Don’t Work, Crank

Always Lean Forward

I looked up the word crank and one definition is a person who has unusual or eccentric ideas and opinions, especially ones that are strongly held. This is the way you want to approach life. Don’t just be another follower take your life and run with it and be the person you really want to be.

Full Steam Ahead

And then crank life out like it only belonged to you. Then and only then will all the forces of the universe be at your disposal. All too often we lean back and just follow the trail that has been most traveled and don’t experience the challenge and thrill of making a new path never traveled before.

Be True to Yourself

The new path is the one that has no footsteps in it. And when you walk on it will not show you by signs where it leads to. Thus you must follow you intuition and instincts to lead you where you want to go. True it may lead to failure, but no person really fails by trying; failing only happens when you don’t try.

Pushing Always Favors the Pusher

You may not find what your looking for, but you will find results and results are successes yet to be brought to the light of day. It always amazes me what results come of doing something new. And that newness may soon find a purpose in the scheme of things. So learning new things is always useful in trying to climb the ladder of success.

Substance Comes Later

So never see failure when something new doesn’t produce the results your looking for. In time most things work out and the value of what you have becomes apparent and success is achieved. What has no value today can become the great value of tomorrow. So just crank and then observe how it feels and wait for the thought to grow to maturity. Everything has value it just takes time to grow.

So don’t throw the baby out with the wash, just because the water is dirty.

Don L. Terrill

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Climbing & Swinging from Trees

My Dream Place

When I was young I often sought the wellness of a wooded area near my grandfathers home, which was now my home since my mother split and left my brother and I to our own resources.

No Worries

It was well wooded and because of that I didn’t have to worry about the eyes of neighbors who often stopped me and asked what I was doing by myself. I guess they did that out of concern for me because I was so young.

Special Trees

I had special trees that each represented a certain story line in my head. One tree when I climbed it was my adventure to Nottingham where Robin Hood was represented by me and with bow and arrow I fought off the evil sheriff who frequently tried to capture me and hang me from the gallows. I had many such trees and each represented a thrilling adventure that often left me in the dark, which slightly concerned me while I walked home.

Reliving the Dreams of My Youth

Today I have in a small way rekindled that adventure of the woods in my back yard by installing hanging devices that allow me the ability to swing and climb to find wellness I felt in the woods of my youth.

Dreams Create Dreams

Are you finding yourself less useful and linger for the days of your youth where running, climbing trees and hiding were your paths to wellness. Maybe you should review the days of your youth and find the world of make believe again like when you were younger. Sometimes I just sit in my swing and just remember the dreams of my youth and then sometimes I dream my dreams of today and sometimes that’s the first step in making my modern dreams to come true. You see I’m older now and have more means to bring my new dreams to reality.


Dreams are all good for us and because of that I wish you all the dreams you can dream.

Don L. Terrill

Photo by Old Sarge


Your not a Mistake

When You make a Mistake, Don’t make Yourself the Mistake

In other words your not a mistake you just made a mistake. Often times as not we view ourselves as faulty and we carry this harmful thinking till reality bites and we take a hard fall because of it.

The Child Got the Blame

I have a friend that had a mother who blamed him for losing her husband. Because she got pregnant her husband refused to take responsibility and hit the road instead of being a good husband and supporting father.

He Felt the Pain

So my friend grew up with the knowledge that his mother’s emotional problems were caused by his entrance into the world. He knew the stuff didn’t make sense but he couldn’t shake the feelings that hung around inside his head.

He Realized that Was Then and This is Now

Finally I convinced him to visit a head doctor who helped me through some difficult thinking in my life having to do in part because my Mother failed to take responsibility for me when I was born. He first resisted like I did but in time he saw the wisdom of my thinking and visited the doctor who was born in Ethiopia. And his method of explaining life’s journey was priceless. In simple terms he explained that that was then and this is now. We had no control when we were young and what happened isn’t our fault. Now were older and wiser. Because of that we can look objectively at our childhood and say it wasn’t our fault. And then closure finds us and we find peace and closure.

Mistakes Are Normal

So if you think you’re a mistake may I boldly proclaim that this is not the case and understanding this should be a priority in your life. Hell we all make mistakes but that’s part of life and through mistakes we learn and learning makes us better at being human.

Makes are Useful & Keep Them That Way

So dump the mistake thinking and move to a higher level of emotional wellness. Isn’t it good to know that mistakes are normal and should never be related to who we are? I find mistakes useful and very helpful in making my life good for me. I hope my thinking has removed the mistake dagger that’s been sticking in your heart and like Dracula you find peace in your quiet place. I removed my dagger years ago and have found peace in my quiet place.

Don L. Terrill

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Take on Only What You Can Handle

Too Much Responsibility Can Kill You

Pete is one of the nicest and kindest people I know but this good nature ness has overwhelmed his good judgment. God know we should all be kinder and more gentle people, but in the process we should save a small quantity of wellness for ourselves.

Pillow Consideration

In other words when the sun sets everyday everyone’s head should hit the pillow and then good dreams should consume our sleeping. But this wont happen if your day is filled with pain and suffering all the time. And I don’t mean physical pain; the kind of pain I’m taking about is emotional. You know those kinds of feelings that refuse to leave you in peace for even one minute.

Now Theres Just Him & the Kids

Pete met this emotional lady with five kids and then one day before waking up Pete found himself caring for the kids all by himself. His future wife grabbed a new mate left her children and headed for freedom in California.

Hope Springs Eternal

The last time I saw him his physical and emotion wellness was in the sewer. He looked like he had aged five years in just a few months. Because of his large heart he was still raising the children and holding on to hope that the mother would soon see the error of her ways and return to his loving arms and that of the children.

No Options

I suggested that getting help from social services could relieve the pressure and give his life back to him. Right or wrong these children were his and giving them up was no option from his point of view.

Always Keep Your Emotions Well Rooted

Knowing your limitations and being honest with yourself is a human necessity if one wishes to survive in this world. So do the right thing for everyone and take care of your emotional and physical needs. Remember you need emotional wellness to. So well on, even if it hurts.

Don L. Terrill

Photo by Crystl