Gods Need God

The Real Thing

Even earthly Gods from time to time need the help of spiritual thinking and when this happens they flop around like sinking leaves in the public pond at the local courthouse.

We All Need Help

Yes there are those that believe that their will, will prevail and all obstacles will be over come by the very will of their being. But like all human entities we all discover that we all need the help and support of spiritual thinking.

Last Stop for Help

Sometimes when all else fails we seek the help of higher sources then ourselves and through this process we find a sense of relief and sometimes the issue becomes less important and the party hoping for upper help will find help in the knowledge that all people of human origin need the blessing and forgives that’s hard to find any where else. And that help brings a sense of relief and eventually closure.

My God is God

I don’t belong to any religious organization but do on occasion seek help from the creator of the universe. Since I know little to nothing about these kinds of issues I generally just refer my thoughts to God and hope the right person is listening.

His Email was Answered

I am as Elk member and one of my brothers was an arrogant doctor who used to think himself a god. Then one day he contracted cancer and realized that thinking you are and really being a God are two different things. Luckily for him the right God was listening when he said he prayed. He told me that getting cancer and then recovering was a mind-altering thing for him. Now he’s like the rest of us and prays to the real god and not himself.

Pray It Helps

It’s a lesson that we all need to learn, were not gods and thinking so is a total waste of time. People don’t like fake gods and that’s how I feel. So just be yourself and leave the miracles to the creator of the universe. And that miracle generally comes in the form of let me handle it and you just be yourself.

Don L. Terrill

photo by fdecomite


Eat Small Amounts All Day

Doctor Suggested I Eat All Day

Three years ago I meet a young doctor just out of Med School, who was working with my used to be family doctor. While checking my vital signs he mentioned that he seldom eats a lot of food at one time. His approach to food was eating little amounts all day. And I must confess he didn’t seem to have any excess fat on his body.

Body Stores More Fat Then It Needs

Here’s his theory on the eating all day concept. People being the way they are, are always on the diet roller coaster. One week they’re dieting the next they eat everything in front of them. And because of this the body doesn’t have reasonable expectations that food will be readily available for its needs all the time. Because of this the human body stores excess food all the time for those times when the idiot in charge goes on a no eat schedule for a period of time.

Saves Fat for Know Reason

According to the doctor this is sending the body the wrong message and because of that it saves more fat then it really needs and eventually it gets completely confused and just saves fat like there’s know tomorrow.

All Day Feeding Convinces the Body to Stop Saving Fat

Just recently viewing my excess in the mirror I thought of the doctors theory and decided out of desperation to give it a try. So far I have lost four pounds and am eating small amounts all the time. It’s kind of hard when mealtime comes around. Sometimes I eat more salad then usual and that helps me get through the three meals a day thing. But it sure seems to be working a lot better then what I have been doing over the years. It seems like my whole life has run like the operator of a roller coaster. It’s a ride of loosing weight and then slowly putting it back on. Maybe if I train my body to understand I’m always going to feed it, it will stop wanting to store food and thus leave me with less fat all the time. Hope springs eternal and that’s my hope for staying weight wise where I want to be.

Don L. Terrill

photo by rick


Oxygen is Good for What Ails You

Refresh Your Thinking Ability

Awhile back I started using the nose device that sticks on your nose and forces you’re nose openings to open better. I can’t begin to tell you how greatly that has improved my sleeping. But guess what its also good while your awake. Two weeks ago I forgot to take the thing off my nose and since I was alone that day no one pointed it out to me. And I’m glad they didn’t, because I discovered it helps me write with a clearer mind and things seemed to flow better. So now when I’m writing I attach the nose-opening device.

Gives Me An Edge

I think its all about oxygen going to the brain, when my oxygen is restricted my brain runs at a lower level and that interferes with my ability to write and that bothers me. So if it takes a silly nose device to give me the edge I’m looking for then that suits me just fine.

Its the Little Things

Its amazing how the little things in life make such a big difference in how our lives function. I have often though about getting an oxygen tank and breathing it once in awhile and see if it makes a difference in how I feel. Haven’t done it yet but I’m sure I will be trying it in the near future.

Life Boosters Water & Oxygen

Water like oxygen are two major ingredients that contribute greatly to the bodies ability to function in a fashion that works well for us. If your looking for an emotional boost may I suggest more water & oxygen. Water and oxygen will go a long way in making the quality of you life so much better. It works for me and I’m sure it will work for you.

Don L. Terrill

photo by irina slutsky


Don’t Always Be Available

Being Available May Decrease Your Value

Think of all the times you say yes or agree with what someone is telling or asking something of you. I have by my observations concluded that people who are always available will face the challenge of having to do the bidding of those around them. And in the process the person saying yes will decrease in value because of it.

Give Yourself Value

If you almost always say yes people will expect that of you and seek you out for help when their needs need helping. But before we get too far along I am a helper and probably will always be that way, it’s just the way I am. But here’s the point of my words. Everyone should be appreciated for helping those that need help, but not be expected to do it. If your life is to have value then that value must be given to you by yourself. In other words you should be important to yourself and because of that you are saying to the world I’m important and that’s the way I feel about myself.

No Helps Create Value

To achieve value it is sometimes necessary to say no, not because you cant or don’t want to but because it increases your worth in the eyes of those who are seeking your help. We all need and deserve credit for our contributions to making the world a better place because we here. Its good food for the brain and helps keep harmony in the mind.

Value is Nourishment to the Mind

Today more then ever we are greatly aware of what the mind can do to us if we fail to produce wellness that the mind can use to keep functioning in a fashion that brings us happiness and physical well being. Unhappiness and depression are constantly waiting around the corner to sell us a bag of goods that were not important and maybe we should consider doing ourselves harm because of it.

So say no more and people will value your help more and that will help you feel better about yourself.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Meme!


This is the Way I Saw Myself & So It Became

I Developed a Vision of Myself

Over a year ago I started a campaign in my life to sharpen the vision in my life of how I see my future. I decided what I wanted to become and developed a plan of attack to get there. It didn’t have much clarity but it did have a final view of what I wanted to do. I saw myself as a writer, speaker and love advisor. Today with little effort on my part its slowly coming to pass.

I'm Writing With Ease

I’m writing every day and the joy of that over whelms the very fiber of my being. Its like the words are coming out the ends of my finger tips while I’m sitting at my computer and typing words with the ease of someone who knows what their doing.

Speaking is Just Around the Corner

I’m not speaking yet but that too is showing progress and reality seems just corners away from reaching my fingertips. I now understand the value of dreaming and believing in yourself. Every day I march one step closer to becoming what I see my mind producing for me. Its truly about believing that all things are possible in life, if one will create the picture and then just walk in the direction of the light.

All Things Are Possible

Sure I spend a great deal of time in the bathroom looking in the mirror and telling myself what I wanted to be. But guess what I’m living proof that talking to yourself and seeing the person you want to be is truly the path to finding yourself and becoming the person that exists in your dreams. Sure some of the visions I have of my future haven’t come true but maybe they just need more time to cook. For example I see my future having a full head of hair, that’s not as of yet materialized but I’m a believer and who knows what the future will bring to life. So go ahead dream and then watch how life changes for you. After all, all things are possible if that’s one of your dreams.

Don L. Terrill

photo by bopuc

The voice of Reason

Were Generally Not Listening

We all hear this voice but seldom pay attention to it. I know this to be true because I can document this behavior in my life. I must confess I’m not proud of myself for not listening to the voice and most of the time I’ve paid dearly for having a deaf ear.

The Voice of Wisdom

The voice of course comes from some location in my mind and in the most part can be viewed as a valued friend trying to give me healthy advice, when I’m telling myself that this is what I want to do. In my early years the valued voice was shouted down because I wanted something to happen like getting married for the first time and having a family. I so wanted that to happen that the voice of good reason didn’t have a chance changing my mind and so it came to pass. This failure to listen created two incredible sons and heart problems that almost did me in.

Failure to Listen Means Failure

In retrospect I see failure written all over the marriage that was built on hope but had no cement to hold it together. It was a classic case of letting our dreams prevail and ignoring all the signs that pointed to the conclusion that getting married was doomed before letting the ink dry on the marriage certificate. And we both knew it but we charged ahead hoping beyond hope that hope would prevail and love would be our reward.

The Voice & I Reason It Out

Today second only to my wife the voice in my head is my most trusted friend and constant advisor. The voice talks sense to me and through that process I give one hundred percent thought to what I’m about to do. Thus I let the light of day shine in and see what my motives are and is that what I really want to do? Then once my mind tells me what is true then and only then do I take one step forward till my goal is achieved.

Who Better to Listen To Then Yourself

Some would say that listening to yourself is a fool giving advice to himself. I don’t share this opinion and value greatly what I’m saying to myself, because who better to advice me then my closets companion me. That’s me talking and listening, how about you?

Don L. Terrill

photo by OrangeStache


Crying is a Good Thing


Every once in awhile life gangs up on me and makes my life hard to deal with. And mostly it’s about fear of some sort or other. And most of the time it’s over as fast as it arrived. I have come to the conclusion that fear is normal and accepting that reality is a good thing for us to do. But even thought I accept it doesn’t mean I like having it work its negative thinking in my life.

Tears Bring Wellness

I think that humans fail sometime to understand that malfunctioning in the mind is the minds way of trying to deal with the information its in charge of. For example dying is everyone’s fate but facing that reality is often very hard for us to swallow. Today while still enjoying the comfort of my bed I had a malfunction concerning my dying some day. And this dying stuff sometimes brings tears to my eyes but guess what that’s a good thing and I promote the process. Rather then trying to resist it I have learned that crying for me is a positive thing. When my eyes get watery I just let the liquid flow, because I know when it stops Ill be a better person because of it.

Bathroom Therapy

So when your mind gets upset and you fall into depression may I be so bold as to suggest letting the situation defuse itself by going in the bathroom and just having a good cry. You like me will be instantly amazed how much better you feel after letting your tears flow. And it doesn’t matter about what your thinking about, what matters is that your giving your unhappy feelings an opportunity to ok themselves and that will free you to be ok again.

Its Brings Relief

Some things in life cant be fixed because they are what they are and we just have to learn to live with them. Like dying for example or etc. Life is a challenge and crying is the release button for making the bad stuff go away. It may not be a permanent solution but it does help the moment pass and then life returns to normal. That’s my water thought for today.

Don L. Terrill

photo by xctmx


Rolling on the Floor & Feeling Better

Like a Child I Rolled on the Floor

Sometimes it’s the little changes that make the biggest difference in our life. For example recently after numerous suggestions I gave the nose thing a try, the thing you paste on you nose that helps keep your nose channel open so the air can flow better and thus make you feel better. Well guess what it works great and what a difference it makes in my life. So I’m starting to believe that little things make the biggest difference in our life.

I Learned by Watching

For example three weeks ago I was lying on the floor with my second youngest grand child Brayden. He’s not walking yet but he manages to get from one spot to another by rolling, crawling and jumping up and down. While playing with him I rolled around on the floor like he was and noticed that at one point of doing this my back cracked ever so slightly and I felt better. Since then numerous times daily I start by laying on my back and then roll one complete turn to the right and then repeat the same rolling in the other direction. And every time I’ve noticed a slight cracking sound while doing this rolling stuff. And believe it or not I feel a lot better since I’ve been doing this rolling stuff.

Self Help

Its like going to the chiropractor but this doesn’t cost me anything to do it. I used to hear my Dad talking about his Father who had to lay on a mattress with a flat board under it and this helped him from having backaches. It like rolling on the floor is simple to do and yet gave my Grandfather the ability to deal with back pains. My Grand Father didn’t have the options back then that we have today. But the process was simple and the results were positive.

Lie & Feel Better

Now rolling on the floor may not work for you, but what do you have to loose? Noting except the joy of feeling better then you usually do. So lie on the floor and roll back and forth. And Ill bet you feel better for doing it. And isn’t feeling better the main goal in your life? So live better and roll on. That’s my story and rolling works for me.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Kevin Briody