Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Have More Then Eggs in Your Basket

Having your life hinge on one thing is like standing in the middle of a frozen lake and slowing watching the blooms of summer creep up on you. The results of your short sightedness will surely get you wet and maybe even shorten you life expectancy.

Life Isn't Always Walked Straight

All too often in the human experience we focus all our hopes and dreams on one aspect of our life and when it doesn’t perform as we dream it will be, we start in small increments to crumble like the pyramids in Egypt. Because life is like a living organism and like humans it never follows a straight line and we don’t always end up where we want to be. And when this happens we have no other options but to pick up the slack while we refocus our life and find a new objective to fill up the void in our life.

Sad Happenings

And it has been my experience in life that having no options often leads to behavior that doesn’t improve the quality of our life. And if hope fades and only doom remains then all wellness slowly diminishes and only a shadow of a person remains and then only walking the wildness will be your option every day.

Keep Your Hope Bucket Full

So take it from all those who have walked the wildness before you and always have more options then you need.

Don L. Terrill

photo by visualdensity