Breathing Right Is Good for Us


Sometimes in life we all stumble on knowledge that really changes are life. Breathing right is one of them. I can recall numerous times in my life when someone said breath deep and release air slowly. Well guess what it really works.

Helped My Depression

Many moons ago when depression rode into my life I learned the value of breathing right. And the advice came from the love of my life. She told me to breath in deeply and release air slowly. I did as I was instructed because I already knew the value of the words my wife spoke. She has this uncanny ability to observe situations and then make suggestions that solve the problem. I should have a dollar for every time she solved a problem.

Simple But it Works

Now people know this method works because doctors and caregivers use its healing affects all the time. Then why don’t we do whats good for us and breath right? I think its because its to simple and something that simple cant be the magic cure it is. Well sometimes life presents an uncomplicated way to solve an ongoing problem in the human experience.

Sometimes I Forget & It Costs Me Emotionally

I must confess that I’m constantly forgetting to practice what I preach. So to eliminate this failure to comply I have strategically located two reminders telling me to breath right. One is located in the computer room and the other next to my bed stand. Every once in awhile I think back on some of the times when using the breathing method would have greatly improved the quality of my life. Well I can’t fix the past but I can sure make better choices in the future and breathing right is going to be one of them.

Feel Better & Save in the Process

Maybe this breathing thought will lessen your visits to the doctor and save you bucks in the process. Remember money saved is money earned. My thought for consideration.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Serilium