So why dont you take the trash out?

Its Important to Her

Are you a conscientious objector or what? or maybe it's beneath you? If that's the case then how does that thinking help get someone beneath you? For those of you who are either to young, to old or just dormant that's a sexual thing. I personally just don't get it. Taking out the trash only involves moving to and from somewhere and back. How hard can that be? I doubt if I invest more the more then fifteen minutes a week moving the trash to the curb and back.

Its Tit for Tat

Now here's the picture I'm trying to paint for you? If you do it right nothing is going to be said to you and don't expect any that a boys. Because dude it's your job. Like maybe cleaning your stool is your spouses job. It's a crappy job but someone must do it. Now if you don't the world wont come to an end. But don't expect to be voted king for a day. Because even kings know that taking out the trash is a necessary chore to keep continuity in the castle.

Trash out, Wife Happier

If you don't respect your spouse enough to do this one little task, then you in my humble opinion are dummer then the cement in your driveway. Your not being asked to walk the wilderness for forty years and then develop ten good reasons why the world should be happy together. It's trash not nuclear waste. After all you helped create it so be a grown up and do the right thing.

New Trash Hauler

It's the little things in life that seem to sway the winds of change in ones life. Remember your not the only player on the block. If bagging the trash isn't your thing, then maybe your spouse will find another trash hauler and haul your ass out of the bed. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Editor B