I'm Not Full, but Content!

Photo By: n2jesus2010

I’m Not Full, but Content

by Jessica Watts

When I was in high school I was over my healthy weight range for my size, and it made me very self-conscious. I wore baggy clothes, was very shy, and I wore sweatshirts all year long to ‘hide’ myself. There is no one who wants to feel this way, they want people to see them for themselves; see the person who is inside. However, in society today it is hard to really ‘show’ who we are due to the stress on body image. One of the things that helped me to recreate my body into the image I wanted was by watching my diet, not my activity.

I walked with a friend everyday (and our dogs) around our neighborhood for fun. I loved to walk and we would go for hours a day just walking. Until one day I realized no matter how much I walked I tended to stay overweight and even could gain weight (not muscle).

Everyday during these walks we would visit the local ice cream parlor, which was next to a Subway. Subway is supposed to be healthy, right? Well, for a young girl at only five foot two inches I would buy, and consume, a whole foot long sub and a quart of ice cream. This was a daily trend after school that I would participate in!

After this experience I have realized some tips about diet that everyone should watch for if they are not happy with their weight:

1. Its Ok to Skip Dessert – Sweets are my biggest vice! I love buffets where you get the all you can eat ice cream and toppings, but that’s also what gets me in trouble. Even if you are at home, when dinner is over just say no. Its very hard at first, but usually you’re full and then suddenly have room for desert. Just mentally tell yourself you are content with what you ate and don’t have any more room. Staying away from this and soda are instant weight losers.

2. Size Matters – I’m sure everyone has heard this, but it really is the starter to a good diet. Don’t pile on as much as you think you can eat. Just put how much you think you ‘should’ eat on your plate. The smaller the portions the better. Also, most restaurants offer soup or salad, and I suggest you try this at home. They are lightweight, healthy foods that get your stomach full before dinner and will make it so you can only eat smaller portion sizes.

3. Its NOT a Race – Along with smaller portions, you should watch how fast you eat. It is not a race to the finish line, but an activity you should enjoy. I do enjoy eating and tasting every bite of it, but when I was younger I did eat so fast that when I was done I couldn’t remember how much I even put in my mouth. So go slow and enjoy, because this will help you feel full earlier and help you keep eating smaller portions.

4. The More the Merrier – A lot of diet packages today have you not eating or giving up your favorite foods and no one likes doing that. When I say you should actually eat more meals I don’t mean make up a huge dinner size plate or go to McDonald’s more often. What I am saying is use the tips above and keep eating the smaller portions at a slower rate, but more often (four to six times a day). You will actually get hungry more often throughout the day, but as long as you keep eating less you are helping your body get into the habit of eating only what it will use. Thus, boosting your overall metabolism without even hitting the treadmill.

5. Don't Be So Full of Yourself – When eating do not eat until you are ‘stuffed’ like everyone typically does. Just eat slowly and stop when you are content, meaning not hungry anymore. This helps you stay with the smaller portions and doesn’t stretch your stomach out so much. It will help in keeping your stomach smaller and tight. The smaller your stomach, the less you can eat. That is why so many people get surgery, but why get surgery when you can make it happen on your own?!

Taking these five steps to heart will help you eat right and lose weight by eating the right portion, at the right speed, the right amount of times. Mixing these tips with the proper variety of foods will help you not only have a better diet, but also start living a healthier lifestyle.