Its Not My Fault!

Really Its Not!

Sounds like a cop out doesn’t it? Well guess what? Not only is it not a cop out, but its a good way to keep yourself out of the dark cellar where feeling sorry for yourself runs rampant. I know this because visiting this location used to be on my docket of events to do on a regular basis. Never liked it then and definitely don’t do it now.

But all kidding aside from a logical point of view its not and taking my advice on this thinking might well be the best advise you have ever embraced.

So Is Your Signature on the Dotted Line?

So here’s the consent form you should have filled out prior to you taking your first breath. I your name do here in agree to my being born. Now my first question as your confidant is to ask, did you sign such a consent agreement? If you did I would love to see it, but sense says no and no means no.

So here’s my leap of logic on this thinking. Whether this makes sense or not you would be better advised to say it to yourself because all of us have dead bodies lying all around the path of life we have been following. And most of the bodies are the result of bad judgment on our part.

So stop denying you need help and just do what I’m suggesting to you. Its kind of like taking your medicine even thought going down it tastes like crap. Well it might taste like crap but believe it or not it’s going to improve the quality of your life and that my friend is the greatest kind of medicine you can give yourself. Just think of me as your family doctor and this thought is a new prescription that’s going to cure your situation. So take your medicine and then just enjoy feeling better.

Don L. Terrill

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Does Time Stand Still?

It Does for Me!

I loved being forty-five so I decided to stay that age for the rest of my life. Why not? They say age doesn’t matter. Well guess what? In my thinking it does.

It all started one day when I woke up and realized I was sixty-seven and that reality didn’t settle well with me. But I told myself it didn’t matter and tried to keep it from my view. But it for some reason diminished my ability to function in a manner that gave me good feelings.

Then like a bolt of lightning I realized that dying was closer then I wanted it to be. Being a true believer that fantasy helped me survive the emptiness of having no parents in my childhood; I once again sought the help of the fantasy world of my youth.

Then thru the magic of fantasy I decided to make my age 45 and stamped it with the seal that said permanent and no future changes were required.

Sure I’m older and shouldn’t resort to the solutions of my youth; after all doesn’t being older make me smarter in my thinking? No way all is fair in love and war.

Fantasy Fits Me to a Tee

Yes I know my real age and yes it’s going to gain speed as life moves on. But guess what in fantasy things stand still and that concept works great for me.

So without further ado I think Ill return to my childhood and climb trees and fight off the forces of evil. Then that was the Sheriff of Nottingham who tried to hang Robin Hood. And guess what that person is still me in my fantasy.

Don L. Terrill

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Easily Offended and Successful?

Easily Offended and Successful?

By Don M Terrill (c) - www.LifeTuneup.com

It doesn't roll off the tongue well enough to be perfect, but "Easily Offended and Successful" is close enough for me to fit the definition of Oxymoronic - A figure of speech containing an apparent contradiction.

At the risk of offending you, I ask...
  • Are you offended by jokes?
  • Are you offended by newspaper columns?
  • Are you offended by radio personalities?
  • Are you offended by tv personalities?
  • Are you offended by politicians?
  • Do you join protests?
  • Do you join boycotts?
  • Do you write letters to the editor?
  • Do you think your rights are being violated?
  • Have you ever said the phrase "I resent that"?
  • Do you demand apologizes?
  • Do you usually speak in a shrill tone?
  • and on and on and on...
I don't know about you, but everyday I notice a new group of the easily-offendeds. Do these people have any idea how childish they look? I doubt it - they're all caught up in their own hate. Which brings me to my question: Can you be successful if you're easily offended?

Look around you, at the successful, do you see them wasting a bunch of time demanding apologizes? I don't think so, they're too busy moving forward.

So, can you learn how to become less offendable? I doubt it, but here are some tips:
  • It's just a joke - Come on, get over it - IT'S JUST A JOKE.
  • The world does not revolve around you - At two years old we all feel this way. The problem? Many don't grow out of it.
  • There are people on the planet who might not agree with you - Yep, believe it or not. And the reality? Some are right. OH NO!
  • Try focusing on your own life - Here's some real advice; spend 100% of your time focusing on yourself. Try it. I think you'll be amazed by the results.
Were you offended by any of my comments? We'll, while you spend your time mad, I'll be moving forward.

"The little dog barks, but the caravan moves on"
----Chinese Proverb