If You Don’t Make a Decision, Life Will Make It for You


Yesterday was a no do day. I just sat around and enjoyed some of my past experiences. And while doing this it became crystal clear to me that if I didn’t make a decision in my past a decision was imposed on me. Now sometimes this failure to act didn’t hurt me but more times then not I got dealt the wrong hand and guess who got left holding the bag?

Bad Thinking

I think sometimes we think that if we don’t do something then we cant make a mistake. Boy is that faulty thinking; because life keeps going on whether your driving the bus or not. So maybe it’s better to be wrong sometimes and learn rather then doing nothing and just accepting what comes along. At least when your right you can take credit for it and that’s a wellness building thing.

Answered An Ad

I remember one time while cruising the local gab spreader. I observed an ad in the paper for a maintenance position at an undesignated apartment complex. I cut out the ad and walked by it on the counter for four days. The fifth day I responded to the ad and didn’t really have any expectations.

Phone Rang

A week later I received a phone call and was asked to come in for an interview. I went to my appointment, which was at the city clerk’s office and discovered it was a position taking care of their Elderly High rise facility. I talked to the city clerk who wore two hats and one was being the executive director of the high rise. He conversed with me for almost an hour and then said they would let me know of their decision. I left with no expectations.

Got the Job

One week later they offered me the job and I accepted. In time I got the directors job and it all happened because I answered an ad. The power of action has know limits where it can take you. So go ahead and make decisions and then just wait and see what happens. And always remember that doing nothing leaves chance to life and life doesn’t always work out to your benefit.

Don L. Terrill

photo by blmurch