Don't Force Yourself

Do What Feels Natural

Something’s that happen in our life need to develop naturally and not be forced to happen the way we think they should or we would like them to happen. Like for example sleeping. Somewhere along the path of history someone started the concept that life’s routine should be clearly defined. And from my perspective that thinking divided life into three parts.

Goofing Off

And being good pupils of brain washing we try diligently to make it happen and if it doesn’t we generally seek help via pills, therapy, booze, etc and then if that fails deem ourselves dysfunctional and drudge along life’s path hoping for a miracle to drop from the sky and fix the problem.

Maybe That's Whats Right for You

But what if there is nothing wrong? And being different is the way we should be in the first place. Here’s how this life routine is working for me. I generally sleep four to six hours nightly and almost always spend sometime dead to the world sleeping in my favorite recliner. I can document this chair sleeping routine via my lovely wife who says one second were communicating and the next second she notices that only she is talking and I’m totally in the twilight world of sleep. She marvels at my capacity to do that. But in all fairness I’m not doing anything it just happens without even giving me notice it’s going to happen.

The Mind Knows

So maybe this is my way of being me? And that’s just perhaps the way it should be. Well whether it is or not that’s what I do and changing the routine seems at least to me an act of futility. Maybe my body and mind have a better understanding whats going on with me and my fortress and maybe that’s the way the forces of the universe intended it to be.

Sometimes it is wise to concede to the what is and just let nature and its allies do the job that’s assigned to them. That’s my feelings and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

Photo by maria_noland