Are you always catching something?

Vac Routinely

My family has been very successful in not catching too many things going around. I think were doing well because of how we live our life. It's all in the detail. My wife is a person who likes to maintain a clean house and maintain order. Now don't get me wrong she's not one of these fanatics. She just likes the dirt to remain outside and it works good for me. First she has an excellent vac it's the variety that water is swirling in the bottom of the unit and when you get done its always got dirt etc in it. It's probably over twenty years old and has been repaired four times but it works great and you'll see the results in the dirty water. Her vac schedule is one to three times weekly depending on the degree of traffic in the house.

Hamper & Washed Regularly

She doesn't allow clothes to lay around, everything goes in the hamper and clothes are washed on a regular basis.

The non carpet floors are sweep, a catcher broom is used and steam cleaning is the main event. If something is spilled anywhere its wiped up with a clean wet cloth.

Baths Get Extra Care

Bathrooms are given special treatment especially in and around the stool. Papers towels are available on a dispenser and all personal items are in draws, under the cabinet or in an adjacent cabinet. When guests or family members are over items used would be cleaned an new stuff put out.

Pet Requirements

We have no pets but allow same in when others bring them. We gently encourage same to run in the back yard, if it not a rainy day. We don't allow pets on the furniture and have special things for them to eat and bowls to drink from.

Shoe Cleaning Stations

We have a shoe cleaning station at the front and back door. People just sense that we want them to use it. We remove are shoes and place same by the front door inside. We dont ask people to remove there's but do demonstrate are preference by not wearing ours.

Dish Washer is Primary Cleaner

If possible all eating items go in the dish washer and the water temperature is set at the suggested temperature to reduce germ etc development .

Common Sense Cleaning

Were not dirt freaks or fanatics about cleaning but we do understand that germs and etc travel from via different ways and the best defense is a good defense. So we follow the rational of good thinking which tells us that we are less likely to be sick if we give detail to certain things. It must be working because we seem to be less proned to being sick then others in are area of influence. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Brent and MariLynn