My Bathroom promotes my emotional wellness

I Tried to Commit Suicide

Many years ago I tried to commit suicide by cutting my wrists; luckily for me the attempt shocked my brain and I came to my senses and called 911 for help. I do remember trying to cut my wrists, but don't recall dialing 911. I hid in the bathroom when they came and wouldn't open the door because I was scared to death. They forced in the door and then I remember signing something and hearing someone say don't worry you'll be ok. My next recollection was being forcibly strapped to platform of some kind face down. Then I heard a voice say if I untie you will you be ok? I said yes.

I Saw My Wife and Snapped back into Reality

After that I remember laying in bed, walking around and drinking something. I don't recall seeing or talking to anyone after that. Then my wife walked into the room and I said hi Cutie (that was my favorite name for her). The doctor that was with her said I don't believe what I'm seeing and hearing. He told my wife that one hour ago he tried to talk to me and I made no indication I was receiving what he was saying to me. I guess I was in the twilight zone or something. But the minute I saw my love I snapped out of it. I hugged her for the longest time and didn't want to let her go. My wife Findley managed to disconnect from me and then started asking me questions being prompted by the doctor. I think I asked her to take me home. But the doctor suggested I stay for a few days, so my behavior could be observed and also I could receive some on hands therapy. I reluctantly agreed and then my wife left and promised to return soon.

I Talked to a Head Doctor & Got Better

To make a long story short I stayed in the facility for one week and then I went home and resumed my life again. My family doctor suggested I visit a counseling facility for follow up help. I did and connected with a doctor from Ethiopia who was doing his internship here in America. The man was probably twenty five. He was a huge help to me. He showed me many methods I could use to improve and maintain my emotional wellness. I followed his advise and regained my wellness and have lived a productive life every since.

Today I See My Therapist in the Bathroom

My bathroom is a multi functioning facility. When I use my bathroom for normal functions I also include therapy into the mix. Now a days when I shower I stay in the shower longer then necessary to enjoy the water flowing over me, it helps me relax and I enjoy the feel of the water. whenever I look in the mirror I always smile and say positive things to myself. Like wow Don your getting younger everyday and all kinds of other words that promote my personal well being. Try it, it really works. Heck who knows maybe I can convince myself to grow more hair on my head.

My Chair is the Throne

Sitting on the throne can also be therapeutic. I face a replica of an old time ice box made of wood and has two doors, one on top of the other. Inside the top door I maintain literature that promotes positive thinking.

Splash Water on My Face

Also whenever I'm at the sink I spend time splashing water on my face. Starting with warm water and then ending by using cold water. It like the shower, does wonders for my emotional wellness.

I Talk Positively to Myself in the Mirror

In the rapid pace of the world today the bathroom is a great way to stop, relax, enjoy the water, talk to yourself and read new ideas to find better ways to heal yourself and integrate more happiness in our life. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

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Pets Deliver Wellness

We Always had Pets in the House

My parents were great dog and cat lovers. I can't remember a time when there wasn't a pet in the house. These animals were not just pets, they were genuine members of the family. My Mother treated them like royalty and they never wanted for anything. Mother was a true perfectionist and everything in the house had to be just right. And all of us in the family knew the rules and diligently followed them. Some areas of the house were off limits when special events were happening in the house. Only the four legged members of the family were except from these in house rules; as far as I could tell they were allowed to do anything, up to and including walking on everything, which also included climbing the window drapes.

Her Dog was Her Most Trusted Companion

Then the passage of time started changing for my Mother. First her beloved cat escaped confinement and never returned home, then my Father passed away and then my Mothers health started failing. First my Mother had to stop driving for vision reasons, then her lack of mobility deprived her from going up or down the stairs. Finally with a great deal of reluctance I was forced to break a solemn promise I had made to my Mother never to do, and that was to never put her in a nursing facility. But years prior to that, in failing health and mostly living in the past Mother clung tight to her last pet. Her and the dog were inseparable; only when the dog needed a pot tie, break did the they temporarily part company with each other. Then Mother broke her hip and then my Mother totally diverted to her childhood and that is where Mother remained till live passed from her body.

I Had to Break My Promise

I have some regrets, one I broke my solemn promise with her and I wasn't entirely up to the task of dealing with the my issues of her failing life. But I think I did the best I could all things being equal.

Her Dog Gave Her Wellness

I take comfort in knowing that her last pet filled her emotional needs better then anyone else could have done. Mother I'm looking to the day, when I can hug you again.

If life is dealing you a bad hand, trying having a pet in the home. They have their own language, but you'll get their meaning and that meaning is Love.

Don L. Terrill

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Doctors Offices maybe a Hazard to your Health

Always Take Special Precautions While at the Doctors Office

I remember going to the doctor and actually getting in near my appointment time. Now adays you can consider yourself lucky if you see your doctor before one hour exceeds your assigned time. Now I know that sometimes doctors can't help having emergencies; but that can't be happening all the time. The truth is there like the air lines they over book to allow for people who don't show up. That works out good for the doctor but sucks for the patient. Not only will you wait in the main lobby but you will also wait in there inter office area. To avoid this anxiety make your appointment for the first thing in the morning and be the first person standing at the door, when they open the office.

Isolate Yourself if You Can

Also avoid sitting in the main lobby, if you can. When I see my doctor I sign in and put my cell number along with my name and I tell the desk person to call me, unfortunately this process doesn't always work. Ill be right outside and point to the number on the form; then go outside or sit in your car. This helps you avoid catching something from someone else near you. And whatever you do don't pick up any literature in the office, because remember that's where contamination might exist. As a matter of fact avoid touching anything with your hands if possible; use another body part like your elbow, foot, shoulder or etc to make something happen (like opening a door). If you have to use the bathroom or give a urine sample only touch exactly what you have to and don't bother washing your hands. Your better off with your own germs, then getting other peoples germs.

Wear a Nose & Mouth Mask

Wear one of those throw away paper fabric nose and mouth masks. They encourage you to do that if you have a cold, cough or etc. You see allot of people doing it now a days. There are air born particles floating in the air and on these particles is where you catch much of the stuff that makes you sick or something like that. If someone says anything just say I don't want to contaminate anyone with what I might have. If you don't care just don't say anything and just act like your in the twilight zone or something.

Avoid Sitting Close to Coughers

When you come in look around the room and avoid people who seem to be sicker then most of the other people and sit by yourself if that's possible. Also avoid people who are coughing or sneezing.

Here's a Recap
  1. Always be the First one in the Morning
  2. Keep Your Distance from Others
  3. Don't Touch Anything
  4. Don't Read the Books
  5. Avoid the Coughers
  6. Wear a Mask
  7. Only Touch what you have to in the bathroom & never wash your hands
Remember the Word is Caution

Remember most people go to the doctor because there sick and if there sick they are more then likely contagious and that's why caution should be followed when visiting your doctors office. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by LeeBrimelow

Breath your way to wellness

Breath Deeply and Release Slowly

I like all people have my moments when the wheels in my head get clogged and the body goes into a hipper state of disfunctionality. It's like my body is out of tune and needs an adjustment. And that is exactly what my lovely bride showed me how to fix. She said and I remember this vaguely being told to me on a few occasions during my life when I was facing some difficulty or challenge. She said take a deep breath and let it out slowly and then repeat till harmony returns to the brain and body. Wow that stuff really works. Here's my theory on what's going on with the body sometime. The body has gobs of impulses running thru it all the time. This is what gives us the ability to live and function. Sometimes and it's probably stress of some sort that throws this activity in our body out of order and this interferes with our ability to act properly. So we act different then usual and that bothers us.

Imagine all Your Electric Items in you House Going Crazy

Imagine for a moment that your body is like your house. Your house is functional because of electricity. Your house contains wires that control the direction of the electricity. Think of all the things in and out of your house that use electricity. Now imagine that electricity going crazy and not working properly. Maybe your lights would blink, the refrigerator starts smoking and the fan in the ceiling rises and falls rather then turning around as it usually does.

Readjusting Your Breathing Fixes Your Anxiety

This is what I believe happens in the body and fixing this is easy as breathing in and then letting it out slowly. When you do this the body resets itself, like the breakers in your electric box. Yes I know what your thinking now that's to easy to be true. That's exactly what I used to think until I tried it. Now I'm a one hundred percent believer in the breathing exercise.

Wrong Button Caused Anxiety

While writing this article I hit the wrong button and deleted about two hundred words of content and had to rewrite again. That mistake in judgement triggered a dysfunctional thought that required me to exit to the patio and breath myself back to wellness. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

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Keep moving your wellness depends on it

Move for Good Reasons and not for Bad Reasons

Moving is an American past time. If were not happy where we are, we move. Now is that stupid or what? Everyone knows that moving seldom solves anything. Primarily because the problem always seems to follow you. Is there a thought to ponder here? By Jobe I think there is. And yes you know what I'm about to say. Moving doesn't help you when your the problem. Wow I elated when the elevator goes all the way to the top. Now moving is good for all kinds of other reasons. Like for example getting a better job, finding a bigger house, wanting to be closer to some one. The list of good reasons is endless. But to avoid yourself no way hosa. That's what one year of spainish taught me.

We Travel Just to Move

Now here's my train of thinking. Maybe just maybe moving can be a well building thing for you. My lovely wife and I must be part nomads because we like and enjoy being on the move. No were not world travelers. Our status would be noted under heading (like to travel short distances. Have car will travel) This heading reminds me of a movie series that used to be on tv it was called (Have Gun Will Travel) it was a story about a gentlement whose first name was palladin and he was a professional gun for hire. He always triumpt over evil by using the power of the gun. I still smile when I think of the show.

We Liked Driving to a Town Close By

When we lived in Michigan we frequently visited an adjacent town called South Bend in Indiana. Yes it required a border crossing from one state to another. No visa or note from your mother was required. God I love this country all things are possible here. Why is it that so many countries hate us, but would like to live here rather then anywhere else in the world? Is that what they call a confused thought? Aren't those opposing points of view trying to go the same way?

Feel Good While Your Moving? Good Move

I think moving is a good thing if it's handle correctly. We move because it promotes welness for us and that's a good thing. So if moving works for you' then move on. And don't worry, you'l always be there, when you arrive. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

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Opera Sounds Makes Me Feel Good

Opera in New York is My Goal

Some day before my departure I'm going to visit New York and see an opera. So far my closest attempt at acheiving this goal was to watch the movie Moonstruck. This movie tickled the very fiber of my being. In one schene Cher joined Nicolus Cage and went to see an opera. While watching the show their hands met and tears flowed freely from chers eyes, because of what she was seeing and hearing. That's what a good opera presentation does to me. No I haven't done it personally but I have have enjoyed the experience from afar via recordings.TV etc. One of my favorite listening recordings is called the Tenors. This presentation just over whelms my minds senses with joy. Its like hearing the National athem played preceeding a sporting event. It's sturs emotions that over ride all my other negative feelings. And you would think in time it's affect would dimish in you brain, not true it's as profound today as the first time I felt those feelings.

The Mind Needs Good feelings

These are the feelings that bring joy that the mind appreciates most. These are the feelings we must produce and perpetuate at all cost, if wellness is of interest to us. I'm not suggesting that the opera will do this to you. Were all wired differently and because of his you must find what works for you. So start paying attention to what makes the bells and whistle work for you? Not only should you observe your current feelings you should also pay special attention to those feelings from your past that you already know make you feel good when you experience them again.

Can't Over Dose on Happiness

In my journey thru life I have found a trove of goodies capable of making me feel better and I use them whenever the sounds of the opera escape my current thinking. Happiness in any form is medicine for the mind. This medicine can be taken all the time and will become habit forming if you take it in large doses. Wow it's kind of cool to find something that's totally good for you and doesn't require a liver test or carry a warning label with it.

Keep Happiness Singing in Your Ears

So make a commitment to spend the rest of you life being the happiest person you can be. You'l be amazed how consuming this adventure can be and it will help you stay on the path that showers your mind with the joy of your happy feelings. That's how I feel and I sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Indigo Goat

Give of Yourself it will make you Feel Good

A Special Place in my Heart

I have always had a special feeling in my heart for the Salvation Army, because in my hour of need they have always been there for me. When I arrived in California I had twenty six dollars and some odd cents in my pocket. My first night of rest was acquired at no charge, I bonked out at the local Salvation Army facility. And I really only had one small complaint. They wouldn't let me sleep in. Is that cruel or what?

They Never Turned Me Away

During my stay in the state of unusal thinking, I also sought their help when no other options were availible in the darkness of the night time. And never did they turn me away. It's always nice to know that someone will help when you need it. And because of that, I have always given to them, when I can.

I Love Children

I love children and I always find time for them, when they need it. And beleive me they need it all the time. I shutter at the sight of those who miss treat the little ones in there charge. I think instead of shaking children, we should first shake ourselves maybe the blood in our head will flow better and maybe commoner heads will pevail and we will see the errors of our ways.

Always Take Time to Care

Please don't get me wrong I'm not a person getting ready for saint hood. Hell I've made as many mistakes as anyone else. But I have always felt that being happy is the primary objective of my life. And I not only grant that concept to myself I offer it up to anyone who will listen. In retrospect maybe I should have been a priest, I love to listen because I know it helps the person, who is talking.

Pebbles in the Sand

You know, when you start thinking about it, there are as many ways to give, as there are pebbles in the sand. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by JayMonster

Dont Leap before Thinking

Don't Leap Because you might Change your Mind on the Way Down

When I was younger I spent sometime in California. Climate wise, it was a perfect place to live. Pleasently warm during the day and cool at night. During my tenure there two people one of each sex leaped from the Golden Gate Bridge in San francisco. The lady died but the man survived. Both obviously wanted to die when they jumped. Now pay attention here's the kicker. The person who survived this periless journey gave an interview and said this. On the way down I decided to change my mind, but reallized I couldn't. Is that an interesting obervation or what? Which begs to make the observation that jumping before thinking is a bad idea and can be deadly to your person. I love it when the words make a good point. That's a point well taken.

Lession # 1 Dont jump till you review all your options and never use an option that isn't reversable.

Were all also guilty of jumping to conclusions or making snap decisions. And most of the time we do this, it proves to be a bad decision for us. I used to work for a good friend of mine. He was in the window business and his wife operated an antique store. While driving to and from jobs we would freqently stop at and observe anything that was for sale. When he purchased something He knew exactly what it was worth and acted accordingly. He never paid full price for anything, he always haggled for a better price and frequently made it happen to his benefit. He never bought anything because he liked it. If he couldn't make a profit he quickly moved on. He was like a poker player and could detect signs that someone really needed to sell something. He would make an offer and then just walk away and not even say anything. If someone really needed the money they would lower there price sometimes two or three times before he reach his truck. If the price was right he purchased the item.

Lession #2 know what your doing and never pay more then you want to.

I have often wondered how much time passed when these two jumped off the bridge? I can only imagine thier horror that they had made a mistake and wished to retract their dicision.

Jump Only When the Ship is Sinking

These are two lessions to be learned and paid attention to, if suicide thoughts are popping into your mind. Give yourself time to defuse or have a special person to call or just dial 911 like I did because your life is a terrible thing to lose. That's my storm and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

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Be Cautious of those who want to Protect you

Some People Have an Agenda

Theres an old saying that says beware of those bearing gifts. There is truth in this thought. Whether we like to believe it or not everyone has a motive for what they do. And most people aren't planing a campaign against you. No most are just trying to make ends meet and survive another day. But there are those that have dysfunctional thinking and their motives are bent on doing you harm. And here's one warning sign you might want to pay close attention to.

Beware of the Words I Want to Protect You

If I told you I loved you and wanted to keep you out of arms ways that configuration of words should trigger a warning in your brain. This thought is running in both directions at the same time. The love implies you care and want me to be who I am. The words I want to keep you out of harm ways can be interpreted in one of two ways, one thought would enforce the word love and the other thought would be to control you and confine your thinking just to them. The latter thought should be avoided at all cost. Because the price you pay for the love is more then you'll want to pay. Take my word for this because I've been there and know of what I speak. Nothing is more important in your life then your freedom of choice. So don't let anyone sell the bag of garbage to you. Just say no and keep moving.

Most People are Well Meaning

I think most souls in the world travel the path of good thinking and they promote the thought and idea that everyone deserves the freedom of movement. For example I love God in my way and I gladly extend that courtesty to you. I get up every day and say thank you to the power of the universe for letting me live in a free society. Yes we have rules but those rules are intended to give us all continuity and are not intended to control are every movement; thus depriving us of a basic right to be who we want to be. Dam that sounds like I'm running for office or what? I love this country and I love being free.

Listen to the Words, I Want to Protect You

So pay attention to the words and always remember there is a motive behind every thought. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

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Happiness never comes, until your Happy with yourself

Happiness Starts With You

Happiness really takes shape and developes when it starts from you and works outwards to others. I see my happiness as the very core of my existence. I need it like I need water and food. Hardly a moment goes by that I'm not thinking about how good it feels to be a happy person. I have known both happiness and unhappines and I love one and are weary of the other.

Take Control of Your Happiness it's Worth the Effort

Happiness is something we all profess to want, but then in the same breath we promote the opposite point of view. It's like we go to the store with the intent of buying an apple but always end of taking pears home. You and you alone have the option of choicing one path or the other. One path is riddled with wellness, the other is frought with gloom and doom. Yes sometime's it seems like unhappiness is parked on your front step all the time and there seems to be no way to shu it away. But be of good cheer and know that help is at your becon call. So belly up to the bar and take control of your life. Yes your probably saying, Don you don't know what your talking about? Actually I do. I have visited the dark side of thinking and almost ended my life because of that visit. But luck and my wanting to live prevailed and I found thru persistance ways to deliver happiness to myself. And what I discovered was that happiness starts in the head and works outward from there. You like me, must if you have the will to persue the quest for the grail of happiness, no pun intended. That thought arrived no doubt because of the movie about same is now playing with Tom Hanks one of my favorite actors. Oh and by the way that's an excellent way to divert your mind from the doom and gloom, go watch a movie that makes your body and mind feel good, all at the same time.

No Choice is a Choice

Life is kind of like a street, one side promotes happiness and the other sells doom and gloom. You have the option to walk on either side, the choice is you. If your unhappy and do nothing about it, that's making a choice and that choice should you chose it, sucks. It all comes down to this, what you feel either helps or hurts you and that is the truth and nothing but the truth.

Be a Magnet for Happiness

So look in the mirror and say I'm sick and tired of feeling bad and I'm not going to do it any more. And then walk out into the world and find all the happiness that you can consume. Then and only then will you find that which you seek. And then you will become the magnet and happiness will gravitate to you. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

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Dont have an open door policy

A Bad Happy May Kill You

When I was a young person no one locked there doors til it was bedtime. Today that behavior may cause your life to be diminished. When you create a bad habit there are people all around that will gladly take advantage of you. The world is full of people ready and willing to releave you of all your worldly goods and thru that process you may set the stage for your life to end prematurely. Stop being a mark and protect that which is yours. Think of all the hours you have worked to acquire what you have and then with one inappropriate behavior, have in part or entirely removed from your life. And it all happens in blink of the eye.

Watch Your Neighbors Like Yourself

I am of the opinion that one of my primary responsibilities is to protect the well being of my environment. I do this by creating what I call good habits. I always lock doors; whether I'm inside or outside of a building. If you don't lock you door and you let people know you do that, guess what; you might just as well put a bulls eye on yourself. I don't want you to be perinoid' what I want you to be is a safe and happy person. Have a security system installed and join your neighbors and observe inappropriate behavior outside. If a moving van moves up to your neighbors house and you know there on vacation that's good reason to beleave someone might be stealing someones stuff. Call the police its better to be safe then sorry.

Remove the Hiding Places Around Your Home

Dont let your bushes etc be hiding places for people who wish to steal from you or hurt you. If your a pet person have a dog or two. They make good alarm systems. Those who would do you wrong don't like barking or mean acting dogs.

Don't Wave Your Cash Around

Everyday somewhere in the news media people are being robbed, raped and killed by those in need of money. If your a cash toting person you are a primary target for those who need money for drugs etc. A wise person doesn't carry cash or have cash aroung the house. Because this makes you stand out like a flashing light. I have cash please come and take it from me. So those who deal in this business of security tilt in the direction of not using cash. Your check book and credit or debit card will do nicely.

I Plan for The Worse and Hope for the Best

I love people, but plan for the worse. That's why I always remember to develope good habits and so can you, start this process by locking your doors. That's a start in making your life safer for you and your family. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

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Be Cautious about sharing Personal Information

What you Share maybe the very Thing Someone Wants

During world war two the government created posters that read a slip of the lip may sink a ship. The government wanted the people of this country to be aware that what they know and share could be a path by which ships are sunk. This kind of thinking applies also to ones life and what you share with others can and maybe used against you in one fashion or another. I don't want anyone to be scared about life and think that everyone is trying to do you in. No that is not what I'm saying. But there are large masses of people who exist in life by not pulling the wagon' but rather by stealing the wagon. So it's wise thinking to understand this and take some precaution to protect yourself and your family.

Don't Share Your Home Valuables

When your out and about please remember that what you say or do can make you you a target of those who would not only take your wagon but they are so skillful they might even have you help them do it. The stories in the paper and on tv are constantly screaming out to you please don't be a victum like me. Every two seconds somewhere in this country someone is reaching into your bank account, wallet, purse, and etc. and removing a lifetime of earnings from you to them and they will be gone before you wake up in the morning. And there slicker today then ever before. I'm sure that you have gone or heard of the event that goes on at the county fair. It's when they grease up a number of pigs and then have a contest where by people try to catch same and win a prize. The crook is like the greased pig there hard to catch and hold. So be ever so cautious about money matters, the less the crook knows the safer you are. There always looking for the easy mark, so don't be easy.

The Crook is Listening to What You Say

I hear people all the time sharing information about themselves and it great to be an open person and share your thoughts and ideas with each other. But not about money and personal things you have in your home of office. Once again this type of information is like giving someone the key to your front door and then telling them where the combination is to the big safe behind the book case; which you also told them about.

Crooks are Also on the Phone

I remember a documentary that was on tv one time. It told of a company that called senior citizens and worked on their fears about not having enought money to pay all there future medical bills. This company wasn't real and the people working there were just con artists and the person doing the documentary had secretly taped a conversation of the crooks and they the crooked laughed about how easy it was to screw people out of there life savings.

Here's a good marker to live by; if it's to good to be true, it probably isn't.

Be happy, be safe and keep your personal life to yourself. That' my story and I'm sticking by it.

Don L. Terrill

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Be a problem solver, its good for the mind

Build More Bridges

Science has clearly proved that problem solving is a great way to keep the mind up to snuff. The more you use your mind the more the mind builts bridges from one location to another. Its like making new passage ways that deliver information and feelings from one part of the brain to another part. If you stop learning and require less brain usage your mind acts accordingly and shuts down some of these passage ways. So it works to your well being to keep the super highway working and running smoothly. So do things that create ideas for your mind to work on. Learn and play chess. Chess forces your mind to rev up and figure out moves. And it challenges you with every move on the board.

Poker is Good if Done Right

My brother Ron is one year older then me. And he loves to play poker. But he does it in the right way. He's not addicted to gambling he just loves the game of sport. He's both conservative, careful and dilligent to playing poker from a plateau of complete understanding. Hes also sets the limits by which he plays. And he at least breaks even when the day is thru.

He Learned & Used a New Word Everyday

Every day of my Fathers life he learned a new word and how it applied to the English language. Also he would integrate that word in his speech that day. Also he acquired new information every day and he loved meeting new people and that produced additional information to remember.

Dad Always Asked Questions and People Like Him for Asking

Dad was a perfect problem solver and he never hesitated to seek help from all the people he knew, that questing endeared him to the person being asked. We humans are greatful to have the opportunity to show off how much we know. That makes us feel good and Dad loved making people feel good. He instinctively understood that people love to share how much they know and Dad alway left them wanting for more questions and they always answed his questions and waited patiently for there reward, like a pet waiting for their treat.

We Learned How to Stop Their Barking

Mike my neighor lives adjacent to our property and he has two very persistant dogs. One is Chance and the other dog is Blackie. Both pets like the treats that we my wife and I share with them and their prepared to learn the art of learning. One there is only two treats per dog per day and only limited barking is allowed or there will be no treats today. When we first started giving treats there we loud and never stopped barking. But with the passage of time they learned the art of geeting there treat. Now you can observe their wanting to bark but now you can see there reluctance to do so.

Dad Loved New Information

My Dad was never of the opinion that getting older required slowing down the speedway to more ideas and information gathering. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by dlkinney

Only Change brings Change

Just Wishing without Effort Won't Work

Someone once said that we go to bed at night and hope for change and wake up the next day and wish the same thought again. This would be considered perpetual motion going no where. So is that sad or what?

We Must Move Out of Our Comfort Zone & Take Action

Sometimes the hard truth of reallity is difficult to digest and also requirers we move out of our confort zone. My oldest son who is my writing mentor, is constantly applying change thinking to his life. Heck he even applied this thinking to finding the love of his life. And that is a good thing. Many moons ago he traved out of his comfort zone and joined a racing team in the south. There lonely for the comforts of his homeland in Michigan, he applied the the pedal to the medal and meet a southern bell thru some dating pathway. This one moment of change changed the very fiber of his being. Her name was Beverly and she delivered the arrow of love to my sons heart. I think for a time love was a challenge for my Son. You see Don my son lives the world of total understanding. Before doing something that something requires absolute scewdency from his brain. And this type of thinking has always worked well for him. But alas love doesn't work that way. I think like me he learned that love defies the probing eyes of understanding and must be taken solely on the word of love. We both found out thru saying I do that love is what life is really, all about.

It's a Meetting of the Hearts

I'm sure my son is as baffled about love as I am. And I'm sure as I am he gets up everyday and thanks his lucky star for sharing his heart with Beverlys heart. That's my story and I'm Sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Meme!

Apply fertilizer to your ideas and they will grow on their own

Idea Today Reality Tomorrow

Two months ago my wife and I started developing an idea to remove the large pine trees from our property. We live in North Carolina and our home is located in a hurricane area and because of this we decided that having pine trees fall on our house would not work well for us. So we spread out the word and solicited bids to remove said trees. But like many ideas it floaded too high in the water and required more money then we wanted to spend. But we still didn't let the idea die, so we just let it find its own level like water does. Soon an idea knocked on our door and we answered with eager anticipation. Here's how the idea came to a positive conclusion for all parties involved. A tree person eyed the van we had forsale and offered to cut and remove pines for ownership of said vehicle. We like a herd of hungary turtles jumped on the idea and developed a contract and now we are pine tree free. I think both parties were well served by this transaction.

Idea's Just Need Time to Grow

Now were developing an idea to that will fill our yard with grass and all other kinds of ground folliage. The gentlemen that removed the trees was not a stump person so an idea had to be explored that would grind down the stumps. Once again an idea was developed and that idea found a person who had a super up todate stump grinding machine. And it was as cool as cool could be. This gentlement was the lowest bidder and the smartest worker in his business field, so he said. Up he drove pulling a trailer with a grinding machine inside. But the machine had no seat, but no seat was required because it was remotely controled by the jolly person that owned it. The owner had a hand held control that made all things possible. And with due dilligence he talked on his cell phone, conversed with us and never missed a beat and finished the job in record breaking time and only had to walk and lift a few fingers to make it all happen. My brain was totally consumed by the whole process. Before the sun stop shinning he drove off into the sun set like a cowboy in the movies of yester years.

Idea's Just need Time to Grow

The trick to making an idea work, is to allow it time to grow at it's own speed. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by mrbill

Neither a Borrower or a Lender be.

Loans are not Friend Makers

This is a partial facsimile quote from Sheakspeare. And boy is this stuff right off the press of good thinking. I remember one occassion in my youth when things were tight for me and my newly formed family of four. I got myself in a bind and needed more cash flow in my life. I resolved this concern by tapping a friend of mine for the lumb sum of two hundred bucks. Which back them was a huge pile of green backs. And I promised to repay in a speedy way. But life wasn't dealing me a easy road to follow and I defaulted on my promise and forced my friend to seek me out and ask me to repay said loan. One thing led to another and words partly damaged our friendship. To make a long story short, I repayed him by borrowing from my parents and that failure on my part strained a life long friendship, that only time could repair and make whole again. Hi Mitch I glad were friends again, I missed not having that connection with you. Be well and don't loan money. Now older and wiser I limit my borrowing and loaning to those faces I don't know, because I don't want to jeobardize the friendhship of my friends.

Spell it Out Clearly on Paper

My wife and I sometimes aid our family members, as they do us and when this happens a strict code of understanding is in order. This is done to promote a clear understanding and that makes things work better.

More Times Then Not, it Will Work Out Badly

Many years ago I hired a gentlement down on his luck. He was a big burly guy who by his size could be if he wanted to, intimidate people. But he didnt exploit that aspect of his life when he worked for me. Prior to me he by his own admissions was a challenge to himself and was known to be a hard drinking and fighting type person. My job was to superise the workings of a 107 apartment highrise facility which was primarily filled by people over the age of 62 and many were over the eighty mark. His first duties was to vac the hallways and similiar jobs like that. So to my surprise and the surpise of certain tenants he indeared himself to them in a speedy kind fashion. One lady told me she came out of her apartment and was startled by his presence in her hallway. She said He quietly and gently steered her back into her apartment, saying I don't want you to get hurt while I'm vaccing your hallway. He stayed with us for a little beyond one year and then was hired via my reccomemdation as a city sanitation person. Months after this I received a call from him asking me for a loan, which would be used as a down payment to purchase a car. Then I wasn't having much luck loaning money to people, more times then not had to bite the bullet and let people off the hook for paying me back. But this time it worked out and made us both smile when he paid me off via our understanding.

Maybe Just a Gift is a Good Idea

But in general I think Shakespeare was right. Neither a borrower or a lender be. If your going to help someone just give them the money and that will solve the problem. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Omar Omar

Don't predetermine what you Can't do!

Don't Put Limits on Yourself

Whow am I guilty of this. Yesterday I was talking to my wife and said I do my best writing in the morning. Now on the surface this doesn't appear to be harmful to me. But guess what? nothing could be farther from the truth. By saying this stuff to myslf I'm setting limits in my life and didn't even realize I was doing this to yours truly. In other words I'm only good at writing in the morning. And here's the real sadness of the this observation, I'm buying this bull and this thought is becoming reality in my mind. This makes me wonder how many more such thoughts are already working the bad mo joe in my mind. And I think myself a enlightend person. Sounds like I better turn up the lights in my brain. I bet my mind is riddled with this kind of false information.

Bite Your Tongue, Rather Then Saying Bad Things About yourself

Here's another one. When I'm driving locally I have selective amnesia, when I appproach certain locations. Like when going to Walmart from our home, I almost always miss the first and best way to get there. And guess what? I'm likely to say when this happens? Yep your right it isn't a pretty thing to tell myself. Here's what I'm likely to say when this happens. Dam it, I missed the road again and if I'm really having a bad day I'm likely to embellish a little more like this. Shit I missed the road again, I'm getting really tired of being so stupid? My wife who is my greatest supporter will say stop saying that, your not stupid. Now that shows how much she loves me, am I lucky or what?

Are You Talking Bad About Yourself?

I have more subject matter but I don't want to diminish myself in your presence. You may if you wish offer your own examples and show how pathetic you are. All kidding aside, belly up to the bar and say it like it is. By writing about what your saying to yourself, you will be able to change and imrove how you feel about yourself. If you don't want to that's ok with me, but it won't improve your life and that's not good for you.

Praise Don't Blame

Go ahead and join me in the battle to be less harmful to ourselves. After all, feeling good is alot better then running yourself down and then feeling bad about yourself. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Кevin

The word Diet should be stricken from our language

Ban the use of the Diet Word

I can't begin to tell you how many times I have gone on a diet; only to regain and add more to my tonnage. I'm going to petition the government to delete the word diet for our vocabulary. I think the word diet is the most disturbing word in the English language. Even the word dying pales in comparison to the word diet. The word diet is probably spoken more then the word God. Now the word God brings salvation and a path to the the land where all is well in the mind and body; to all those that have faith embedded in their brain. Diet on the other hand is the path least likely to produce long term positive results. So whatever you do don't use the word diet in the hope of lowering the fat level in your body, because it ant going to happen.

I Recommend the Word Edit

Not only should we delete the word diet, we also should replace it with a brand new word. Let me explore that word idea for a moment or two. Here's a thought, let's use the same four letters and spell a word that already exists. How about edit? Here's one definition of edit. (To make a change to existing data. ) Heck that doesn't even hurt when I say it. It's a good word well founded in our modern society. If that word doesn't work for you, pick your own dam word and stop bitching about mine.

Edit has a Nice Ring to It

Lets use this word and see how it floats. (I think I'm going on an edit) (the last time I edit I lost twenty pounds) By Jobe I think I'm on to something. Here's an advertising approach. (Don't Diet, just edit the fat off).

Edit or Diet I Leave that Decision to You

Tomorrow I'm contemplating going on an edit and lose twenty pounds. Now that not only sounds better it also sounds more likely to happen, then being on a diet. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by navets


Movies are Great Motivators

I Love Watching the Big Screen

I see that a new superman movie is coming out. You know the man that enters a phone booth and then leaps tall buildings in a single bound. Sometimes when the world of unfairness clouds my mind, I run don't walk to a movie house and rekindle the spark of wellness in my brain. Life can and does pollute the way we view things. One moment were ok and then a locomotive runs over us, while were tied to the railroad tracks. That was one of the great skits in the silent movies. The bad guy wearing black from head to toe called Simon La Gree would tie the fair maiden to the tracks and just seconds before the train arrived a good guy depicted wearing all white would save the danzel and they would ride off into the sunset.

He Offered His Heart and She Said Yes

So what kind of movies work for you? I like movies that reach in and pull my heart strings. I love stories that promote the mating of two souls. Kevin Kosner recently played in a cowboy movie and he was done wrong by the local big time rancher who didn't like free grazers. That's a person who has cattle and they allow that cattle to eat free on public land. So when Kevin Kosner herded by the ranchers town the rancher beat up one of his friends and that prompted kosner to shot him and all his evil cohort's. Then with the style of a great western he rode off into the sunset; but a few nights sleeping alone on the cold ground gave him pause to ponder two different scenario's. One thought showed him being alone, the other embracing the warn fair haired danzel. He returned to find her working her small garden. Then with heart in hand and he offered that heart to her and she offered her heart to him. Is that true love or what?

Try The Movies It Works for Me

For me this movie was a great source of medicine for my mind and boy do I love that. So if I maybe so bold, find movies that work for you and play them whenever emotional pain is knocking at your door. You'l find the power of happiness working its magic on you. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by markcbrennan

Are the Sounds of life Bothering you?

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Sometimes in the early morning while I'm sitting in the living room I can hear the sounds of three clocks ticking. One is in the kitchen and the other two are in the living room. When I first detected these sounds I complained about them and plotted to make them dysfunctional so they wouldn't bother me anymore. But alas I was conformed by an issue of togetherness. And that works this way, if love is to flourish both partners must be in tune with what works for each other. And that was my dilemma my lovely wife loves the clocks and prefers them ticking. I wonder if the clocks are ticking to loud in the United Nations and that's why they can't seem to agree on important issues of our time? So this issue was a no brainer. I stopped my sabotage thoughts and moved on to something else; because love rules in our house and that always works for me. But what about the sounds outside and we have two major contributors in our vicinity. One we live close to the local air field which brings a whole gamut of sounds. The other is a major roadway which is only one property away from us.

Is the Ticking a Warning Sound?

And here's the question I'm trying to resolve in my thinking. Why is it that these sounds only bother me sometimes and not all the time? Maybe my mind is trying to tell me something? Maybe my behavior should be reviewed when I'm hearing these sounds that come and go. Maybe my brain could us some WD 40 or something like that. Im tilting my thinking in the direction that my mind is trying to tell me something. Maybe its all about being on edge or upset about something? I think I'll try relaxing thinking when it happens and see how that works out.

Relaxing Stopped the Ticking

Ok I'm back and guess what? I tried some of my relaxing ideas and wala the problem stopped ticking in my ears. All kidding aside it really worked. I purposely set this article aside and tried relaxing on two different occasions and both times the sound went away when I totally relaxed to the point of almost taking a cat nap. I'm amazed how something so bothersome can be so easily controlled by just relaxing the body.

Hard to Deal With, Simple to Fix

So when your bothered try relaxing and see how that works out for you. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L Terrill

photo by benimanzi

Where I go my Pillow goes

I Love My Pillow

My pillow is part of my wellness inventory. And if possible when I travel and I like to be as well as I can. So before I leave I gather up some of my wellness and take it with me. Now granted I can't take everything, but I can take enough to make things work to at least at a minimum level and that adequate when I travel.

Travel Companions

And this kind of behavior is not unique just to me. I remember seeing a documentary a while back which showed how Elton John managed to be ok while he traveled. And he took a lot more wellness with him then just a pillow. They showed a huge collection of travel containers and he like brought chairs, a bed and etc. A whole lot more then just a pillow. He traveled like a shek and had a whole caravan with him. I like Elton John and find him a major contributor to life's emotional wellness by writing and signing.

So What Travels with You?

Some people take their pet or pets with them and that works for them. So when you travel what goes with you? Maybe the answer to this will surprise you.

That Was Their Pillow

One time while Exalted Ruler of my Elks Lodge I traveled to upper Michigan for a gathering of same for the purpose of promoting Eldom Charity functions. While I was there I stayed in a large three story motel and also offered rental camp site. While walking one day before the time of business. Part of my walking involved going thru part of the camping sights. And while walking thru I stopped at a rest area where water, shelter and seating was available. While there I observed one of my brothers coming out of a tent configuration and five of his family members followed him and they all seemed to be in a great mood. Later during one of our business sessions I had the opportunity to share words with him. And finally I could not help but ask him how all of them can sleep in such a confided space? He said with a smile on his face that camping was a positive thing in his family and they aways stayed that way if possible. I got the message and it was as clear as a bell. That was there pillow so to speak.

Never Travel Without Your Wellness

So when you travel make sure you take your wellness with you. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by P Pogo

Sex complicates issures

Young Girls Being Mothers

Yesterday I went to a local food store and generaly when I out and about I'm looking for possible stories ideas. While standing in the check out line I observed a girl who appeared to be under the age of twenty one. She had three young children two appeared to still be in the diaper stage. I switched over to her lane and offered my grandfather skills to her. She outwardly appeared greatful for my help. When she finished her transaction she smiled and said thank you. I said I was glad to be of help.

My Parents Made it Happen

That incident generated an imagine of my struggle to handle my two sons, when they were both still in diapers. I loved having my children in my life after the divorce. My divorce was a huge issure in my life and almost did me in. But luck dealt me a good hand and I had the opportunity to enjoy the company of my two sons while they were growing up. I was greatful to the powers of good for giving me this family configeration. So I have some experience in raising children and I understand the challege that situation brings to parents. I was one of the lucky parents and had the benefit of my parents help. Thanks Mom and Dad for all the help it wouldn't have happened without your support.

I didn't See Hope in Her Eyes

This young lady I previously talked about didnt appear to have this kind of help. I saw the hoplessness in her eyes, the appearance of her clothes and the rusty non kept car she drove off in. No I didnt get the impression that life was dealing her a hand of wellness and a mind filled with happiness.

A Magic Wait Pill

My one neighbor is dealing with her love struck daughter who just aquired her drivers license.
Parents like people in trouble share their concerns like the running water from a faucet. It seems her daughter is toying with love and she according to her Mothers is sick alot and because of this is missing more school then usual. The boy friend apparently visits when the girl is sick and the parents are working. This behavior is forcing a gap between the daughter and the parents. I fear change is in the works and those changes according to the stats arent going to paint a picture of happiness but rather a cart of unhappiness and a late model car.I hope someday someone will develope a magic pill that will bring clarity to the mind and show the value in waiting till the mind catches up to the the challenge of having children. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by pedrosimoes7

The Magic Pill

My OK Pill

Twenty years ago I was diagnosed being bi polar. That's a condition that runs my feelings up and down the flag pole at a high rate of speed. When this happens I go from being totally ok to the debts of my dispair. It's kind of like being Doctor Jeckle and Mr. Hyde. When I'm in the downer phase I fear everything and my happiness takes a boat to China. But luckily for me I have found the pill of wellness that works for me. Now my wellness is totally in my hands and I understand that for some reason my brain can not or will not for some reason maintain my wellness for me. So I need the pill to over ride my brain and keep wellness in my life. The pill that I take works perfectly for me. Every six months or so I decrease my dosage in the hope that my new thinking is now capable of controlling this behavior. But alas I'm still not cured and so the pill continues to be my journey to emotional wellness.

He Knows not of What He Speaks

Recently Tom Cruise who is a Scientology believer has proclaimed his ignorance and says no one needs or should take such pills because we don't need them. Apparently his religious faith is forcing these ignorant words from his mouth. Recently while on Opra's show he jumped up and down on the sofa and acted the part of one on the edge of falling off the cliff of reality. I know the signs because I like many others have experienced this behavior personally. Just before one experiences this emotional crash they experience a high state of knowing everything. When this behavior happens the emotional crash is not far away. So If I were he I would heed the warning sign and seek help which he proclaims isn't necessary. I have enjoyed his movies and view him as a very special actor, but his knowledge about emotional issues is taint about to the view of a donkeys ass.

I Don't See MD Before His Name

I think Tom Cruise and other actors like him should keep there thoughts to themselves until they know of what they speak. I envision a large number of people taking his advice and throwing there meds away and that may prove tragic for a whole class of people, who rely on there pills to control the fear in their mind. Way to go Tom maybe you should keep your advice to a subject matter you understand via personal experience. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by net_efekt

Ranting and Raving can kill you

His Temper Stopped His Heart

I remember a gentlemen who used to coach a team in Little League and he was always very active in promoting his team and didn't hesitate to jump up and admonish a bad call or something of a similar nature. One day something happen that just flipped him off and all hell raged from his words and gestures. But this day his body decided it couldn't take it anymore and he had a heart attack and died right on the spot. Before he died he played the part of a wild man. We who watched him silently knew his behavior wasn't good for him or the team members.

Since that day I have approach life with a very different attitude. I like living and thus plan to keep my emotions in check.

Don't Humiliate Educate

Here' a different slant on this hollering stuff. I always went and watched my oldest son play when he was in Little League and was frequently stunned by the behavior of some of the parents of the boys and girls playing. I saw no value in hollering at my son for doing something wrong. But other parents actively admonished their children both on and off the field for making a stupid mistake. And then these brain dead parents failed to promote their child's success and only focused on what they were doing wrong. They didn't ever have the common sense to take their child aside and only talk to them. No they would humiliate them in front of their player friends. Then if the child in question teared up the parent would call them a baby and point there behavior out.

Its Only a Ball Game

I never could rap my brain around this kind of behavior. One it's only a game and not a matter of life or death. Even while the kids would be warming up for the game many parents would be there telling them to pay attention and stop being so stupid. Maybe the league should hire a cop and give tickets to parents doing bad emotional things to the children. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by I'm Fantastic

Jealous behavior always Hurts

The Smell of Divorce

My first and only divorce was tainted with the smell of jealousy. Allow me to set the stage. My first wife and I were having difficulties but I didn't see the big D coming. One day my first wife said in a kind and gentle way I need some time to myself; so I would like you to move out and that will give us an opportunity to re valuate our relationship and figure out where it's going. Little did I know she already had traveling plans in mind. Oh don't get me wrong I wasn't Mr. Goodie to Shoes and I gladly take blame for my part, in the failure of said relationship.

That Was Cold

So like the sheep heading to the slaughter pen, I packed my humble belongings and shyly asked my parents to allow me the room of my upbringing. My parents were accommodating. My departure was on Friday and I was issued divorce papers on Monday. Now you got to admit that was cold hearted.

It Was No Picnic

I spent a great deal of time crying and begging my spouse to return my status as a house hold member. But my first wife had an agenda and I wasn't part of that master plan. Jealousy played heavy in my mind and I did many dysfunctional things that demonstrated that behavior.

Got My Walking Papers

In time and after consuming large quantities of liquid medicine and wearing my pants out by begging and praying I received my discharge papers and in time found love in the arms of the love of my life.

I harbor no ill will for my x and wish her well in her journey to find, what I already have.

Don L. Terrill

photo by smith

Don't Cheat just move on

Just be Up Front and Say its not Working

Cheating is like slapping someone in the face that you profess to really care about. It not only hurts the one your with, it also hurts you. So nobody wins in this kind of scenario. Be a stand up person and tell the person your with that things aren't working out for you and you want to part company. There first question to you will resemble something like this. Are you cheating on me? and you can honestly say no. And yes they probably wont believe you but you will know the truth and that in the long run will make you feel good about yourself.

Watch the Soaps for No No Information

If your not familiar with cheating may I humbly suggest you watch the soaps for a couple days and you learn some very important information. In the soaps as far as I can determine everyone cheats on everyone, some more then others. And here's the puzzlement of the whole thing, no one is learning from there cheating because they keep doing it over and over again. Now if that isn't bad enough know one fesses up to it, till someone gets there cahonas in a bind and then truth sneaks out via the mouths of those who have a dead wish for you. I recommend the soaps as a way to learn what not to do.

Not Working? Move On

Its senseless to stay with something that's not working for you. Yes its rough on the children but its harder for them to see their parents not being kind to each other. Imagine what their learning and how they feel when their parents are just doing what they have to do and not being loving spouses like other couples they see. Yes its hell on them but staying together for their sake is a fools journey and no one particularly the children will find that beneficial.

For the Children, Speak Well of Each Other

So when things aren't working part company, don't talk badly about each other to your children and just do the best you can for your children and then they will learn a valuable lesson from both of their birth parents. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by dány.

Dont give advise unless they ask for it and then only sparingly

Advice is Wasted Know Ones Listening

Its been my observation that sharing advise is a total waste of time. I used to work with this gentlemen and his advice giving knew no bounds. And it didn't matter what you were doing. And the real tragedy was that most of the time he was right. But what good is knowledge if the ear hearing it isn't listening.

Good Advice But They Didn't Listen

I remember one time when My Parents sold their Merry Go Round and the lady that purchased it hired this Two Men and a Truck to move it. The Movers did a great job carefully loading the large truck, using good care in wrapping everything so moving wouldn't hurt anything. When they got ready to go my Dad cautioned them not to travel via the back way which requires driving under a rail road track bridge. They ignored his advice and tried to exit under the bridge and the trucks height was to high and it connected with the under part of the bridge, ruining numerous wood horses in the process.

They Listened to the Second Advice

Now the truck was stuck and many people pondered how to unstick it from the bridge. They were at a stand still till a young boy ridding by on a bike suggested letting the air out of the tires. And to every ones surprise that worked and the truck managed to move from under the bridge.

I'm Older and Smarter

Knowledge is an incredible force for solving problems and brings light to the darkness. But if the knowledge isn't received the words carry no weight and the wisdom dies with it. And guess what I used to be a no listener, but getting older has changed that bad habit for me. Now a days because I older, I don't like having to do things over the second time. It requires to much effort and I'm in short supply of that.

Now I Love Advice

Don L. Terrill

photo by laughlin

Go swim at the Y it's a great way to refresh your body and your mind

Water Refreshes the Whole Body

We all need to refresh ourselves and swimming is a great way to do it. It also allows you to exercise without working to hard at it. And its also a great way to socialize with your friends or other people who are there just like you. I have a relative who goes to the Y three times a week and takes a exercise class and she loves every moment of it. She says it make her feel so good she hates to see it end and can't wait to come back. She is always suggesting people join her and when they do they love it to. I think one of the reasons so many people like it is because its easy to do and it doesn't wear you out doing.

We Develop in a Liquid environment

Maybe the mind remembers it experience inside their Mother and that's maybe a good thing for all of us; Especially when the Mother to be was in a good frame of thinking during her pregnancy. I nor anyone else can prove this thought but I truly believe its a true thought and I love things that work well for me.

See Water as a Good Thing

Also being in the water and learning the art of swimming and losing any inhibitions you might have maybe very useful in a emergency situation. Hopefully thru this process you will see water as a friend thing and not something to fear. I can envision my situations that might involve water and likely ways water could be a way of saving your life. If you fear this water then that would be a huge obstacle to over come, when your already consumed by other fearful things.

If a Y isn't available maybe a school pool is or maybe a pool owner will allow theirs to be used for same. Just a thought to consider.

So if swimming is available to you, give it a try you maybe amazed how well it will make you feel. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Tjeerd


Stop talking bad about yourself

Avoid Making Negative Comments to Yourself

Rare is the person that doesn't run themselves down once in awhile. God knows I have. As a matter of fact, I used to be, really good at it. Before I became an enlightened person I frequently admonisted myself for doing what I called stupid things. Not only did I rant and rave with words about my short comings, I also used hands, feet and other objects to reinforce my negative feelings to myself. Now don't get me wrong, most of the time, I acted in a rational way. But I did have my moments. This inappropriate behavior was generally only observed when I was alone and I am greatful for that.

Be Cautious Your Mind Remembers

Now here's the tragedy about this kind of behavior. Its just not good for you. By doing this your selling yourself a big bag of junk that's going to haunt you for the rest of you life; if you don't do something about it. When we say to ourselves by our words and gestures that were in some way disfunctional, that's sending a negative message to our brain. And this lowers the value we think of ourselves. Also if you have children, you will probably pass this behavior off on them. And that's not a good habit to teach your children. Children need postive role models and this isn't one of them.

Be Positive and Keep Trying

Hanging wall paper and plumbing have been huge challenges for me. If you don't beleave me ask my wife. Let me share an example with you about what I'm talking about. One time my beautiful wife decided we should change the wall paper in our bedroom. I apparently missed that meeting, when that decision was made. But like a dutiful husband and a confident man I engaged the challege with love in my heart and wellness in my head. This wonderful experience started early in the morning and ended just prior to the chime of midnight. During this glorious adventure I quit at least twenty times and belly acked a like amount of times. Each time I threatened to stop; my wife dangled a carrot in my face and said with the patience of Jobe that we were almost done; just one more thing to do. I knew she was fugging the truth because she kept saying that phase over and over again. To show you how desperate I was I even threated to call her Mother and tell her how poorly I was being treated by her daughter.

I Can't Shouldn't be in the Dictionary

I can't begin to tell you how many times I told my wife I can't do this; its to hard, I dont know what Im doing, I have a back ache and my shorts are creeping up my hinney.

Medicine Comes in Many Forms

Findly we finished, cleaned up and I quickly imbraced the medicine of my fore fathers. A shot of Scotch and a beer chaser. All was well in my brain.

All kidding aside, say nice things to yourself and feel better. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by amyrod


Love is My Sacred Word

Before I begin this article I'm compelled to make a statement. My reference to God is in know way in tented to promote a religious agenda. Having said that let the words begin.

I value love above all things. This value is the very essence of my life. For me love is the foundation of my life. Without love my life would be meaningless and I would wonder the wildness without a real purpose in life. But alas I'm not alone because love is always at my side and never out of my sight.

Love Found Me

When love found me it didn't have all the bells and whistle of an expensive car. It arrived in a plain card board box and in the container was a note of instructions, which I generally I don't read till I have to. And here's what what the paper said. Please use all the time and not just when you need help. At first I wondered how does it work? In time love and its purpose became more clear to me. As I assimilated love into my life it was a natural thing for me to bring God into the picture. To me God is love and love is God and that is what I value most. I am not concerned on how it all happened or whether its real or not. Love is and that's good enough for me.

Love is an Idea that Grows with You

Living with love requires no special training it just requires that you keep it active in your thinking. It doesn't say yes or no to situations it just stands mute as an example of an idea that you can mold as you go along in your life's journey. Shakespeare once said that nothing is good or bad but thinking makes is so. So I'm inclined at least in part to side with Shakespeare on his thinking. Maybe love is like water. Water when left alone will find its own level and just maybe if love is left alone it will find its own place in the scheme of your live.

Love & Wellness are One

To me love is not something you make, it's something acquired by opening your mind to the value of happiness and happiness is the key to finding love. And love will show its influence on you by showering your mind with happy feelings. It's like perpetual motion, once started love never stops unless you lose your container with the instructions in it.

I wouldn't presume to tell love what love is. I just keep love in my thoughts and it lets me know by just being. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Ju-x

Be Yourself

Different is Being You

I truly believe that all human beings are different and there are an infinite number of ways to accomplish the same thing. So once we wrap our mind around this concept we will naturally follow the path that appears to us. So thru this process I have learned that just because I'm different doesn't mean I'm lacking something. No it just means I'm being myself.

Always Follow Your Path

Life is a learning process and it involves ups and downs. And thru this process we start to question ourselves and then the dark cloud of failure thinking looms over our life. And then we will start to dismantle the path we are following and think ourselves foolish for believing we could create our own path and be successful. And then this virus of failure shuts us down and the door to our dream is closed, locked and painted with a no trespassing sign. And so it will remain for the rest of our life if we leave it alone and do nothing. It will be like a beacon in the night and for ever say our ideas have no value. And that light will haunt us till are last breath is taken. No it won't be in your conscious mind; it will reside in your subconscious and quietly sneak around in the silence of your mind and influence your behavior and you won't even be aware this treachery is happening to you.

Survive That's Your Goal

When I was a child I lacked the company of my parents. My Father went to war and my Mother gravitated to another man and created a new family. My Mothers Father picked up the slack and that was my beginning. I suspect having a better start in life would have been more productive for me, but alas that's the hand that was dealt me. My Brother a year older and I pretty much survived by looking after ourselves.

I Keep Looking for Myself

All thru my schooling years I trailed others in the book learning process. But I coped in my way and eventually graduated by taking one course in the summer after all my other classmates graduated in the football stadium of our school. The subject that held me back was biology, maybe it was the smell in the class that dwarfed my thinking. Yes it bothered me to not have had the opportunity to walk the walk with them. But I give myself credit for going the extra mile and making it happen in summer school.

If Your Life is Hard? Maybe Your not Being Yourself

It took me many years to realize that being myself is my only true path to wellness for me. Even today while writing this article I have struggled to stay the course and write as I see it and feel. I know when I'm off my path and I know this because I'm struggling to much with what I'm trying to do. Take it from one who knows; the only path worth following is the one that lets you be yourself. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by dlcampos


Change how you do things and then notice how better you feel

Change is Wellness in Disguise

Being bored is not good for you. Being bored really means your not occupying your mind with enought stuff to do or think about or your so bored by doing the same thing it starting to lull you to sleep. Heck your literally boring yourself to dealth and that's not a pretty sight. Just stop and think for a moment, imagine all the things that are to do, in life. You could change something like walking backward for five steps and then drink one cup of water. Take one verse of a song and sing it backward. Go to the bathroom flush first and then pee. Walk backward and then sit down. Change your eating habits. If your right handed eat with you left. If your a napkin person like myself, wipe your mouth on your sleeve or arm.

Change Promotes Better Thinking

Changing your routine is good for your mind and that is good for you. It also will gain attention from those around, because they will see and sense the change and be concerned about you. Don t share what your doing, that will brake the magic of what your doing. Imagine a persons interest when you say, ?you are how. Now don't over do this reverse wording thing, if you do they might have the people in the white jackets come and take you for a buggy ride.

Do It, It Just Helps

Talking in reverse can be very theaputic for you. It forces you to think and that helps you and your mind work differently and that's a positive thing for all parts of your body. What your doing is shaking up your mind and that forces it to do things differently. And different is a huge injection of wellness in your mind. Excuse me for a minute I'm going to retrieve my repap by sitting down and picking it up and walking backward to my house. Moment in a back.

Now a word of caution, do this only from time to time and only in short intervals, because it may unstable you too much and give you a sense of uneasiness.

The Mind Needs Change To

Have fun change your habits and improve the wellness of your mind. Always remember the mind needs change just like you do and it will thank you for it by being more creative when it shares thoughts with you.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Hey Paul

Fans are Great Therapy devices

Fans Make Us Feel Better

We have fans in every room except the living room. I love fans. The fan section is my second favorite place at walmart. Fans are only second to my fascination for tools. It's not necessary that I need them, but I do want them. And I only throw a tool away when it bites me or something. My tools are jealous of my fans and show there feelings by hiding themselves from me when I want them. My son who is one of my hero's and mentor and believes tools are toys and man can't have enough toys. He says that before you get married you should acquire more tools then you will need. Then when you get married you can give up some toys showing that your willing to do anything for the one you love. And giving up toys shows your wife that shes more important then even your toys. Of course this wasn't required in his life because his bride and he value each other more the stuff in there life. And that's is a picture of true love.

Fans in House, Patio and Shed

That's enough lovey dovy stuff, lets return to the fan concept. I even have a fan on the patio and in my 10 x 12 utility shed heck I even have a tv in it. I don't hardly use the tv but its nice to know its available. That's kind of like having a spouse and being glad there, there.

Breeze First Fan Next

I have always loved natures breath of fresh air and that concept is called a breeze. In a poker game a breeze would trump a fan. When sitting on the patio and no breeze is working its charm I click on the fan and my mind and body says thank you to the fan.

Car Runs Fan Runs

Even in the car the fan is always going, it helps calm me when some brain dead motorist tries to kill me by acting stupid in there car. As far as I'm concern all distractions should be outlawed while someone is driving, this includes but is not limited, to smoking, drinking, eating. reading. talking especially on the cell, problem solving, looking at a map, scratching, combing, applying make up and trying to find something in the car. What the hell is wrong with us especially when are loved ones are in the car. If you have a death wish have the courtesy to kill yourself and not take someone with you. So may I suggest finding a cliff and just driving off of it.

Sorry about that, I'm ranting again. I'm have a good excuse for the behavior, I'm bipolar.

No adays were flooded with numerous choices of fans available to us. Embrace the concept and fan up. It's good for you, unless its poorly installed on the ceiling and falls on your head while watching tv. It can't recall anyone being killed by a ceiling fan. Oh if you have ceiling fans remove the chains and install switches in the wall or have a hand held unit. This gives you better continuity and eliminates pulling the chain which in time, this motion of pulling throws the fan out of kilter.

Your Spouse Will Appreciate Your Fan Wellness

So just think of all the things fans can do for you, so make it happen. Your wife will also appreciate the affect it has on producing a better person to live with. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by jeffk