Breath your way to wellness

Breath Deeply and Release Slowly

I like all people have my moments when the wheels in my head get clogged and the body goes into a hipper state of disfunctionality. It's like my body is out of tune and needs an adjustment. And that is exactly what my lovely bride showed me how to fix. She said and I remember this vaguely being told to me on a few occasions during my life when I was facing some difficulty or challenge. She said take a deep breath and let it out slowly and then repeat till harmony returns to the brain and body. Wow that stuff really works. Here's my theory on what's going on with the body sometime. The body has gobs of impulses running thru it all the time. This is what gives us the ability to live and function. Sometimes and it's probably stress of some sort that throws this activity in our body out of order and this interferes with our ability to act properly. So we act different then usual and that bothers us.

Imagine all Your Electric Items in you House Going Crazy

Imagine for a moment that your body is like your house. Your house is functional because of electricity. Your house contains wires that control the direction of the electricity. Think of all the things in and out of your house that use electricity. Now imagine that electricity going crazy and not working properly. Maybe your lights would blink, the refrigerator starts smoking and the fan in the ceiling rises and falls rather then turning around as it usually does.

Readjusting Your Breathing Fixes Your Anxiety

This is what I believe happens in the body and fixing this is easy as breathing in and then letting it out slowly. When you do this the body resets itself, like the breakers in your electric box. Yes I know what your thinking now that's to easy to be true. That's exactly what I used to think until I tried it. Now I'm a one hundred percent believer in the breathing exercise.

Wrong Button Caused Anxiety

While writing this article I hit the wrong button and deleted about two hundred words of content and had to rewrite again. That mistake in judgement triggered a dysfunctional thought that required me to exit to the patio and breath myself back to wellness. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by greggoconnell