Wear Good Fitting Shoes

Your Shoes are the Foundation of Your Body

My wife aways kids me about how much time I spend trying on shoes. To me your shoes are like the foundation of your home. If the cement isn't properly mixed, poured and cured it may crack or rise up in the winter months. So your foundation plays a large role in how your house survives over the years. The foundation of your body are your feet and proper care of them is essential in keeping you physically and mentally ok. I see people all the time wearing ill fitting shoes, some look like their shoes wore out years ago. Shoes are like the tires on your car they wear out and when that happens they need to be replaced, because improper wear will affect how you walk and feel. So never assume that just because your shoes look good that doesn't necessarily mean the soles or heals don't need to be replaced. I have a pair of work shoes I purchased over twenty years ago and there just as good today as they were when I purchased them. Every once in awhile I inspect there condition and if I notice something wrong I visit a shoe repair person and things are back to normal. Good shoe maintenance saves your body and feelings from being put out of order; and it also keeps more money in your pocket.

Every Pair Goes for a Spin

This is not a pitch for Nicke Shoes, but they have one style tennis shoe that works great for me. Normally I purchase more then one pair at a time. I do this because they always seem to offer a better price if you buy more then one pair at a time. One time I purchased five pairs. But I don't assume every shoe is ok just by looking or feeling them. I'm like a person thinking about buying a new car. I make sure all the bells and whistle work and put the tires to the road till I find the one that works for me. So when I buy shoes I take each pair for a spin by walking around the store till I'm completely sure its working for me. I'm there so long that people coming in the store think I'm an employee and they ask me questions. Sometimes the sales person will bring me out all the shoes they have in stock that meet my style and size requirement and only some pass my inspection technique. My wife always tells the sales person just bring out a few pairs and then leave him alone because she knows' I'm not buying till I'm happy with how they feel.

Hes always Complained about His Feet Hurting

All this writing about shoes makes me think of a gentlemen I met while working at a local machine shop, when I was first married. He and I sanded die cast parts for Whirlpool washers. He wore shoes that appeared to be dress shoes and both shoes slanted in different directions; one went left and the other went right. This made him till from one side to the other when he walked. And when he walked he always seemed to be hurting. I'm sure his shoes aided that discomfort. I often wondered why he didn't get better fitting shoes.

Comfort & Tags Determine if I Buy

I'm not nearly as fanatic with my clothes but I do require comfort to be my number one reason for buying something to wear. Tight fitting clothes don't work for me. And I love clothes that feel good to the touch. Sometimes the information tag in the shirt killed the deal because it ever so slightly bothered me.

Girls Tennis Socks Work better for Me

I give special attention to my socks and shorts. Each one of these items must feel comfortable and wear properly. I have a tendency to wear my tennis shoes most of the time and my right foot is a tad larger then the left. I find wearing women tennis related socks wear better for me. If I don't give proper attention to this, one sock bunches in my shoe and thats unexceptible.

Its All About Feeling the Best that I Can

All of this behavior may seem over kill to you; but its all about feeling the best that I can. Because feeling good is what life is all about. So if you looking to improve your life, pay attention to what you wear from the bottom up. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Lorri37


Keep Your Good Feelings Working

Poor Feelings Caretakers

In the struggle to live and be ok we have a tendency to forget the main function of being alive. And that is to keep us feeling the best that we can. I’m sure were all trying but it’s my observation that as humans were by and large doing a poor job at it. As a matter of fact I think including myself were poor examples in taking care of our feelings and making sure their helping us and not hurting us most of the time.

We Should Care More About What Our Feelings are Doing to Us

This morning I probably laid in bed two hours longer then I normally do. I was feeling good and just didn’t want to break that wellness working in my head. And through this process of feeling good I realized that even thought I am a great believer in personal wellness I too have been doing a lousy job of making sure my feelings are working for me and not against me.

Were Always Looking for Happiness Elsewhere

It’s so easy in life to just drift into thinking that we humans need and want things to help us keep are happy feelings working for us. In other words we want to control the outside world and create a climate and generate people that will produce the feelings we like that always make us feel good. But what happens when we slowly lose that control and our happy feelings fly out the window and leave us standing naked in the dark. Then rather then looking to ourselves for the happy feelings we once again try to create the climate that was previously working for us. But now the will to survive and be happy is not clear to us. Now we blame others for our unhappy feelings and retreat into ourselves and find only feelings that make us feel bad and then doom knocks on the door.

Let Your Good Feelings Rule Your Life

I know better and so should you. Our feelings belong to us and we have the power to make them work for us. I one time spent two solid days in bed and then woke up feeling wonderful for the first time in many moons. That feeling of wellness so impressed me I decided that’s the way I wanted to feel for the rest of my life. And most of the time that’s how I feel; but life sometimes consumes me and I lose my way and then I must refocus on my desire to be happy above all things and then I’m ok again. Like this morning when I stayed in bed longer. Take my advice and constantly like I do and reconnect with your happy feelings and let your happiness rule your life. And remember happiness created by you will always be with you. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by InfinitelyDigital