources out there, you just have to look and experiment with different methods.

*Put Steps into Normal Activity
- A lot of people today have a regular office job where they sit all day and don't get much activity during their normal weekday. This lowers the metabolism considerably over the years, but now you can change all that. Start putting crunches, twists, squats, and many more types of exercises into just daily activity. Easiest way to start is to take the stairs, not the elevator unless you need to (large loads, carts, etc). When you bend down for something do it in a squat motion to utilize leg muscles, or do squats in front of your office chair. Try to walk instead of standing around for an office break, or lift objects in repetitions with your arms for arm exercise. While you just sit on the computer or looking at reports start flexing your abs and holding these positions for longs periods and then releasing. Also, stand as much as possible, since standing will burn a lot more calories than sitting and it will be better for blood flow.

These are just a few tips of things you can do to subtly incorporate healthy steps into your lifestyle. It is okay to say no to a friend or to a friendly food, it is your choice to be healthy!