Actions Speak Louder Then Words

Take Charge & Do Anything

Have you ever noticed that doing something carries more positive ness then just words do? I must confess that up till recently I have always sought the way of positive thoughts and words as my major approach to keeping my wellness and progress on the right course in my life. For example I always give myself pep talks first thing in the morning, last thing at night and during short naps in the daytime.

It Might Be the Next Thing You Do

Now most of these positive suggestions to myself have been very fruitful but some still haven’t come to pass. Like growing more hair but who knows maybe it just needs one more suggestion to make it happen. Remember all things are possible and I truly am a believer in that thought.

Action Is Good

So when your life starts to show signs of being less positive then you would like take action and get a boost of good juices in your brain. Doing anything even if its futility can and will give you an up lifting helping hand. Just doing nothing just magnifies your unkind feelings and would leave you with only an empty bucket of stones that only make you feel heavier and not better.

And Its Doesnt Matter What

Life as you well know is a roller coaster ride, which is an up and down process, while your up its great but the other side of the coin is like the dark cloud that seems to get bigger and darker the more times you experience it. So it serves you better good to take any action rather then doing nothing and just adding to the unwellness you’re receiving. I know it from my own experience that sometimes it almost seems too hard to get up and make another effort to be ok, but the alternative can wreck your life and leave you naked, huddled in a dark corner with only the hope of dying and that is the hope I hope you never find.

Switches Are Every Where

So do something and just maybe it will be the one thing that changes your life for the better. I did and it brought light to my dark corner. Here’s hoping if needed you find the light switch in your dark corner.

Don L. Terrill

photo by KevBow