Love is My Sacred Word

Before I begin this article I'm compelled to make a statement. My reference to God is in know way in tented to promote a religious agenda. Having said that let the words begin.

I value love above all things. This value is the very essence of my life. For me love is the foundation of my life. Without love my life would be meaningless and I would wonder the wildness without a real purpose in life. But alas I'm not alone because love is always at my side and never out of my sight.

Love Found Me

When love found me it didn't have all the bells and whistle of an expensive car. It arrived in a plain card board box and in the container was a note of instructions, which I generally I don't read till I have to. And here's what what the paper said. Please use all the time and not just when you need help. At first I wondered how does it work? In time love and its purpose became more clear to me. As I assimilated love into my life it was a natural thing for me to bring God into the picture. To me God is love and love is God and that is what I value most. I am not concerned on how it all happened or whether its real or not. Love is and that's good enough for me.

Love is an Idea that Grows with You

Living with love requires no special training it just requires that you keep it active in your thinking. It doesn't say yes or no to situations it just stands mute as an example of an idea that you can mold as you go along in your life's journey. Shakespeare once said that nothing is good or bad but thinking makes is so. So I'm inclined at least in part to side with Shakespeare on his thinking. Maybe love is like water. Water when left alone will find its own level and just maybe if love is left alone it will find its own place in the scheme of your live.

Love & Wellness are One

To me love is not something you make, it's something acquired by opening your mind to the value of happiness and happiness is the key to finding love. And love will show its influence on you by showering your mind with happy feelings. It's like perpetual motion, once started love never stops unless you lose your container with the instructions in it.

I wouldn't presume to tell love what love is. I just keep love in my thoughts and it lets me know by just being. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Ju-x