Pets Deliver Wellness

We Always had Pets in the House

My parents were great dog and cat lovers. I can't remember a time when there wasn't a pet in the house. These animals were not just pets, they were genuine members of the family. My Mother treated them like royalty and they never wanted for anything. Mother was a true perfectionist and everything in the house had to be just right. And all of us in the family knew the rules and diligently followed them. Some areas of the house were off limits when special events were happening in the house. Only the four legged members of the family were except from these in house rules; as far as I could tell they were allowed to do anything, up to and including walking on everything, which also included climbing the window drapes.

Her Dog was Her Most Trusted Companion

Then the passage of time started changing for my Mother. First her beloved cat escaped confinement and never returned home, then my Father passed away and then my Mothers health started failing. First my Mother had to stop driving for vision reasons, then her lack of mobility deprived her from going up or down the stairs. Finally with a great deal of reluctance I was forced to break a solemn promise I had made to my Mother never to do, and that was to never put her in a nursing facility. But years prior to that, in failing health and mostly living in the past Mother clung tight to her last pet. Her and the dog were inseparable; only when the dog needed a pot tie, break did the they temporarily part company with each other. Then Mother broke her hip and then my Mother totally diverted to her childhood and that is where Mother remained till live passed from her body.

I Had to Break My Promise

I have some regrets, one I broke my solemn promise with her and I wasn't entirely up to the task of dealing with the my issues of her failing life. But I think I did the best I could all things being equal.

Her Dog Gave Her Wellness

I take comfort in knowing that her last pet filled her emotional needs better then anyone else could have done. Mother I'm looking to the day, when I can hug you again.

If life is dealing you a bad hand, trying having a pet in the home. They have their own language, but you'll get their meaning and that meaning is Love.

Don L. Terrill

photo by bc anna