Friendships don't need fixing

Don't Fix Something If It Works

Fixing used to be my middle name. Before enlightenment I used to fix things that didn't need fixing. For example I owned a bronco once and it could do no wrong. Like a good friend we each tolerated each others failures and short comings. Then one day I broke the primary rule of letting your friends be themselves and don't try to fix something about them/ This behavior has killed more friendships then any other act of ignorance. I took this friend of mine the bronco and decided I was going to fix one of it flaws. And this was the interior ceiling lite. First I removed the cover and tried unscrewing the bulb but ended up breaking the bulb and the base remained in the bulb socket. Then with the mind of an ant I used an extra large pair of pliers and crushed the socket and the light base. Now the ant mind went to the fuse box for consultation only to short circuit some wires and now not only does the inside light not work, but the headlights, radio and the dash lights are also dysfunctional. Now the ant mind realizes his friend is in jeopardy and there friendship is being flushed down the stool, so I consulted with my stepson who was working at a local repair facility. He said it sounded like a harness was shorted out and the harness must be replaced. I of course was looking for a quick fix and something a tad lower in price. I even suggested a jury rig might be in order. He only shook his head and murmured something like taint going to happen.

Friends Don't need Fixing, There Fine the Way the Are

In time with the infusion of wallet money the error was solved, but the ceiling lite still didn't work. I was told that exploratory surgery would be required and the cost of same would be in relation to how much time was spend in the probing stage. Estimate of cost ranged from forty eight dollars to a height that might reach five hundred. I put this thought on the back burner and the lite never did got fixed.

The moral of the story is this. Don't fix your friends, there perfect just being themselves. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by InfinitelyDigital

Let Trying be your Goal and don't count the wins and loses

Never Count Your Loses

If you count the wins and loses you'll discover that your losing most of the time. And that's the reason most people give up and lose faith in their ability to do anything. But here's the light at the end of the tunnel. One win is worth a million losses. In other words losing is part of the learning process that all humans go thru. So if you fail that just means your human, so stop counting. Rest assured like a person trying to hit a home run in baseball, if you continue to swing sooner or later like the Bambino of old you will run the bases and the crowd will cheer you on.

Babe Was the Real thing

One day my Father was watching the Yankees play and he was sitting right behind the catcher. He said Babe Ruth came to the plate and normally he would follow a certain routine before setting his feet and then swinging at the ball. No this time he took his bat and pointed to center field and then like a person predicting a future event and hit a home run in the center field bleachers. And Babe did this the old fashion way and wasn't taking steroids. So as far as I'm concerned he's still the greatest home runner hitter of all time.

He Always Went for the Home Run

Babe Ruth and players like him who do it the natural way are my hero's and the rest are just players who cheat and spoil the good name of baseball and the memory of all those who played by the rules.

Sorry I didn't mean to get off track and say a negative thought but that thought needed to be said, because I think Babe and his cronies are whispering there outrage in my ear.

Keep Swinging Your Reward will be Winning

So don't be discouraged by your losses and just keep batting like the Babe did and you'll have your time in the winning circle. That's My story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by bcmom

My day isnt about perfection its about direction

Perfection is a False Idol

I like most people have spent time in the bull pen trying to be the best that I can be. But I no longer feel the necessity to travel that path anymore. Sure I think working on goals and achieving things is a worth while occupation but being perfect isn't required to make goals achievable. If perfection becomes your God then your praying to a false idol and as time passes your idol will turn to dust and so will the perfection your trying to maintain. Being successful at something does require due diligence and a constant attention to detail, but no where in that wording is the word perfection.

Center of All Things

Many believe that there entire life is maintained and controlled by being a perfectionist and this concept creeps into every aspect of their life including the body, mind and the people who are under there influence. This thinking is the thinking of a person who thinks they are the center of the universe and all the rest of us sheep to be herded from one place to another.

Excepted What the Mirror Shows & Be Happy

What does a perfectionist do when the mirror no longer sees the perfected person? I will surmise that counter measures would be applied and perfection would be achieved again. But what then when this option is no longer available, what then? Then the cement that holds that person together starts to crack and then the core of their thinking fades away and they find life a thing of the past and they banish themselves to the life of living that excludes people and mirrors in their life. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L.Terrill

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Are you waiting at the phone for someone to call you?

So Am I But Why?

While guess what your not alone. I recently read a survey in the local blab which indicated this phone stuff was in the top ten of things that bothered readers the most. Especially if your calling the government or your lawyer. Both of these institutions and are hard pressed to do the right thing and call the people they profess to value above all things.

They Only Want You to Answer the Phone

The government which is formed and elected by the people only remembers your phone number when there in need of you to volunteer or they need the cash in your back pocket. Any other time you are at best a nuisance and there always in a hurry to cut your thoughts short and patronize you with a lam excuse and then slam the door behind you. I understand that car salesmen are now more favored then a politician. Is that painting a picture of reality or what?

You ll Be Left on Hold

Also if you call your representative more then two times on any one subject matter you will be tartly informed that they cant help you anymore and suggest in a demeaning way that you take two aspirin and don't call them in the morning.

The Phone Game

Lawyers pull the same scam on the American people, they profess their diligence to your causes and then play the phone game with you. First when you call you will never hardly ever talk to your lawyer; you might only because he's just starting his lawyer ship and like politician people he will tolerate you only till his coffers get filled with the sweat of your brown then like the others you will no longer be of importance to him. Only his greed will humble him to lower himself to your level and only in a non personal way.

As you can tell I have little respect for donkeys, elephants and ambulance chasers. I would better be served by calling my first wife and at least she might answer the phone.

Your Not Their Agenda

So here's the thought I'm trying to project to you. Stop waiting for someone to call you, because waiting involves fretting that is not good for you; either emotionally or physically. Your best plan, if you wish to survive the I'm waiting for phone call virus, realize that everyone has an agenda and I'm sorry to say this, because its not going to make you feel better. Your agenda is not their agenda and that's the reason your waiting for a phone call and most of the time don't receive it.

There are Other Ways then Waiting by the Phone

So please don't take it personally, because it isn't about you, its about them. And the only way to handle this is to settle down by what ever method you can and then when your mellow figure a different way to accomplish what you want to happen. Waiting by the phone won't likely make it happen. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by zoonabar

Are you just existing and not living?


Been there done that and have some thoughts to share with you. Boredom happens when you stop being involved in life. It is especially noticeable when you make a major change in you life and don't replace that empty space with something else to do. When I retired I gleefully looked forward to enjoying the good life which involved sleeping in, drinking wine, and most of all loving the special person in my life. And I didn't realize the change I would experience when I was no longer working. I quickly realized how important my job was to me and the space it occupied in my life. Now I had no reason to get up in the morning and had no real plans that I was going to under take. You see I used to be a person that only lived today and seldom wondered beyond that point. But in one quick moment that way of life became my enemy and I fought it tooth and nail but it was a battle I was Ill prepared to fight so I occupied myself by riding my bike, watching tv and thinking about going into some business or find a job which allowed me to sleep in the morning and didn't require accuracy of things; primarily because I didn't like bi focal's and used two pair of glasses to see normal and little print. But alas my boredom survived and I delegated my life to what it was and not what it could be.

My First Step Back to Reality

Then as the time passed I started to see the dreams of my childhood drift farther and farther from my conscious mind and the reality of death knocked on my door and I feared thinking that thought. Then one day while talking to myself in the mirror I decided that I wasn't going to just stand idly by and let this state of mind consume my life and I said I'm not going to live this way anymore. And I'm prepared to do anything to improve the quality of my life. And that was my first step back to living rather then just existing.

Never Stop Living

I forgot what real living felt like, its great and I'm never ever again going to let it slip away from me again. So take this thought to the bank and lock it safely in the vault. Never give up one part of you life till you have security established another life to replace it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L Terrill

photo by scragz


TV can either Help or Hinder your emotional and physical wellness

News is Negative

News and related type shows are all primarily promoting the negative side of life. So when you watch them and your a person who is easily influenced from by them, then these shows for the most part should be avoided by you. Because once you get stressed out, its hard to make a quick recovery, without some form of help and that usually involves some form of pill called an anti depressant.

News Isn't Fair and Balanced

News shows wouldn't be nearly as bad if they would give equal time to the over side of the coin and that of course is news that makes you feel good. Apparently the masses prefer the doom and gloom, rather then something positive. I and my wife personally like programs that make us smile and inform us about things. Its know wonder that more people are falling under the category of being depressed or just unhappy with how things are going in there life.

Less Watching & More Talking

And too much time is being spent watching the boob tube. Were slowly becoming a society that is addicted to their tv. And I must confess it's bothersome when the cable goes out. It's like what do I do now. When it happens I complain and then out of necessity I talk to my wife more and others more and that promotes more wellness then the tv ever will.

Finders are Sent Out

When the cable, electricity or water goes faulty every household sends out family members who start talking to each other for the first time since the last failure happened. Its a good thing because it forces us to talk to each other, at least till the failure is repaired then all ties are the broken again and the neighborhood returns to a closed society again.

Tv Promotes Less Exercise and Raises Our Tonnage

Also if we watch too much tv were generally not exercising enough and that's really a downer for us in many ways. Exercise produces endorphins and that's apparently good stuff for the mind. Also exercise helps keep are weight down and are body functioning better.

A Friend That needs to be Silent More

I would hate to see the tv gone, because its like a good friend and I like having it around. But it needs to be put more on the back burner and we as a society should start to learn the art of the olden times and that is to talk and learn from each other. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Brian U


Is water good for us and is it better then other drinks?

Water How Important is It?

The human is more water then anything else. That should tell us that water is good for us. But are we listening when our body is talking to us? Yes were drinking enough, but is what were drinking totally good for us? That is a good thought to ponder. I think we as a society are trying to figure that question out and all kinds of thinking are in play.

Does Paying for it Make it Better?

Did you ever envision the day when water would cost more then a soda? Not me! This water thing continues to reinforce a core belief of mine, that all things are possible. Just think about it people are making money selling water. Here's another thought if the water cost, more, is it better for you? or is water just water and were wasting our money by paying to much for it. But maybe if I think its better it really is better for me. This thinking is getting me to think I better lower my meds.

Water Should be Primary

But all kidding aside it appears by all medical sources including those doctors who probe the mind and mingle with are thoughts are solidly behind the opinion that water is the best liquid for our body bar none. Now that doesn't mean it should be the only drink you drink. But it should be your primary source of liquidity.

Water is Vital

The body needs water to survive and do all it functions to keep us alive and well. So don't be stingy drink more then you need or want and don't worry you wont explode, the body will release same when necessity requires it.

Fountain of Youth?

Water also has a good side affect it makes people look, feel healthier and younger. It may not be the fountain of youth but it helps in that direction.

Water Has Only One Ingredient Water

Here's another slant to thinking water is a better choice most of the time. Water by and large is properly processed and this is good for us. Other types of drinks are more suspect to having something in them that might be harmful to some degree to us. Look at what's listed under ingredients when drinking bottle water its just water. Look at whats listed on the other stuff. And is anybody really sure that all that stuff is good for us? Heck I cant even pronounce most of the names. That and that alone should give us thoughts for questioning whether that's good for us or not.

Personally I'm on the fence and but till move towards the water then the other stuff. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Gaetan Lee


Are you sure you know where your going?

Everyone Should Know their Route

Why don't, men ask someone for directions? Don't worry its just around the next corner. Hey that's what you said five hours ago. This is the typical conversation millions of men have had with there co-pilot. I mean whats going on with men, is it a man thing and they just can admit they don't know where they are? Maybe all parties involved should be crystal clear on where there going and how to get there. And then harmony might prevail and everyone will enjoy the journey. After all most people journey to enjoy themselves and this behavior doesn't promote that concept.

Have a Life Plan

know what your up to. If your not being specific your mind and you are just going Heck this thing of thinking can and should be part of are regular routine every day. If your happy with your life and all is well with you then ignore my future words, everyone else hang around. If you not where you want to be then you should develop a better road map to get there. I truly believe that most people have no real plan for life and because of that they end up where they don't want to be. And that's completely predictable because your minds dont have a clue either.

Are You Going Where Life Leads You?

Life becomes boring and every new day is just the same as yesterday. I don't think anyone wants to have there life be like this; but routine rules and nothing changes for you unless someone helps you or fate intervenes on your behalf. We become zombies and literally sleep walk thru life. Then one day just before the door of life closes we regret not taking charge of our life and then its all over. Even going to the a better place after death is left to fate.

Take the First Step, The Rest Will Be Easier

Yes I realize that taking charge of your life means that you now must know where your going. Now lets just take one day at a time and then in time move to monthly and in time you will see the whole picture and all things will become possible to you. Trust me it will be the greatest journey in your life; an that is what life is all about. So don't wait start today and be all things to yourself. Its a wonderful thing to know your going somewhere and you have the will to get there. So take one step and keep moving till you get there. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by LifeHouseDesign

Is your life still in the planning stage?

Stop Planning & Start Doing

Is your life like this picture and are you still trying to find yourself and figure out what to do? but can't seem to get started. May I suggest you start by cleaning the room and then putting up a marking board on the wall; so you can suggest thoughts to yourself and see where that leads you. Oh you don't have anyone to help you? But that's the way life is, your journey is not your own, until you do it yourself. That doesn't mean you cant ask of help because you can, but here's the catch don't let others do it all and then take credit for it yourself. Then the glory will not be yours and there is no growth for you there.

See The Start & Finish

Life is like two pictures one is where you are and the other is where you want to be. Your task is to understand both and see them both clearly; then build a bridge from one to another and then just walk across the bridge. How you make the bridge and when you walk across is entirely up to you. If your every foot print is observed all across the bridge then you can be proud of what you have achieved and then and only then can you say bravo I am proud of you and you are truly being who you really are.

Don't Push Just Lead

If you give your mind the two pictures and supply it with large quantities of information it will be your guide on how to build the bridge and make your dreams come true. But the mind will not be prodded by your urgency of purpose, no the opposite will occur and the mind will cease to work on the project and then frustration will set in and the dream will then seem impossible to achieve. But if on the other hand, the mind is left to its own pace, progress will be made and all things will be possible as the story of the bridge develops. If you find yourself pushing to hard, stop and give your mind a chance to catch up. Your patience here will show your mind you believe in it and it will not fail you. Your mind will never fail you if you never lose faith in it.

Your Mind is Telling You What to Do. Are You Listening

Your dreams are your minds way of telling you, I can do that, but you must give me time to make it happen. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

Photo by (Me)

Buy a good bed, it will do wonders for your wellness

He Liked the Bed

I like this bed, give daddy the bill and mommy will write the check. This is my newest Grand Child Cohen. I asked him if he liked his parents new king size bed? He said yes by smiling.

Its Worth the Money

If your looking forward to sleeping in your bed, then I think you have the right bed for you. If your not and saying bad things about your bed, maybe a new bed would be in order. Sure it costs more money for beds today, then it did ten or so years ago. But take it from one who knows. Sleeping on an uncomfortable bed is very depermental to your health more ways then you can imagine. Imagine waking up in the morning and feeling totally rested and don't have all those acks and pains your now feeling with your old bed. A good bed that fits your needs is worth every dime you pay for it.

Separation Makes for Better Sleeping

You might also want to consider buying a king size bed. It makes things more compatible when moving around. If your like me, you like the open range concept. In the movies you always see people clinging to each other its like there dreaming the same dream together. Now that vision appeals to the mind, but it may not present things as they truly are. I like the picture and it appeals to my wellness of wanting to be close to my wife. But reality may paint a truer picture then that, I am of the opinion that sleep is more likely achieved when room is available for separation of mind and body. In my frame of thinking I see separation as a good thing and thus the concept the bigger the bed the better the two of you will sleep together.

The Big Bed Makes Room for Time Together

This king size bed is also a place for the family to gather there souls together and enjoy some company time together Now adays its hard to find a bedroom without a tv. I'm not entirely convinced that having the tv in the bedroom is a good thing, but that's fadder for another article. But those who know say families need family time together and what better place to meet then in the master bedroom. I know in Cohen's house they all always make time for togetherness in the large bed. Even the dog is a participant in this family activity.

Its Good for Everyone

So there you have it in a nut shell. A good bed if properly chosen and diligently tried will serve many purposes and all will be good for the minds and bodies of every member in your family. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by (Me)


Stop Smoking

Smoke is Bad for Both the Giver & Receiver

On this particular subject I'm not very flexible. From my perspective smoking has no social redeeming qualities. It's totally bad inside and out. In the same breath your hurting yourself and other people at the same time. It's bad enough that when we do something we hurt ourselves, it's dreadful when we hurt someone else in the process of smoking. If I'm to believe what is being said to me, second hand smoke is more harmful then for the non smoking person or maybe its a double whammy for the person smoking. Maybe the smoke they exhale is also more depermental to them, when they inhale their own smoke.

Smokers Hurt Each Other

Here' another cryptic thought. People who smoke generally if my thinking is right, hang around people who smoke, so guess what there all helping to harm each other is that a death pack or what?

Its Not Just You Being Harmed

I really don't care if people smoke, my only objection is that they don't impose onto my air space. Yes I understand your feelings you have a right to smoke if you want to. Yes you do and I would protect your right to do so. But not at the expense of someone Else's life. Smoking is alot like drinking both are legal but both are killing people right and left, because your smoking is aiding the growth of cancer and driving drunk is killing or maiming us and that's your fault if your not careful with your smoking or drinking.

Cough Stopped Me

My participation in smoking was a short lived journey. I started around sixteen and stopped a twenty. My reason for stopping was as simple as this. I got tired of waking up coughing and having a headache. So I stopped smoking and the cough went away. For me it was easy I hated coughing, more then I liked cigarettes. A no brainer for me.

Am I Fooling Myself?

Drinking on the other hand has remained stead fast in my life. And I literally love a glass of wine in the before hours of sleep. Is drinking bad for me? Lets let Shakespeare answer this question. Here's how he felt about it. And I quote--Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes is so--So I think it's ok and that's good enough for me.

No Smoke in Our Space

I am a truly a blessed person not only do I not smoke but also my wife doesn't either. And no one is allowed to smoke in our house or car. So we are classified as non smoking car and house people.

Wouldn't it be ironic if they found the cure for cancer in tobacco.

There does seem to be one good benefit in smoking, it helps control your weigh, by controlling your urging to eat. Oh course what good does it to be thin, when failing health is just around the corner.

Smoke or Breath the Choice is Yours

My Father was a moderate smoker and that smoking made his last years difficult, because he needed help breathing all the time. Giving up your ability to breath is a terrible price to pay for the joy of smoking. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

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You're so special you can't be replaced

If that title is true and I believe it is, then you, who are reading this article are priceless and if lost, can't be replaced.

All people at sometime or another find the need to question the value of there being. And thru that process wonder if their worth anything. The answer to that question contrary to what you might think is yes. No you can' be replaced because only one of you will be made and that's that.That should make you feel better and give you hope in your future. Your only responsibility is to become who you really are and that of course is you. So stop wondering if your worth anything, because your worth everything and that's the truth and nothing but the truth.

A Parking Space Reserved for You

So here's why this knowledge is so important to you and why you should never forget it. Don't envy others and want to be them, because that's who they are and you can't be them. But you can use their experiences and apply that to being yourself and that will be perfectly cochure. As long as your true to yourself and being yourself the universe will find a space for you. It's kind of like going to a parking lot and finding only one spot available well that's the space that's reserved just for you and it will always be yours as long your being yourself and not someone else.

I Know Who I Am? I'm Me

We have all known people and I used to one of them; that are always trying to be something there not. I spent at least half of my life trying to form myself into something else and it never worked or felt good to me. Then one day tired and partly in my world of who the hell am I. I found the courage to face myself in the mirror and say I don't know who in the hell you are? but I'm going to spend the rest of my live trying to find out who you are. And this time I meant what I was saying and then shortly after this revial meeting, I found myself and have never let go of myself since.

From this day forth I proclaim myself Me and that will be my title for the rest of my life.

Someday like all humans I will pass away and then see the door to eternal life. I will push the door button and someone will say, who wishes to enter? and I will say me and the door will open and I will fly like I do in my dreams. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Steve Parker

Do you ever wonder why your mind is failing you?

We Need Each Other

Maybe it's because your failing it. I think of my mind as my primary house. And it is wired and so constructed that it will do almost anything I ask of it. So in my way of thinking there are two parts of me, one is me and the other is my house. I have conjured up this thinking because it works well for me and also for my house. I am not so arrogant that I think I can live without my house; because I know I can't and I'm smart enough to realize my house and I both need nourishment to survive. And that list of needs is endless, when you start to think about it. Here is a partial list. Food, water, shelter, warmth, love, transportation, education, companionship, sleep, truth, clarity, honesty, fellowship and etc. I don't believe that me and my house can over dose on information. I think my house grows in proportion to my need for more information space.

Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself

So how are things going with you and your house? Are you still friends? and looking out for each other and being there when you need each other. Or has something happened that's driving a wedge between the two of you? And our you each finding fault with each other? Of all the People I know and care about the number one person in my life is my house. Now many of you are going to have problems with that and that's ok with me. But if your smart like I'm trying to be you will see the value of liking yourself first and then working out from there.

Your House Doesn't Feel

Yes you may well have a house that is to blame for giving you faulty information and harmful feelings. Or maybe you both of you are giving each other unprocessed information and that information is making you feel bad. In this particular scenario only you are feeling bad because houses don't feel anything. I realize that doesn't seem fair but that's the way the body works. Your house is like a library it gathers information you experience and how you feel about that information. As far as the house is concerned information is permanent and feelings are ever changing.

That Was Then, This is Now

Sometimes your experiences are painful to you and you feel accordingly. If these painful experiences are not properly processed they will in one degree or another pain you emotionally for the rest of your life. But be of good hope for these harmful feelings can thru your persistence be destroyed or at least have the intensity of the pain reduced and that would be less harmful to you. Changing how you feel about something can be accomplished in two parts. One review the event that's hurting you and I mean totally don't leave anything out. If something is hurting you there's a reason for it and that reason must be found and totally remembered moment by moment till you have a one hundred percent understanding what happened. And think to yourself how would I handle it today? That was them and this is now. This process of total recollection will start your mind to handle the event better. Now here's phase two. Get yourself in a good mood doing something like watching a dvd that always makes you happy. While being in this happy state, think about this bad event and here's what will eventually happen. Your happy feelings will change your unhappy feelings and repeat same till you feel ok about what happen to you.

DVD Time Doesn't Require a Liver Test

I have found that some of my unhappy feelings changed right away, others required more dvd time. Your wellness will greatly improve when you change these unhappy feelings.

So give it a try, you have nothing to lose, but your unhappy feelings. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by james.thompson

Rather then going bananas, why not just eat them

List and Review Daily

Now when you feel that urge to go bananas think about or buy a banana and keep yourself occupied till this dysfunctional thought finds wings and flys away. Time allows common sense to prevail and bad feelings to be avoided. Going bananas is a habit and habits prevail until you do something with them. There are two kinds of habits one is good for you the other is bad for you. Common sense tells us that the good habits should be promoted and the latter should be deleted from our brain. So lets take that idea to heart and change a habit. So how do we change a habit. First write it down on your list to do things. This will keep it in your conscious mind and that will force you to do something about it. Now here's how you might want to consider proceeding. Always maintain a to do list and review the list on a daily a basis, maybe mid day while you having lunch. Then read the list and then put it away for safe keeping. But always have it readily available to yourself. Here's an example you might put on you list. I'm tired of saying shit around the kids. You'll be surprised how fast you stop doing this because your reviewing your desire to change and your reviewing your to do list daily. You'll make it happen because you want it to happen. Habits are just habits and there not made it cement. If you want to change them you can. Only persistence is required.

I Used to Say Dam ETC ETC, now I'm Down to DAA

I used to say dam I did it again and then elaborate with more words that demeaned by opinion of myself. Today because its still on my list it hardly ever goes beyond the word dam. Most of the time it sounds like like I'm trying to learn English and my response is like this daa and I catch my bad habit and say no way Hosea your not going to say that bad stuff to yourself any more. And yes I know I'm not there yet but I'm working on it and soon it will be silence in my voice and a bad habit will bite the dust and I will ride off into sunset knowing I'm not beating myself up with that bad habit ever again.

Its a Dam Good Idea

It may seen like a small thing, but its a huge step in the right direction. So make a list and review it every day and you'll start feeling better about yourself. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Will Ellis


So why dont you take the trash out?

Its Important to Her

Are you a conscientious objector or what? or maybe it's beneath you? If that's the case then how does that thinking help get someone beneath you? For those of you who are either to young, to old or just dormant that's a sexual thing. I personally just don't get it. Taking out the trash only involves moving to and from somewhere and back. How hard can that be? I doubt if I invest more the more then fifteen minutes a week moving the trash to the curb and back.

Its Tit for Tat

Now here's the picture I'm trying to paint for you? If you do it right nothing is going to be said to you and don't expect any that a boys. Because dude it's your job. Like maybe cleaning your stool is your spouses job. It's a crappy job but someone must do it. Now if you don't the world wont come to an end. But don't expect to be voted king for a day. Because even kings know that taking out the trash is a necessary chore to keep continuity in the castle.

Trash out, Wife Happier

If you don't respect your spouse enough to do this one little task, then you in my humble opinion are dummer then the cement in your driveway. Your not being asked to walk the wilderness for forty years and then develop ten good reasons why the world should be happy together. It's trash not nuclear waste. After all you helped create it so be a grown up and do the right thing.

New Trash Hauler

It's the little things in life that seem to sway the winds of change in ones life. Remember your not the only player on the block. If bagging the trash isn't your thing, then maybe your spouse will find another trash hauler and haul your ass out of the bed. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Editor B


Driving requires your full attention

I Focus on Driving

I consider myself a safe driver and I practice what I preach. When I'm driving that's my number one job. When I'm driving that's what I'm thinking about. Before I start driving I connect the seat belt, check the rear view mirror and make sure no obstacles are in my way. Then I decide where I'm going and what route I will use to get there. Then and only then do I start moving. When I'm driving I'm always forcing myself to pay attention to what I'm doing. I think I do this because I enjoy writing and because of that I'm frequently thinking about new articles to write about. I know in my heart of hearts I can't do that while I'm driving so I have to force myself to focus on driving and not think about writing. When I'm a passenger I have a tendency to purposely look at the environment I'm in that helps me find things to write about; so that's why I must keep my thinking on driving and not anything else. It only takes a split second of diversion to cause an accident to happen. I know my limitations and I use that knowledge to better protect myself and the passengers in my car.

A Death Wish Driver

My wife and I lunch out generally six days a week. And were constantly pointing out the stupidity of drivers in our vicinity. Recently we even observed a lady driving next to us reading a book, which appeared to be attached somehow to her steering wheel. That stupidity triggered me to blow my horn, but that didn't even distract her from her reading she was constantly moving her head up and down. Would that be considered multi tasking. I kind of thing she had a death wish and was just playing the part to make it happen.

Speeding is Common Place

My wife and I live in a lumber yard, I say that because every road is a reference to a tree. For example, bent tree, fallen tree, leaning tree, knotting, stubby and leaning tree. If that isn't a lumber yard I don know what is. But alas even we face harm from those who are brain dead that live in our neighborhood. We live in a colder sac and you would think that would give us an additional safety net? not true. It's almost as if people are infuriated because they have to return whence they came, to get out. Even the mail person drives recklessly. He's more concern about delivering the mail then paying attention to his driving.

Crash with Know Other Cars in Sight

Not to long along I used to get up early in the morning and walk in part because I felt safer because fewer people were forging for food then. But even then the silence was disturbed by the sound of a crash. While I was walking two cars crashed at a main intersection. And here's the best observation I made; there were no other cars in my line of sight. Is that pathetic or what?

How Important is Your life?

So here's my last parting thought on this subject matter. Maybe you might want to consider your life being important and act accordingly, when your driving . That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by emdot

Always make time for playing

Playing Helps People Smile

In this busy world, we frequently lose sight of one very important thing to do, always make time for playing. As we age we seem to move farther away from the days of our childhood. We miss the value of our sand box. A couple days ago Jennifer our daughter in law called us and asked us if we could pick up Cohen our grandson because he was experiencing mild case of looseness. We arrived at the nursery and found him sleeping on his mattress with his other companions. Nana my wife's official grand child name gently persuaded him to wake up and when his eyes opened he smiled seeing his nanas face. On the journey he seemed to recover from his sleepiness and we all gleefully enjoyed each others company.

There's More to Life then Adding to its Speed

My Dad used to say there's more to life then adding to its speed. Had Cohen met his Great Grand Father they would have been the best of friends both shared the same thinking about life. Because they both would have shared the common interest of having fun.

He Loved the Basket Ball

When we arrived home Cohen was unshackled from his security seat and allowed to maneuver under his own steam. As he approached the front door his eyes caught the view of the basket ball which I always leave on the front porch and then with the diligence of Paul Revere he echoed the words the ball, the ball and at the same time pointing one finger indicating where it was. And then his ritual was to touch the ball and this made him smile even more, like it was a special shrine or something, then we moved into the house where he immediately found the inside ball, which was lighter and more user friendly and caused less havoc with my wife's brick a bract.

Sign Language

Like all human beings Cohen practiced the art of foraging for food. This involved going to the kitchen and by word or gesture communication would be developed between child and adult and eatable items would be available to the chosen one. If the initial visit didn't produce enough food more foraging would be engaged by the chosen one using one word and the universal sign of two fingers of the right hand pressing the balm of the left hand. The water, juice or milk would be supplied to solidify the food being consumed. Then play was resumed and all was well with the world.

Cohen & Dog Play

Then like the ending of a great movie the sun would cross the sky and night would begin to approach. Now the Father of Cohen the Great arrives and the both of them go home. When home Cohen greets his friend the dog, I say the dog because that's what Cohen calls him. And all is well on the western front.

Now is Time for Rest

In time Mother soon to be again, Father, dog and Cohen the Great will climb the stairs to the final resting place for the night. Now Cohen is sleeping in his new two story bed and the remaining family members are watching tv, while enjoy their new king size bed.

Always Remember the Sand Box

Here's the moral of this story; never stop playing in the sand box of life, because playing produces wellness and wellness is medicine for the mind. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Tom@HK


Get out of the box and open your mind

The Key, is the Key to the Mind

I used to think that I knew everything, then one beautiful day I met my second wife and she in her infinite wisdom told me I didn't. And she immobilised this not by her words, but by her ideas. And that is the kind of thinking that has improved the progress of the cave man. Oh sure this kind of idea sharing from female to a man met resistance but that was over come by the male realizing he chose the girl and that action created this new dialog that makes man think he's still driving the bus. No matter what your thinking is concerning this issue really doesn't matter in the scheme of things. What matters is that people not one gender or the other are finding the door to their freedom by using the key that opens their mind and lets them know that they can do anything, they want to do, just by the will of their own thinking.

All Things are Possible

When the human race started information was in short supply, but that was then and this is now. Now we humans are starting to believe that all things are possible and just because something is doesn't mean it always has to be.

Your Only Obstacle is You

I used to think that college was the only way to explore the universe, now I am of another mind. In truth all paths that lead to opening the door of infinite thinking is a good path. So if the road your traveling is wide open then pedal on and be all that you want to be. Your only obstacle will be your mind and that will happen when the door to your box slams shut and you lose the key that opens it. Never forget that you and you alone control the flow of information in your mind, so you must be forever vigilant to keep the path of your thinking clear of the obstacles that start to form, when the door of information starts closing.

The Mind Works Better When Its Open

I thank my wife for helping me open my door; I hope my thoughts help you open your door. That's my thinking and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo Joe Shlabotnik