We all need a Reset Button

Push and Feel Better

And maybe someday science will figure out a way to install a button somewhere on our body: this would be like the refresh or restart key on our computer. Recently I got off my dime and purchased a new computer, not because I wanted to but because my old computer kept going spastic on me and kept me waiting for everything. During its last two weeks of existence I bet I hit the force to quit strategy twice hourly to get the computer to pay attention to my instructions again. It was nothing short of a nightmare.

Pushing Would be Better then Using

Thinking back on that frustrating time made me realize this is how we run our life and how convenient it would be to have a force to quit button on our body. Then when something or someone rubbed us the wrong way we could just push the button and be OK again with no residual side affects. Now that would be a giant step in making the world a better place to live in. Currently this kind of thinking is in part being achieved by a whole basket of different techniques. Like pills, relaxing, booze, drugs, etc just to mention a few.

Sure its Fantasy But it Helps

Until science catches up maybe an imaginary button will do the trick. So here’s what I do. I purchased a package of stick on colored circles and everyday I stick a new one on my body and I use the same location all the time. And whenever something or someone bothers me I stop what I’m doing and push the circle, then I do, whatever I have to do, to make my condition get back to being OK. Sometimes that’s going to the bathroom, walking around, splashing water on my face, etc.

I Hoping My Brain Will get the Message

As for now, it’s a good procedure for me. It’s forcing me to pay attention to how I'm feeling. I’m hoping in time my body will pick up the habit and do it for me when I push the button. Like pushing a door button and have the bell ring.

I think we all should challenge ourselves to find new ways to improve are physical and mental well being. So give it a try, it may also work for you. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Simon Shek

Having cooking skills makes you stand out in the crowd

Cooking is a Good Thing

When my boys were growing up I would cook once in awhile and my number one specialty was goulash and all the kids in the neighborhood loved it just like my sons did. Every time I made it, I told myself I was not going to make so much. But it always turned out to fill the biggest bucket in the house. This concoction was slightly different every time. The basic formula included the following canned whole tomato’s, tomato soup, tomato paste, ground beef, kidneys beans, chopped celery, small elbow macaroni and an assortment of condiments and the primary player in this category was garlic.

The Kids All Loved It

Its consistency was more liquid then firm. You could eat it with a spoon or fork. The reason it got so big all the time was because I was never quite happy with the taste and kept adding to it, but alas it never attained my highest expectations. And here’s a very interesting point, not only did the neighborhood kids enjoy it hot, they also would eat it cold. But that didn’t offend me because so did I. And the older it got the better it tasted. The parents of the kids would tell me how much their kids liked my goulash and sometimes asked me what it consisted of. I said anything in the kitchen at the time of creation.

My Bowl of Goulash was Very Popular

My Mother who created incredible good tasting stuff was amazed at the popularity of my bowl of thrown together stuff. Even today after all this time it still pops up in the conversation and I once again take another bow for being its creator.

My Stepsons are Now Developing Their Own Concoction

Today my stepsons are standing out in the crowd and doing the cooking stuff. Their specialty right now is cooking on the grill outside. Recently my stepsons grilled chicken, brats, hot dogs, burgers and corn, to celebrate Mothers day and that pleased their Mother and my Wife. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L.Terrill

photo by Tera in the Isles

That was then and this is now

I Called It Answered

A while back I decided to ask myself questions and then see if my mind would answer them. Well guess what it did. Here was one of the questions. In an effort to develop a dialog I decided to call my brain, the brain and I referred to myself as Don. Here is one of the questions? Brain please tell me whats making me unhappy in my mind? This morning I woke up and I remembered one thing from my past. This memory involved my youngest son and it was a confrontation we had while he was growing up. We were both wrong for the part we played but I as the parent assumed the primarily responsibility for what happened. What happened during those moments were not earth shaking but were strong enough to make an imprint in my mind. But thank God for the words someone spoke to me one time. That was then and this is now. Now I’m older, wiser and I see the folly of it today. I feel better by reviewing this event and am going to contact my son and review this stuff with him, just in case it might be lingering in his mind to.

That was Then and This is Now

Looking back on this event I don’t really see why it should be bothering me, but I have a hunch that my questions to my brain have at least been partially answered. I think were going to have more conversations as time passes and I hope to resolve more issues in my past. I think that all humans carry small fires in their mind and if we review them and say that was then and this is now. Maybe the power it has over us will flicker and go out and then our brains can find peace. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by merfam


Apply for an Apprentice Program

Learners are always Needed

Apprentice programs are available everywhere in the United States. To quality you must have a valid drivers license, pass a drug test, be a hard worker, willing and able to learn and pass tests. And also be prepared to work for low entry-level wages. If this is you and your willing to work and learn at the same time. Many opportunities are available to you.

My Brother Picked being an Electrician

My brother when he first joined the work force applied for a job at a local fabricating company. At the time they had two positions to be filled. One was for a laborer position and the other was an apprentice electrician. He choice the latter it paid three dollars less then the laborer position but promised greater rewards in the long run. My brother took the apprentice program and has never regretted that decision.

Was Always in Demand

When he completed his apprentice program he passed a state required test and then was certified as a master electrician and that position paid top wages. He worked in both residential and commercial environments and eventually ended up working for the State of Michigan. Once he got his certification he never wanted for a job again.

Many Choices

If you are an on hands person and don’t mind learning a trade you might want to consider joining an apprentice program. There are many places where you can go to acquire information about these programs. Employment Security Commission, Private contractors in the Trades, which involves plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, electrical, carpentry just to mention a few.

Seek Someone in the Trades for Information

If you know someone in the trades, ask them how they got their training. Be prepared to be low man on the totem pole, but in time you will have the security of knowing you can take your certification and work anywhere and you’ll always be in demand.

So if college isn’t your thing, think about pursuing a career in the trades and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by sylvar

Inventory your life

His & Her Stuff

When we first moved to our new home we erected two metal sheds, one for each of us. Mine is for guy stuff. Both contain numerous plastic containers with all the stuff we used to store in our two car extended garage and basement. Here we have no garage and a house with no basement. When we first arrived our only concern was to store the stuff and then later straighten it all out. At first when we wanted something it required searching around and opening containers and eventually we found what we were looking for. It was a huge pain to find something and always frustrated both of us. Then one day I decided to fix the problem once and for all. I took one container at a time and spread it out on a tarp and took a picture of it. And created a book of pictures showing what was in each container. Now if I want something I just view the pictures and find the item and remove it from the selected container. Creating this inventory folder was time consuming but eventually paid for itself in future ease in finding things. It also served as evidence in case of damage or thief became an issue.

Knowing Where Somethings Is, Is Ninety Nine Percent of the Battle

Since then we have done the same thing with the items in our home. Like the sheds we took pictures of everything including some documents. The house items were gathered with more detail in mind. Like original cost, purchase dates, repairs and etc. Now when something goes wrong we have all the information at our fingertips and tracking things is easy. For example recently we had to have the refrigeration looked at because the ice maker wasn't working right. We looked in the inventory folder called the number and had all the warranty information all together and boy does that make things work so much better. We maintain a history of what goes on in our life. If something happens were ready. Are you?

Saves Frustration and Time

I would highly recommend an inventory concept to anyone. It takes time, but it saves time and money. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by (Me)


Don't let Distractions Rule your Life

Keep Your Slate Clean

Maybe having too much current information on our mind is bogging us down and restricting our ability to be creative. Maybe like a teacher we should wipe the chalkboard clean every night and start with a new slate everyday? Maybe that’s why most people work well first thing in the morning. but that ability diminishes, as the day grows longer. Maybe cleaning the slate more often would make it work, even better.

Hide the Details Till You Want Something to Do

I have discovered that writing myself detailed memos not only is a waste time it also hinders my ability to think clearly. I’m convinced that good thinking is best produced when the trash is cleaned from the mind.

One Thought at a Time

When I'm working my best I’m in my own world and all my worries and concerns are know where to be found. The old me would have all kinds of thoughts written everywhere and then I didn’t realize this information was occupying my brain space and consuming resources that I wanted to apply to different projects. My brain is my best problem solver and it loves to work with me. I know this because were both happy when were in tune with each other. When were not working together I sense a lot of vagueness in my mind. Like being lazy or being tired.

Someday when I’m rich and famous I’m going to create a room that has nothing in it; Only Mac, my Favorite Chair and Me.

Now that I’m paying attention to the door knocking things in my life and I now realize why it’s so difficult for me to write sometimes. It’s hard to keep my focus because I allow these things to wonder in and out of my consciousness and that distracts me from what I really want to do.

So if your interested in getting something done and it requires total focus, create a climate free of distractions. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill,

photo by Tom Harpel


You are the one feeding the dark cloud

Dark Clouds are Only Good for Raining

So you have a dark cloud over your head and it always brings doom and gloom to your life. Has it ever occurred to you, to just make it just go away? Sound too simple. Doom and Gloom is a thought that you have created in your mind and you view it every time a problem confronts you. It's your way of saying crap always happens to me. And that’s maybe partly true, but not because your bad, it's because you started the thought and it follows you everywhere you go. Stop feeding it and it will fade away like all negative thoughts. But maybe it serves your purpose and gives you a reason for thinking yourself a failure or something like that.

Don't Feed the Cloud

Now here’s a thought you might want to ponder, you created this cloud why not just let it die by not feeding it any more. Why keep it, its not your friend and it will never help you move forward and find the life you really want and deserve. A cloud is like a drug dealer it makes a profit by selling you drugs that make you addicted and then you can't live without them. Take it from one who knows, yes I had my own cloud and it haunted me every step of the way. It was my last thought at night and my first thought in the morning. But I finally figured it out. I was the one asking it to join me all the time. Negative thoughts are nothing more then habits and habits can always be fixed by being aware of them and doing something to make them change.

Confront the Cloud With Wellness

Here’s the deal the cloud was created by you and will continue to visit you until you change your pattern of thinking and force it to go away. Stop thinking about negative things and focus on positive thoughts. When the cloud comes, say go away I don’t want you here anymore. Then recite a list of positive things to yourself, like.

1. I’m the happiest person in the world
2. I’m really proud of myself
3. I love myself
4. Boy I love feeling good
5. And etc.

Put It on the Train

Never let the cloud feed off your unhappiness and in time it will pack its bag and take the night train to Georgia, because you’re no longer giving it a reason to stay. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by sdpitbull

Lets take a Dream for a Ride

Dreams are the First Step to Reality

Remember all those things you have been telling yourself you want to do or want to be; why not today? So make a list and lets get to it. All my life I have been a dreamer. A dreamer is a person who does things in his head first and then if he’s smart he makes them happen in real life. But that’s the transition that's hard to make happen. Yes it easy to dream and all things are possible there but giving your dreams a breath of life is much harder to do. It’s like when the doctor manipulates the baby to breath, that’s when life begins for real. So lets move forward and bring your dreams to reality by breathing life into them.

Avoid the Journey, just Think of the Next Step

I’m starting a new paragraph to demonstrate how a dream moves to reality. Making a new paragraph is a way of making another thought or moving on to some other aspect of what you’re trying to make happen. Now that wasn’t hard was it? When one thinks of the whole journey we often get bogged down and frequently don’t do the thing we want to do because the whole picture seems to insurmountable. But in small steps its a piece of cake and easily do able. So lets just make one step and then move on to another paragraph.

Obstacles are Just Locked Doors Waiting for a Key

The first paragraph probably should be here you are and this is where you want to be. See the start and finish in your mind; then just make one step at a time till you meet your goal. Now here’s the kind of thinking you might want to engage while you’re on your journey. No one at the start of their dream knows how there going to make it happen, they just make steps observe their progress and make revisions and then take another step. Always remember that problems will confront you but only think of them as just obstacles to over come. Obstacles are just things to over come and are not edged in cement.

All my life Ive dreamed of writing and now I am. So whats your dream?

Know matter what it is its doable if you have the courage to say it out loud and then write it on paper. Now ask yourself what do I need to do now? And Keep asking yourself that question until the answer becomes crystal clear to you. Then its just a matter of doing it one step at a time. That's how I feel and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by lumkness


Beware of altered information

Don't take Information at Face Value

Everyday of your existence, life will knock on your door and ask to come in and you will have the choice to say yes or no. Now before I go further allow me to explain my thinking. An open mind is the greatest resource you will ever process in your life; so guard it with your life. So having said that lets move on. No matter where you go or what you do, you will constantly be bombarded with information and most of the time this information will be good for you. But always remember information can be manipulated to serve the purposes of those who peddle the information. And I truly believe that most people are on a course with good intentions, but there’s many buts and no pun intended. We human beings are frequently too easily swayed to a point of view and don’t give enough thought to it, before opening the door.

Different Songs Same Message

Recently while watching TV the news talked of a person of God (and I use that word loosely) being sought by the Federal Government for all kinds of terrible deeds perpetrated against young children. Supposedly he is a messenger of God and sits on the throne next to him. I thought that persons name was________ Ill leave this space to be filled by you since many beliefs are different from my own. Here’s my thinking on this. if your God is love then we are tuned to the same station, but listening to different interpretations.

Junk is Junk

Now back on point. So when life shares its thoughts with you please give careful consideration to it and see if it conforms to your thinking. And please don’t believe information because its presentation is so incredible. Junk is till junk no matter how its wrapped or presented. And just because someone says it, doesn’t make it so. And don’t buy it just because you have something in common with the person giving it.


I’m now going to leave you to your own resources. If you’re in doubt remember the words (Caveat Emptor) let the buyer beware. And this thought applies to everything, not just money. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by nate steiner

Promises are only as Reliable as the Person saying them

They Promised the Truck but didn't Deliver

I remember when we decided to sell our northern home and move to south. We wanted things to flow nicely so we prearranged everything we could do in advance of our leaving. One such chore was to engage the rental of a moving truck. We decided to make arrangements with the Uhaul for the exact truck we were looking for. We made this arrangement one month in advance, because Uhaul assured us this would guarantee the truck to be there. The day before we were to pick up the vehicle we called them and were assured the truck would be waiting for us the next day after 8 AM. We arrived and the truck was nowhere to be found. We were frantic to say the least. This was Monday and we were required to be out of our house by no later then Wednesday at noon. Failing this we would be assessed a daily penalty charge. The person who was at the Uhaul was the same person who promised that all would be well by signing up early like we did. Now this same person seemed less sure then he was then, as a matter of fact as the day progressed, he started back peddling on his promise/guarantee and suggested we rent another truck from the local truck place up the street. Which we did check on but were told we should have prearranged with them also.

Brakes Failed

We waited all day and finally at six PM a truck arrived and it was smaller then promised. And to add insult to injury it was filthy inside and out. At this point we were grateful for what we could get. We signed all the stuff and attempted to ride off the lot and the brakes pushed all the way to the floor. An hour and a half later we were assured all was well and we were on the road. It was a hot day and the a/c didn’t work, we drove back to the facility and were informed they couldn’t fix it and take it or leave it. Furious but reality prevailed and we loaded up the truck and attempted to get on the road and the brake line to the back wheels busted. We called the store and they gave us an 800 number to call. We called and the service person and his first words were drive it to Kalamazoo and will fix it. His statement fitted the service we received to date. My wife who normally never gets stressed, responded by saying how in the hell do we do that when the brakes don’t work? The gentlemen arrived and fixed same and we were on the road. We almost didn’t make the mountains because the truck chugged so much.

Were Spreading the Word

We arrived and immediately called the main office and complained about the bad treatment we received, the phone person said the office manager would call us. He never did and that seemed right on point considering what we went thru. Since then we have used Penske and can’t say enough nice things about them. We now realize the difference between a good rental truck place and one who doesn’t give a dam. So to Uhaul I gladly say kiss my ? and know this, we will spend the rest of our life spreading the word about you and your lousy service. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by hjl


Upgrade your life; standing still, will stunt your growth

Refresh But Don't Forget

I’ve been using the same computer for the last six years and during this time I upgraded it two times. Today its still running but now it has a companion. I just recently purchased a new Mac and it’s incredible. The screen is thin, on a flexible tripod and swings in two directions. Its brain is about the size of a large bowl of soup and weights about two pounds. Mac #1 has a thick screen, turns side to side, its brain is the size of a small carry on and weights about forty pounds. But despite there differences I love them both and now have them working side by side. It’s kind of like life, just because you find something new that doesn’t replace the value of the past. Both represent history and history is a necessary ingredient to making life whole.

Moving on is the Right Move

Seeing my computers together has given me a moment to reflect and I’m proud of the progress I have made in my life. As I look back on my history I feel the true value of moving on and finding new ways to live my life. Maybe I didn’t move as fast as I could have, but when push came to shove I tilted in the right direction. Every day I see myself walking closer to the light of understanding and getting closer to understanding the journey it has made me smarter then I have ever been in my life. And this clearer thinking is driving me closer to the purpose of why I’m here and vaguely showing me the path to where I can go, if I want to. I would explain more but it’s not clear enough yet; but I feel the light drawing me closer every day to the place were it will be crystal clear.

Love Makes Life Clearer

Sorry about the sermon it just popped up and couldn’t be ignored. No I don’t consider myself a religious person. I rather think myself as a person who loves love and that’s the thought that motivates my thinking.

So here’s my thought for the day; keep upgrading yourself it’s a wonderful way to live your live. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by cogdogblog


Are you a receipt watcher?

Mistakes Favor the Seller

If your not you are allowing life to rip you off. I know this because my wife is a receipt watcher of the highest degree possible. Before leaving the cashier she is reviewing the receipt for mistakes and she finds them all the time and most of the time the mistake benefits the retailer. I can hardly recall my wife saying to the cashier you didn’t charge me for that. If something is wrong whether in our favor or not my wife points out the mistake and the cashier makes the adjustment.

Eateries are Really Guilty

Eating out is one of my favorite things in life to do. But it’s the industry that's most likely to make you pay more then you should. Especially in the high end eating places, where all your needs are delivered to you. Now detecting this requires more effort on your part especially if your footing the bill for a larger group then normal. And here lies the root of the problem, most people assume things are correct and never take the time to make sure. Maybe they don’t want people to think their penny pincher's and would rather be considered high rollers that don’t give a dam, if there ripped off. This thinking may apply to many but not the gem I married. Nobody and I mean nobody is except from having their figures checked and validated. Now I must confess my wife is a numbers person. She used to work at the largest wholesale distributor of electrical supplies in the United States and she was the problem solver. When others couldn’t find why the books wouldn’t balance. She would be called to exercise her talent and look at the balance sheets and see the errors and wha laa the problem was solved. Now I’m not suggesting, you achieve this degree of understanding, but you can look at the receipt and discover the errors by checking the receipt by matching it to the service or product you got. Yes its time consuming. but you’ll save bucks and also improve your powers of observation.

So stop letting life rip you off and get what you paid for. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by compujeramey

Plumbing repairs & Pictures make the job go easier

World War Two Barracks

Five years ago I retired and we moved to North Carolina and acquired an apartment in an association that purchased army-housing build during WW2. It was a duplex, which consisted of two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and one full bath, which contained an iron tub, cemented right into the floor. Our responsibilities consisted primarily to fixing inside things and maintaining the exterior yard. Two of our biggest challenges was dealing with the plumbing stuff and walls which were cement block on the exterior walls and the inside walls which were a combination of steel framing and wire mesh plaster configuration.

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

When we first started making renovations we were of the opinion that we pretty much wanted to do it by ourselves. So there was a lot of going and coming to the local supply places and trying to find things that would work with our existing plumbing etc. It was a nightmare trying to explain to people what we needed and trying to explain this old plumbing to the new generation of retail workers, which hardly got us anywhere. First we would take broken parts with us and us them as examples of what we needed, that partly worked but still left many question marks on the heads of those who were trying to help us. Then the miracle of modern science came to our rescue and we decided to take pictures of our plumbing problems and this clearly showed what was going on. This greatly improved our opportunity for success. Then another miracle arrived and his name was Joe and he worked for the association we signed up with. He and his co-workers were constantly repairing vacant apartments for new tenants like us and they were invaluable in helping us know how to best fix this old plumbing. An they also maintained spare parts from other renovations that were still good to use today.

Low Rent But Private

In time we created an environment that really worked for us. It was small but it was the most reasonable housing in the area. It was kind of like Public Housing but privately owned by all the people there. Recently I read an article in the paper that explained that public housing is now following this trend of thinking and beginning to change public housing to this privately owned concept. I see this thinking as a good step in the right direction in fixing the low income housing in this country.

Have Picture Will Travel

So if you have a problem to fix, take a picture first and then travel to the retailer and find what you need and the answers your looking for. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by spierzchala

Always make a good first impression

Don't Bite Your Nails

By chewing your nails you are making a presentation that’s not helping yourself and it’s a negative thing for other people to observe. When I was a child I chewed my nails and no one to my recollection said stop doing that, so I didn’t. But then one day a special lady asked if she could be my adopted Mother and I said yes. My new Mother understood the value of making a good impression and taught me the concept that doing things in a particular way didn’t lower my value in the presence of other people. She used to always say that what people see first is your outer appearance and what words come out of your mouth. She said make a good first presentation to people and that’s the way they will always view you. Its not about being perfect, but it is about not having behavior or appearances that create a view of yourself that makes people think less of you and that’s what they remember about you.

First Impression Vital

My adopted Mother always gave a first good impression and then lived up to being who she was till the day she passed away. No matter how people felt about my Mother they always respected her and that’s because she respected herself. She set the guidelines in her life and she lived by them. Mother was an interior decorator to the who’s who in the vicinity of her influence. If you wanted something done right in the social circle of thinking my Mother was the Guru of social behavior. She was constantly helping people improve their image and their social standing in the community. When My Mother did something detail was the optimum words no detail was too small to be avoided. When she prepared an event the ladies were jealous and the men gravitated to her.

Thanks Mom

Mother is gone but her image is still deeply embedded in my mind and is constantly telling me to stand up straight, don’t pick you nose in public and always make a first good impression. Thanks Mom for being such a good role model. I’m proud to be your son. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by corypina


If your going to do something, make sure you know what your doing.

How First & Then Do

All to often we start a project and have no concept of how were going to do it and what we need to make it happen. Its like when you buy a present for someone, sometimes assembly is required if you want to make a good presentation to them. In other words you going to put it together and save them from that anxiety and direct that hostility to your own person. Either way, life requires directions or you must learn them the hard way by trial and error. The latter can be very costly and then even end up not being or not fulfilling the job it was intended for. So get the facts before you do the act.

My Counter Part Arrived

Yesterday my counter part from Michigan arrived and we the papas will be constructing a jungle gym structure that will allow the two grand children; one whose days away from being two and the other is days away from being born. We anticipate the latter will be a charmer like the first.

Tools Ready

Yesterday in preparation for the constructing this gym set we the locals and Father ventured to Lowe’s and the parent purchased the kit and material needed to make the project happen. I being the local will supply some of the tools needed specified on the building manual with the kit. Only one more additional tool is required and that will be purchased after lunch today.

Read & Follow the Directions

Now its just a matter of reading the directions and then following the instructions. You’ll be glad to know that all went well and the swings, climbing steps, latter, slide and upper floor observation deck have been used and enjoyed by Cohen the first of two who will find adventure in using the gym set.

Success by Good Planning

And it was all made possible by good planning and proper understanding and following directions. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Ctd 2005

Finding your unhappiness is as simple as asking a question?

When you ask yourself a Question, does an Imagine show up in your Mind?

Like where’s the closes Wal-Mart store? If your mind knows the answer it will try to give it to you via an image. If I asked this question of my mind I would see two locations in my mind. One on each end of the most driven road in our town. My mind is also telling me there are another two being planned farther out of town.

Some Answers are Less Clean but Still Correct

Sometimes we ask our mind a more difficult question and the image/images we receive are less clear and because of that we don’t stay with the image long enough to find the answer. Also the answer to one question may require another question about another answer; and you continue on this path till the final question is answered and you have the information you need to solve the problem you have.

Some Answers Produces Images that Hurt

Well here’s some information to ponder before moving on, all images have feelings attached to them. And here’s the thought that's going to stop your unhappy feelings from hurting you. Now here’s the thought; all images you have in your brain have feelings attached to them. Images are permanent, feelings are ever changing. So here’s a statement that explains it all and I wish I knew who made it so I could give credit where credit is due. So ponder this statement for a moment It doesn’t matter what happens to you, what matters is how you feel about it. So change your unhappy feelings and bingo you’ll feel better.

Use Your Happy Feelings

Now that leads us to our next question how do we change a feeling? Answer expose the unhappy image to happy feelings and use overwhelming force to make it happen. In this application overdosing is healthy and will change the Unhappy Feelings attached to the Unhappy Image. For example years ago winning a war was achieved by having the largest number of soldiers at your command and then you would over whelm your opposing army. The same principle applies here. Use many happy images to change one unhappy image and that’s the secret to feeling better.

Use my article on Having a Feeling Party it applies this technique I’m talking about. Good hunting and enjoy feeling better. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Monochrome


Are you listening?

Are you listening?

Your quick response to this is probably yes, but testing trials prove just the opposite. Yes you might think you are but subconsciously your doing otherwise. Now don’t get all upset and try to explain why you think you’re a positive listener. I like you thought I was a good listener too. But the facts are the facts and the truth is most of the time, were not only, not listening, where actually thinking of something else, that is on our mind. No this doesn’t mean you don’t care about what people are saying; but it does imply that we spend more time on our own thinking then anyone else’s thinking. I Personally do not see this as a bad thing, it’s just what humans do and that’s the long and short of that. But I do think we should be more attentive then we currently are and this will improve the quality of our life and those around us. Isn’t that what love and caring is all about. Give more of your thinking to others and they will return in kind to you.

Your the Focus and That's Reality

I think we all have to be realist and understand that know matter what you do people are going to pay more attention to themselves then to us; so if your like me you’ll be grateful for what attention you receive and move on to other issues that can be promoted more to your betterment. After all life isn’t just about listening its about everything in life. And if your partner isn’t listening up to your expectations find a hobby of something and get your attention back on improving the quality of your life. Because if you persist in trying to change the natural flow of things, you may force a situation that may not be of your liking. No one in my humble opinion gives more attention to someone else then they do to themselves. The sooner you accept this reality the better your life will be. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by miss pupik


Are you capable of pulling the wagon but don’t?

If your answer is yes you need to for your own well being and preservation to find a way to get off the wagon. And maybe your now saying why? Because the wagon is not meant for you, it’s meant for those who need it and by your own admission you don’t. So stop ridding and start pulling and become part of the greatest adventure in your life. There are an infinite number of ways to do one particular thing. And the one thing you want to do now is to get off the wagon. So pick one way from the book of choices and step down and feel the joy of being your own person. When you do you will join the fraternity of fellow humans who by the sheer power of there being have decided to join the solution rather then being a rider. Everyone from time to time needs the help and assistance of their fellow souls and that is as it should be, but it’s only for a hand up and not an occupation for life.

Be the Wagon Leader

This writing is directing me to think about our forefathers when they in their wagons traveled at great personal risk to find their reason for being alive. Then the journey was fraught with all kinds of danger, but thru it all that peril they made a difference and that was their choice. Now like them you have a choice to join them and find the path to your purpose in life. Yes it has it challenges but it has its rewards to. And these rewards will fill your mind with wellness that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Ride, Hold on Too and Then Walk by Yourself

Now before I get stoned please allow me the courtesy to explain my feelings about those who must ride the wagon. If you have exhausted every choice that is available to you and don’t forget that number is infinite you are welcomed to ride in the wagon, because that is what the wagon is for. Many will not need to ride but will need to hold on to the wagon and walk at there own speed.

Just Do What You Can

Use the wagon if you must for that is what its for and when and if you can do the things you can do and life will be grateful for the part you played. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by clydesan

Talk Forcibly to yourself

Talk to Yourself in the Mirror

This is one of my recent discoveries. A few months ago I was bogged down in making some computer changes and that stuff generally is hard for me to do, because I don’t have any formal training dealing with a computer. Most of my skills involve the easy things like dragging stuff around and simple things like that. I am a Mac user and even thought I love the Mac it does pose one problem for me. There is only one individual in are area that works on them and he has more work then he can handle. When he’s not available I contact my son in Michigan and he lowers his intelligence and tries to walk me thru things and that is a challenge because he talks computer and I speak English.

I melted Down

During this recent instructional and learning session I melted down and I proclaimed myself totally dysfunctional and told my son that I going to throw the dam thing in the ocean and buy a PC. My son exercising the patience of a saint persuaded me to hang in there and soon all was well. Yes I was pleased everything worked well but my feelings were playing havoc with my brain and I felt like I was on a drunk and couldn’t focus on anything.

I Said Straighten Up Don

Normally when I get upset I find the solace in my bathroom and run the water over me till sanity finds me and fixes the pain in my head. But this time I deviated from my normal plan and tried shouting at myself in the mirror and the confrontation went something like this. Don I’m sick and tired of feeling this way so straighten up and fix this stress and make it go away or something like that. And to my amazement it did exactly what I asked it to do and I felt really a whole lot better. I think I startled myself by shouting at myself, but dam it really worked. Since then I have tried this shouting stuff on numerous occasions and so far its works splendidly for me. So get mad and then speak forcibly to yourself in the mirror and maybe it will work for you also.

One suggestion though, flush the stool and run the shower while your shouting. Otherwise your family members might question your sanity. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by MShades

Exercise requires stretching first

I Over Did It

Here’s how the old me would exercise. I would just start doing something and run myself right into the ground and do myself more harm then any benefits I might receive. For example one time I purchased this arm and leg-exercising bike but unlike a bike it didn’t go anywhere. Well like a bull in the china cabinet I spend one week going full steam pulling with my arms and pushing with my legs. Then one morning I woke up and was stiff as a board and couldn’t hardly move and hurt everywhere. Especially in my outer chest area, shoulders and arms. Then like an injured warrior I tried over the counter pain pills and quickly realized the doctor pills were in order. I saw my family doctor and he asked me what I had been doing or did something happen to me like falling etc? I said yes something happened to me, I purchased this device and then worked myself almost to death.

Stretch First and Then Exercise

He told me all things in life require preparation and exercise is no exception. But before explaining what I should have done he said you have strained your body and because of that your body is hurting. He prescribed some good pills that worked and said don’t exercise again till all the pain goes away; then start exercising again but this time start out gradually and move up to more time on the machine. Also before starting exercise do some warm-ups by using some stretching techniques. And he said when the pain shows up stop doing what your doing and repeat process again tomorrow and continue same thinking till the pain goes away.

Stretch and Then Increase Daily

I left his office with a prescription in one hand and a brochure about stretching in the other. I followed the brochure to the letter and learned a very important lesson, don’t exercise till you warm up by stretching and then add more time at exercising at a gradual rate. That’s my story and I’m sticking g to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by world of jan


Nicole Richie Diet

Nicole Richie Diet

What a transformation. How she did it...

The Diet:
Breakfast: 2 Egg Whites; 1 Scoop of Protein Powder mixed with Water.
Lunch: 4oz. Chicken, Mixed Greens, 1c. Orange Juice
Dinner: 4oz. Fish, Steamed Veggies
Dessert: Fruit

The Workout:
1 Hour Weight training
90 Minutes of High Impact Cardio

I have a feeling there's more to the story.

Pic by: Lester Cohen,

I’m an American

Be Proud

Maybe Americans need a wake up call, kind of like going to an auto repair shop and getting a tune up. Maybe just maybe we should remind ourselves of what we are, where we live and what that means to us. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life we forget how fortunate that we are to live in the greatest country that’s ever been created in the history of the world. Yet we seem to take that as a ho hum and don’t hardly ever give it a thought.

Its Time to Move On

Like every morning my second chore in the morning is to walk out and pick up the newspaper in the driveway. While walking back to the house I observed an article about a race riot in 1886 when the local government was run out of town and white supremacist's took charge. The article is asking the questions should something be done about this? I must confess my first thought was not this stuff again. Hasn’t our society paid the price for its participation in slavery and isn’t it time to move on and become Americans rather then people of a certain race. I do and before you say something. I am proud to be what I am and what I am is a human being whose being got started somehow and all of us were created. Isn’t it way past due to get beyond this thinking and enjoy being an American? I realize that the history of the world is filled with the spilled blood of those who have been harmed and killed by the generation they were part of. But that was then and this is now.

Were All Americans and That's What Its all About

I remember my first trip with my parents to Florida, now remember this we came from a small town in Michigan and Florida was a huge modern place compared to my home town. But this was my second exposure to the race thing. We stopped for gas and we were approached by two brown people one gave us gas and the other washed the windows. There was a large heavy man sitting in a rocking chair and his name must have been the boss because that’s what the brown colored men called him and they the two other men most have had the same name because he the boss man called then each boy something or other. But I gave no more thought to that until we were in one of those fancy department stores and I had to go to the bathroom. My Mother being the supervisor of the family directed to men’s room and that’s when I discovered that there were not only men and women but there were two types of men and women. One for white and one for colored. I looked puzzled at my Mother but she just said take that one and that’s the third time someone told me I wasn’t black. And the rest of my story is history and isn’t history part of everyone’s life. I seem to darken more then most people, I often say that I’m not sure of my heritage (because I was adopted) and from time to time I explain my easy tanning to my history of being part Indian and African. Yes I’m joking but I actually wouldn’t be bothered if I was. Because I’m an American and an American is a melting pot of all people all over the world. And I love living in this country.

Be Present and Stay in the Present

So here’s my thought on this race thing. Its time to leave it to history and move on to the future. History is where all the stuff goes that used to be today. So lets live today and leave the history to were it belongs. Everyone has an ax to grind with history but true living is now and I find today a better place then yesterday. So I’m putting my money where my mouth is and that’s here and now. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by tyger_lyllie

Maybe being Young and Older is the same thing

A Clear Mind is a Clear Path to Understanding

Yesterday I was abandoned by my wife and left to my own resources, isn’t that taint abound to child abuse? No I’m not a child but I am over sixty-five and don’t some people feel that's one step away from being a child again? In some level of my brain that seems to be making sense to me. Maybe starting and finishing life are just the same state of mind needed to start another journey somewhere else. And if that were true wouldn’t it make sense to gear down just before departure and thus relieve yourself of all that information that makes you human and clear the slate to learn a new way of living. Just imagine how confusing it might be to have your old way of thinking and clash with a new way of living that might involve thinking yourself from one destination to another or speaking to someone without saying anything and knowing everything in the universe without having to read or listen to a lecture. Yes I think it does make sense to wipe the brain free of the past and just be all that you can be in just one moment of time.

Wanting & Persistence Will Make It Happen

Maybe this whole thought of thinking is my way to relieve myself of the burden being concerned about the fact that I really don’t care much about information from the past. Like I have trouble remembering what I did yesterday alone thinking about stuff way back in my past. Maybe there’s more good thinking about that coming up in my thinking now. Today since I’m somewhat relieved of the burden to work. I have decided to pursue the challenge of thinking and be more like my beautiful wife. She is one of those rare people who see life as a whole picture and not just one small part of it. For example I the person I want to change would view the dinner plate and see the food to eat. My wife would see not only the food by everything else about it. That’s the person I want to be and am slowing moving in that direction. Its not easy but wanting it to happen will make it happen if I persist.

Discarding Unwanted Information is a way of Making Space for New Information

I don’t think letting information go is not a bad thing. Maybe that’s the minds way of making more space for new stuff to think about and new dreams to dream. It could be the opening your mind to all the possibilities is the first step to understanding the universe and that kind of thinking that will find perpetual motion and the gas station will be a relic of the past like the horse and buggy. So what’s next do you think? Maybe will find a way to move without moving that would certainly solve are traffic problem. I have often thought that going into space will be a easy as removing the gravity affect from beneath our feet and wha laa we would move outward. I’m sure that thought is being pondered by someone.

I Would Rather Live Today

I don’t know about you but I feel better about being older because this thinking is freeing me from the burdens of the past and making room for new space for new ideas. So what if I don’t remember yesterday? I would rather be living today anyway and that thinking is working great for me. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by mil8


Use your child imagination and recharge your life

Dreaming is Good for You

Remember when you were a child and all things were dream able. And how they became the real thing and you totally bought the fantasy you were acting out. This child like behavior should be your adult behavior and used whenever your life needs a boost of courage and clarity on where you want to go and the things you want to do.

Your Imagination may Save You

When I was a child I loved going in the woods and climbing trees and playing the part of a hero. Maybe that’s what kept me going in those years when I had neither one of my parents to comfort me and make me feel important. I guess playing imaginary parts filled that void in my life.

My Fantasy Saved Me

I remember dreaming in class and being startled by the teacher asking me questions, most of the time the answer was no where to be found. That was my fault because I seldom completed my homework and even when I did it rarely passed muster with any grade that made a good student smile. I think in time the teachers took pity on me and gave me just passing grades. I can’t blame them because I can’t ever remember either of my parents having a conference with any of my teachers. I think even my teachers avoided calling me for answers or offering counseling for me. I guess I fell thru the cracks in the system. Even in class I would find my sanctuary and do all those things I wanted to do. I cant imagine what I would have done or how would have survived without my fantasy world of thinking.

Today My Dreams are Step One

Today my dreams are my salvation and they are the first stage of making something happen in my life. My childhood was like a ball and chain tied to my ankles and no matter what I wanted to do they continued to silently whisper the words that I was not equal to others and my lack of education hindered me. Then I found my childhood imagination and this fired the furnace of my thoughts and these thoughts became ideas and then these ideas became reality. I see the truth of life now and know that the mind with the tool of imagination can build anything and loyalty to that idea is the path by which my imagination becomes reality.

I'm Back in the Woods Again

Son here I am, back in the woods and using my imagination and finding the paths to where or what I want to do. It’s wonderful to have a plan that always works. And that plan always starts with my imagination and then becomes reality. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Mariyath


Hows your home environment working for you?

Small Diversions Are Helpful

I am retired and work at home. In many ways this works and other ways it sucks. But what I have learned is to set my priorities and focus hard on those things I really want to do. When I’m tired and cant seem to focus very well. This is my body telling me to divert my attention to lower items of concern but only enough time to get my focus back. When my focus is ok again I move back to priority issues. This process works well for me. It’s like taking a break a dozen times a day. Sometimes the break is food, drink, shower, walk, chores, etc and more importantly time to think about things. And my breaks are short in length, they refresh me and then I’m back to work. And after a certain time everyday I stop working and I enjoy life, which involves non-thinking issues that make me feel good.

Work Ability is Vital

I also am a great believer in having things in their place and maintaining an environment that works for me and the love of my life. All things must work or I will repair if easy, otherwise an expert is employed and frustration is held to a low level.

Generosity Promotes Wellness

I like keeping my clothes organized and wear most things twice before cleaning. After wearing something for the first time after cleaning I put same on a hanger and hang backwards. Then when I wear it again I know it going to the wash basket etc. I generally buy something new each week and then remove an item and place in the Salvation Army box. I take the position if I have more then enough then I want to share that more with someone who needs it. It’s a small thing but it helps and I feel good about it.

Want Lists are Important

There’s a want list and it placed on the refrigerator and it generally pertains to items like food, drinks, bulbs, personal hygiene stuff and etc things like that. My wife and I each take responsibility for putting our stuff on the list. If I run out of something it’s my fault and that’s the way it should be.

I Try To Do My Part

I take the trash out and return it to its normal resting place. I shake the rugs, empty the vac, remove clean items from the dishwasher and help wipe pans etc that are hand washed. I also help maintain my bathroom and see that my dirty clothes go in hamper. And do part of the yard work. And my beautiful wife handles just about everything else including finances and etc.

One of My Friends is My Wife

I am one of the luckiest men in the world. I found the love of my life whose name is Linda and shes my first thought in the morning and the last person I hug at night. Linda has made all things possible for me and that’s because not only is she my love, she is also my best friend. And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Will Ellis


Does flying bother you?

First Question Where to Park?

Flying used to be very stressful for me. Especially if I had to drive to the airport by myself. My first issue would be where do I park? Now its important to park in the right lot depending on what your situation is. Are you just picking someone up? Then you would select the short term or hourly parking lot. If on the other hand your leaving for days you would select longer term parking lot. When you try to enter one of the lots you will receive a ticket and when you arrive home you will use that ticket to exit the lot and pay your rental charge.

Five Bucks Handles the Luggage

Phase two is to get your baggage to the your airplane check in station. The old me would ask questions and bother numerous people before finding the entering point. Now I just find a porter and have that person take my luggage and lead me where to go and then tells me what to do. And that transaction costs me five bucks and worth every dam dime and frustration it doesn’t cause me. Assuming my luggage isn’t over weight all will go well to this point. If I’m over weight they will suggest maybe I reconsider moving articles from one bag to another in order to balance things out. If this is possible then an additional charge will be extracted from my wallet.

I Watch What Others Do

Now I will enter the main terminal thru the inspection station where your body and carry ons will be inspected for unlawful items that aren’t allowed on the airplane. This used to confuse me, now I just watch what other people do and I do the same thing. If the walk thru produces an alarm I will be instructed to do or check something on my person. If it persists a person with the magic wand will approach me and move the wand around my body and the obstacle causing the sound will be found on or in me. This may require further inspection and I will be directed to a new location.

Check Ticket for Gate Number

When I get thru the inspection gauntlet I will now be confronted with the decision were to go, normally I would wait till that moment arrives and make a decision then. Now via previous inquirers even before getting to the airport I will have the knowledge of what to do next. Your ticket will tell you what area to go to and what your gate number is. I find the gate number and sit in that area. Your flight number arrival time will be displayed in this area. Soon will I will be allowed on the plane my ticket will indicate my seat number.

I Talk While the Plane Launches

Now the old me would act unconcerned and only experience panic when the plane lifts off and lands. Today where these to events happen, I have over come this by just talking to someone or focusing my attention on one thing till my emotions settle down, then all is well again.

Window Seat

I also didn’t like sitting between people generally they were extra large like me and they always seemed to intrude into my seat space. Now I try to acquire the window or isle seat. One gives a wall to lean on and the other gives me more space on one side.

I Ask & Follow

The former me would exit the plane and then be totally consumed by trying to figure out where to go next. Today I just ask my seat person if they’re getting of at my location and if they are I follow them by prearrangement of just trail behind and waa laa theirs the baggage recovery area and all is well. The baggage area is generally pretty clear, if your confused ask for help. If your baggage doesn’t show up where you’re waiting, it’s a good bet you’re in the wrong place. Also it’s a smart idea to attach something unusual to your baggage that will make your luggage stand out when you see it.

Call When You Hit the Ground

Most of the time when I arrive somewhere I have someone to pick me up, like my favorite wife or a family member or a friend. Either way here’s the best way to handle this. Have a cell phone and call them as soon as you land and then call them again and tell them you have your luggage and are at the pick up location. This process of doing may save your person the trouble of parking and can just pick you up at the curb. So do the right thing and meet them outside.

That’s how I fly; I hope in some way my thoughts will help you. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Xurble

Does your credit card intimidate you?

Mine Did

Mine did, I was a person that apparently thought he knew enough information and didn’t want to learn anymore, if he didn’t have to. So the old me had to learn the new stuff or don’t do it. Or in this case don’t use the card. And you would have thought that I would just learn the process and then just move on. But no that wasn’t the way my life worked then. Because I felt this way and I knew in my mind I wasn’t going to do it right, guess what I predicted my future and I didn’t do it right. For example using an ATM machine was totally out of the realm of possibility for me. When it would ask me questions I would freeze up and not be able to find the proper buttons to push and then to make it even harder I feared someone might get behind me and that would triple my fear of failure. Was I pathetic or what.

But Not Any More

I’m glad to report all is well on the western front. Now I approach the card machine and wait patiently till I know what I’m doing. If I wait to long someone will prompt me and I’m on course again. Here’s my thinking on this if they want my money they will assist me and perhaps even do it for me. Either way it works well for me. I don’t see my card as a bad thing, its just a card and I don’t concern myself if it doesn’t work right, that’s the sellers problem and I leave that in their capable hands. In other words it just isn’t something that bothers me anymore. You know what? Most of the time I use my card someone else does all the work and I just sign something. Heck even then I just scribble my name.

Wheres Your Card Been?

Now days my card is my friend and I enjoy knowing my card is with me, if I need it. I know longer fear or see it as something I cannot do. No it’s just a means to an end. It’s a good thing for me because I don’t like handling money, because I don’t know where the money has been. My card on the other hand has always been with me and that gives me comfort in knowing. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by powerbooktrance

Is your Roadmap a friend or foe?

F in Map Reading

I don’t know about you but the road map used to drive me into a dysfunctional state of mind. Roads maps used to bother me at numerous levels of thinking. One I never took the time to understand a map and the proper way to us it. And when the driver who is generally my wife asks me a question in regard to it. I would attempt to find the answer but I would seldom achieve that goal. Then I would proclaim my ignorance of same by saying something that clearly represented a negative thought about that and myself and that didn’t promote wellness in the vehicle. Then the driver already under the influence of driving would with the fire dragon look in her eyes say give the map to me. And then she would multi task, which most men via my thinking can’t do or won’t do, like taking out the trash and drinking coffee at the same time. Maybe men have issues and these might be two of them? Aaa but alas that couldn’t be true because men are the smarter of the two genders. Laugh, laugh and I’m just joking of course.

Map Learning 101

Then one day during a moment when the sun shined in my brain and an idea filled my crania. Don that’s me why don’t you learn the fine points of map reading and then use that knowledge and save your sorry ass from getting in trouble the next time your on the road to somewhere.

I Glad Hes Gone

That was the old me and thank God that fool has been driven from the fort. He’s probably been sliced and diced and is now the main ingredient in a tribal Indian gruel and that probably tastes like a wore out map.

I Know Where I Goethe Before I Go

Ok I’m back and here’s how I solved my map problems. Now before we go anywhere I print out the directions on the Internet and know exactly where I’m going and follow the plan to the letter. Also I use a marker showing are progress on the print out. I also keep my reading glasses handy so I can view the little stuff. Also I print out a real map of our route and also us a marker to show are progress. These two monitoring devices will keep me focused and know where were at all the time.

I'm More User Friendly

My lovely wife finds my current behavior more favorable then the old me and so do I. No wonder life sucks when you don’t know what you’re doing, were you’re at or where your going. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

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Is your sneezing trying to tell you something?

Starts With Sneezing

First of all I’m not a doctor, but I do sneeze and that qualifies me to talk on the subject matter. My sneezing is almost entirely limited to my first half hour of the day. And it kind of goes like this. Before or just after arising from my night of slumber I reach for a tissue and sneeze of blow watery substance from my nostrils. Then my two-body exit ports release processed food and liquid material from my body. The sneezing takes on a new function and the coughing begins. Then when the routine obligations are finished I move on the final stage of sneezing for the day. This involves forcibly removing lose mucus from the nose area. I accomplish this by splashing water on my facing and primarily focus on the nose. Then I incorporate cupping my hand with water and like a vac I suck the water up the nose canal. Only small amounts of inhaling in the nose canals is required. Generally I do this two or three times. Then I push on one side of the nose at a time and blow into the sink. Most of the time one or more larger then usual mucus appears in the sink. When nothing large comes out and I sense more in there I repeat the entire process again and most of the time more gook slurps out and success is achieved.

It Better Then Doing it all Day

Here's my thoughts on this process. Once again I am not a doctor and thus my procedure should be discussed with your doctor before proceeding on my path of relieving gook from the nose. But from my perspective it works and then the rest of my day is generally relieved of sneezing, coughing and blowing my nose. You judge for yourself and move according using your powers of observation.

But here's my thinking on how the process works. All through life we inhale stuff in the air into our mouth and nose. Now from my perspective its better to remove it rather then coughing, sneezing and blowing all the time. It works for me and I highly recommend same with your doctors’ approval. If you don't do something like this the foreign matter in nose, etc, just hangs around and causes havoc in your nose etc area.

Up chucking

I also forgot to mention the throat clearing and upchucking foreign matter is also part of the thing I’m talking about.

Allergy Pill Gone

From my perspective it better to exit this snotty stuff and then doing the regular approach, which also might include allergy medicine, which I used to take. My approach no longer requires it.

Check with your Doctor First

Now please us common sense and don't attempt to blow your head off. Just use your regular nose blowing technique. Once again seek advice from a professional before trying this thought of mine. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

Photo by tanjila


Hows your climate working for you?

Air Conditioning is Good

Have you ever really thought about the part your climate plays in your life? Now I’m specifically talking about being hot and cold and everything in between. I am a total temperature freak. Fans and thermostat controls are my closest friends when the temperature decreases or increases. I used to be the person who thought running the air conditioning in the car was not good for you. I felt it decreased my body’s ability to handle the heat if I used the a/c. I'm not sure if the afore mentioned is true or not. Maybe I am becoming addicted to a better way to live my life, but frankly I don't give dam if I am. I think progress in technology should be pursued and enjoyed with all the benefits it provides.

Windows Opened Car Uses More Gas

An acquaintance of mine says he never runs the a/c in his car, because it uses more gas. I said man how do you handle this hot weather here in NC? He says I open all the windows. Now I'm not a rocket scientist but doesn’t that produce more resistance and use more gas? Hey here's my thinking; life is a journey to be enjoyed and appreciated. The a/c thing promotes this type of thinking.

I Love New Technologies

I remember the good old days when one fan served the needs of the entire family. And in fairness, it was a great thing to feel the breeze running across my body. But thank God for the ability to think and develop new technologies that removed the big block of ice from the non electric refrigerator and created a system that sucks the heat out of a box and this produces a climate that is cold enough sustain food longer and produce small cubes of ice. Is that incredible or what?

I Praise Inventors

I believe I insult and demean all those people who pushed their minds to the limit of their capacity, if I fail to use the products and services that have achieved via the sweat of their brow. If this thinking runs amok with yours not only should you not use the a/c you should also avoid all other forms of progress that involve the Oms concept. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Jon Evans

Understanding your Limitations & Adjusting for that is a good thing

Its a Slight Correction

Adjusting for reality is not the same thing as saying I can't do that anymore. It just means that we must find new ways to accomplish the same task. It's like driving down the road and coming to a detour, yes you are leaving your regular path and that may require more effort but persistence will prevail if you hang in there and soon you will do or be what you want to be.

Things Change, Choose a Different Option

I think success in life requires that we all realize that life is every changing, in and around us and that is a hurdle to over come and not a dead end with no where to go. You always have the ability of many options and that doesn’t mean your less good at something or less important then you were yesterday. It just means that the norm will not always be available but something else will be.

Different But Faster

I remember when I was a young boy and I could run all day and hardly feel the affects on my body. But that was my starting point and now I'm farther along my path, yes my running has changed, but my mind and understanding are running faster today then at my starting point. Its like one ability is deceased and another ability takes up the slack and runs even harder then the last one. You’re moving faster but in a different way.

I truly believe that a persons greatest rate of speed is achieved in the final moments of their existence as humans and then a new path is acquired and the running begins again and continues on until the person wishes to stop running.

Course Changing is Appropriate

So is your running slowing down and is that bothering you? Maybe you might want to consider shifting into a different gear and find a different method by which to achieve your desired results. There is no shame in seeing your limitations on route 66 and take a detour, because detours are merely your mind giving you another route to follow and still get you where you want to be. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by ngader


Falling is the number one reason, people get hurt

Falling Knows no Age Limit

Falling is the number one reason people get hurt. Most of the time people think this thought applies only to senior citizens, nothing could be further from the truth. In truth falling hurts all of us and sometimes it hurts for the rest of our life.

One Step & Pain Followed

I remember one time while I was still working outside the house, I parked in my assigned spot and then decided to enter the building via a different door. I had to walk thru a patio area and carelessly stepped into lower area and turned my foot and that caused a slight hairline crack in my foot. It was extremely painful and required a special boot to wear and the use of a crutch. In time my walking skills returned but the pain of that moment still visits me from time to time. Sometimes a pill is required to shu it away.

Fell Back Ward

Two months ago my lovely wife and I decided to repair our wood patio which is adjacent to the back of our house. First we decided to just replace the top boards but when these boards were removed new structure problems were discovered. During this renovation my wife attempted to sit on a patio chair and fell backward on the deck frame work and hurt her back. The pain that fall caused is still bothering her from time to time. She visits her favorite chiropractor to make it better and progress seems to be happening.

Wasn't Paying Attention

One time while visiting Chicago I was standing and waiting for a light to change. Then the man standing in front of me stepped out into the traffic and almost became a hood ornament. The quickness of the driver saved his bacon. The almost traffic fatality person kept saying I thought I saw the light change. He wasn't paying attention because he was reading something at the time.

Less Focus Could Require a Coffin

And so the story goes. If we don't have total focus on what were doing then accidents will happen and sometimes faulty behavior gives us an premature visit to the grave yard and we join the crowd of those who weren't watching what they were doing. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by topgold

Are you always catching something?

Vac Routinely

My family has been very successful in not catching too many things going around. I think were doing well because of how we live our life. It's all in the detail. My wife is a person who likes to maintain a clean house and maintain order. Now don't get me wrong she's not one of these fanatics. She just likes the dirt to remain outside and it works good for me. First she has an excellent vac it's the variety that water is swirling in the bottom of the unit and when you get done its always got dirt etc in it. It's probably over twenty years old and has been repaired four times but it works great and you'll see the results in the dirty water. Her vac schedule is one to three times weekly depending on the degree of traffic in the house.

Hamper & Washed Regularly

She doesn't allow clothes to lay around, everything goes in the hamper and clothes are washed on a regular basis.

The non carpet floors are sweep, a catcher broom is used and steam cleaning is the main event. If something is spilled anywhere its wiped up with a clean wet cloth.

Baths Get Extra Care

Bathrooms are given special treatment especially in and around the stool. Papers towels are available on a dispenser and all personal items are in draws, under the cabinet or in an adjacent cabinet. When guests or family members are over items used would be cleaned an new stuff put out.

Pet Requirements

We have no pets but allow same in when others bring them. We gently encourage same to run in the back yard, if it not a rainy day. We don't allow pets on the furniture and have special things for them to eat and bowls to drink from.

Shoe Cleaning Stations

We have a shoe cleaning station at the front and back door. People just sense that we want them to use it. We remove are shoes and place same by the front door inside. We dont ask people to remove there's but do demonstrate are preference by not wearing ours.

Dish Washer is Primary Cleaner

If possible all eating items go in the dish washer and the water temperature is set at the suggested temperature to reduce germ etc development .

Common Sense Cleaning

Were not dirt freaks or fanatics about cleaning but we do understand that germs and etc travel from via different ways and the best defense is a good defense. So we follow the rational of good thinking which tells us that we are less likely to be sick if we give detail to certain things. It must be working because we seem to be less proned to being sick then others in are area of influence. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Brent and MariLynn


Hows your ears working for you?

Family Doctor First

Mine are doing fine now but that wasn't the case six months ago. It started with an ear ache and then pain started moving down the left side of my chin and then on to the side of my neck. Then if that wasn't enough my left cheek started hurting and my nose seemed to be running all the time. And I had the constant feeling of being congested. First I consulted my family doctor and he gave me drops for my ear and suggested I see an ear, eyes and nose doctor if it persisted.

Saw a Specialist

I also noticed during this period of time my left ear wasn't hearing up to snuff I noticed this when I had the phone up to my left ear and I almost couldn't make out what people were saying. I visited this specialist and she indicated I had a very challenging ear infection and it would require two pills daily and three drops three times daily. In a short period of time the problem was defeated and my hearing returned to it normal hearing level. The specialist told me that had I failed to seek help I could have eventually lost the hearing in that ear and also the other one if the problem migrated to my other ear. I can't imagine living without the ability to hear. Hearing makes the quality of life so much better.

Later Maybe Too late

Every once in awhile I hear someone saying something about there hearing and I asked them if the have seen a doctor and they almost always say no and shrug me off by saying oh it's probably just a bug going around. It will probably go away by its self. I tell them what happened to me and they still don't see the need to contact a doctor. Sometimes they say I don't know a specialists and I offered to get the name of the doctor who solved my problem. They continue to put it off. And here's the sadness of it all, when they do decide, it maybe too advanced to fix there hearing. That's when they say I wish I had gone sooner. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by ^Vanessa^

Keep your teeth, gums and jaw in good working order

Good Maintenance a Must

All things that relate to your mouth need regular maintenance and regular visits to your dentist. Both my wife and I take special care of our teeth. We see our dentist once yearly and more if needed. If we do are preventive maintenance like brushing, flossing and gurgling with water or mouth wash we generally can get a one year nod from the doctor. If were slacking he will suggest a sooner appointment.

Smoke? No Teeth

We also don't smoke and this helps us greatly by not having the yellow stuff cling to our teeth. A family member of ours brushes etc but does smoke and because of that is now wearing a new set of teeth. He apparently found cigarette smoking more important then his teeth. He even went as far as to have his teeth scraped, that's where they cut the gums and expose the roots that hold the teeth in place. They scrape this inter area and then sew it up again. But alas the smoke prevailed and the teeth literally fell out.

Don't Open Wide

Also you jaw needs care and the best advise here is to not open your mouth to its widest point unless you must because of some special medical need. No I'm not a doctor but I have experienced this locking / clicking stuff and feel moderately comfortable in suggesting this thought. I went thru a small phase when I'd opened my mouth real wide and I'm not even sure why I was doing it. But something happened during that phase in my life and I experienced this clicking and locking affect which at times was a real pain in the hynee. Then somewhere I heard opening your mouth wide was not a good idea in theory, so I stopped doing that and in time things got back to no clicking.

Biting Hard could be Stress Related

Also while doing this wide mouth opening thing, I had the bad habit of biting down hard with my teeth and I found out this was related to being stressed out and I realized this and stopped doing that to.

Here's my best thinking on this jaw thing. Don't open wide or bite hard. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by SMN