Wear comfortable fitting shoes; your feet will thank you

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Tennis Shoes

I have been pretty much of a tennis shoe wearer most of my life. And little did I know that most of them were not helping my feet and or making me a happy camper.

What a Difference a Good Pair of Shoes Makes

In my younger years I wore what was given to me and the choice wasn’t mine to make. Coins were tight and eating had a higher priority. Also I didn’t know any better, so what you don’t know doesn’t necessarily hurt you till you find out differently. And I pretty much maintain this mentality until I joined my second wife in holy blish. She had and still does have this incredible ability to access a situation and then point out the futility of it. During our mating ritual my soon to be wife couldn’t help but notice the shoes that I normally wore. They were tennis shoes and the soles we paper thin and looked like the dog had drug them thru the woods and collected every form of dirt they came in contact with. To me that were perfect and required no changes to be made to them. My wife to be who loved me dearly and still does put her foot down and insisted they be buried with honors and new ones be purchased. She said these shoes can’t be good for your feet. Love prevailed and the shoes got the boot. I’m sure I shed a tear but finally like most brain dead men came to my senses under pressure and tried new shoes with my love companion guiding the shoe trying process. Wow what a difference a good pair of shoes can make in your life. Even my footies said thanks for thinking of me.

Gets Shoes that Fit Right

Since then I have been an avid believer in good and comfortable shoe wear. Now when I find a pair of tennis shoes I like I will frequently buy two or more pairs at one time. And also I try each pair and then walk the store like a dead man walking to his execution till I’m convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that there ok; then and only then will I purchase them.

Bad Shoes, Unhealthy Feet

I remember working at a Die Cast company and spent a week or so working next to a gentlemen that’s been doing the same sanding job for five years. And I couldn’t help but notice he wore the most worn out shoes I have ever seen other then my old tennis shoes. Each shoe was worn differently and that forced him to walk awkwardly. During lunch he always removed his shoes and complained how much his feet hurt. Know wonder the shoes were in terrible condition.

Get Inserts if You Need Them

My oldest son used to machine racecar motors and because of that had to stand long lengths of time. Eventually his feet started hurting him. He being a person of action contacted a shoe doctor and had shoe inserts made that stopped his feet from hurting.

Bad Shoes, Bad Idea

Bad wearing shoes are a great hindrance to good emotional wellness. So take the advise of one who knows. Throw those worthless shoes away and get a pair that make you feet feel good and that goodness will walk its way to your brain and your whole body will feel better.

Don L. Terrill


Happiness is just a snap away, try Hypnosis

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I Attended My First Session in Chicago

When I was nineteen I learn from a companion about a College Professor in Chicago that gave private and group lessons in the art of learning self-hypnosis. He said he attended three four-hour sessions that involved probably forty people of all age groups. He said he was the youngest person to attend the class. Every once in awhile I would think about how he said it helped him and then one day I gave him a call and acquired a number to call. I talked to a college person assisting the professor in doing his sideline business. I signed up for one four-group session one time a week for three weeks.

We Hopped the Train from Michigan City

My Mother was an interior decorator and frequently visited Chicago and visited the trade center for items needed for clients she was representing. She arranged one of her visits to coincide with my first hypnosis group session. We drove to Michigan City and then boarded a train shuttle to Chicago. The train at that time traveled as far as Randolph St. and then we both flaged a different taxi to our separate destinations. This wasn’t my first visit to the windy city so it didn’t bother me too much to be on my own. I was dropped off at the proper address and the doorman directed me to the floor of my class session. Once I found out where every thing was I exited the building and had lunch in a local Italian place right next to the overhead train system that brought me to Chicago. To me the train made the ground move and the sound was quite annoying I wondered how the locals could stand it. Then I realized that my parents home was located on a hillside over looking Lake Michigan and we too had gotten used to the movement of trains. They frequently passed by parents home going to and from Chicago and Detroit. And like the people in the restaurant we all were used to the noise of the trains.

He First Attempted was to Hypnotize the Whole Class

My first class involved the Professor talking a lot and then we got down to the real stuff. First he attempted to hypnotize the entire class. We found out later that he did this to discover the good candidates for going under a hypnotic state and could easily be manipulated to do things they weren’t aware was happening to them. Thirteen participants were singled out as good candidates. I remember the number because thirteen has always been told to me to be an unlucky number. The teacher had these persons move to the front of the class and then hypnotized them and gave each of then instructions to follow.

They Couldn't Pick Up the Money

His first presentation went like this. He put a hundred dollar bill on the floor and told the thirteen that if anyone of them could lift it up they could have it. He snapped his finger and then told them all no matter how hard they tried they wouldn’t be able to pick the bill up. And sure enough no matter how each one tried they couldn’t do it. That was really cool.

I Enjoyed the Self Hypnosis Session the Best

The part of the class that I was really interested in was self-hypnosis and he put us all thru the fine points of making that work for us. I enjoyed the classes and was highly intrigued in the notion that one could make themselves suggestions and have those suggestions make their life work better. I tried for a time using the technique but finally decided I was not a good candidate for the hypnosis stuff.

It Helped With My Cancer Treatments

That class of course happened many moons ago and then two years ago having some difficulty with my cancer treatments I decided to give it a whirl again. I remember the professor saying that even thought you may not achieve a complete state of hypnosis lower levels of this process could be achieved and with persistence a person can use this lower level of self hypnosis to achieve virtually any improvements in ones life.

So I applied what I learned once again and his time I have made it a habit I did every day. At first it was like before and I didn’t see any improvement on the things that were bothering me. But I decided to not give up and keep doing it. And then slowly I started to experience progress that’s when I realized that persistence does pay of if you hang in there long enough.

And here’s part of the conversation I have with myself at one of two times daily. Most of the time I do this reclining in my favorite chair. Sometimes I speak the words and other times I just say them in my head.

Here's What I Say to Myself

First I close my eyes and say I’m going deep deep asleep (I recite this five times) and then I tell my self I’m going to count to ten and when I reach ten I’m going to be deep deep asleep. When I reach ten I say to myself I’m deep deep asleep. Then I say whatever I suggest to myself I will obey. Since I have started this regiment I have added and removed suggestions as my life has evolved. My primary suggestion to myself now is this. When I say the word relax to myself I command myself to totally relax, stop any physical pain I’m feeling and to fill my brain with happiness.

It Almost Entirely Removed My Foot Pain

I love walking and because of that frequently take a prescription for having gout and a personal injury, which happened to my right foot when I stepped in a hole while golfing and caused a hairline crack in my right foot. Now when the foot pain starts and just repeat relax to myself a couple times and the pain goes away. I also routinely use the work relax to just make myself feel better.

Don't Look for Instant Results

If you try this technique you probably wont receive instant results but hang in there and persist and in time whatever your commanding yourself to achieve will hopefully come to pass. Remember your brain feels no pain and can make changes in your life if you force it to. Whats the worse can happen? You’ll feel better and that in its self is a positive reward for your efforts.

Don L. Terrill


Wellness, Dates and friends are yours if you avoid the four don’ts

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The Four Don'ts

  1. Never Guess their Weight
  2. Avoid the Age Question

  1. Never Talk Politics
  2. Religion is a NO NO
I used to know a gentlemen that had numerous concessions at an Amusement Park my parents owned. His primary function was to run a concession which involved using a large wood mallet which you used to hit a rubber object connected to an single board that when hit would drive a metal object up the pole and if done properly and hit hard enough would ring the metal bell at the top of the upright pole. Primarily men would do this to impress their lady companion with their physical prowess. The trick wasn’t to hit it hard; the trick was to hit the rubber object squarely with the wood mallet and that would make it more likely to hit the bell when your strength alone generally didn't get the job done .
My acquaintance would also substitute at other concessions. His favorite job was working the weight and age guessing concession. Here he would challenge ladies to come up and win a prize. He would say what do you wish me to guess your age within one year either way or weight within three pounds either way? Then the player would put up a certain amount of money to consummate the deal, which was non refundable whether they won or not.

Even if he guessed wrong he still made money or he just broke even because most prizes were created out of plaster, which the concession owner would make between things or during the winter, when the amusement business was dormant.

One day while business was slow the weight guessing guy and I were enjoying lunch together which was right by where we were both working. At the time I was running the Ferris Wheel which often was one of the best jobs at the park to meet girls. Mainly because you were in close proximity of them when they were boarding the Ferris Wheel for a ride. When the girls that caught my eye were walking up the ramp to gain access to their seat I as the operator would be holding the seat foot portion tightly pressed against the loading ramp floor. After the girls would sit down I reach over them with my left hand while looking at them and hoping to see a flicker of interest that they would be of a mind to join me for a cold drink later when I wasn’t working. Being I was the owners son I always had the option to furnish free rides for the fair damsels.

Now back to my co-worker the weight and age guessing guy. While talking this day he gave me some insight that has stuck with me every since. He said there are four don’ts in life to never talk to anyone about if you want to make a good connection with them. First two are never guess a ladies age or weight. And as for men avoid talking about religion and politics. Like most people I once in awhile don’t take good advise and then I wouldn’t get a date with a girl I liked and likewise my poor judgment would drive a friend away. And sometimes it was about things like the four don’ts I’ve mentioned earlier. I sure that there are many more don’ts to avoid but these four are high on the list of never using if you want to make a good impression with someone.

Don L. Terrill


Listening to God Bless America is always a great high for me

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Bears Fan

Even thought I’ve moved to a different state I’m still in my heart of hearts a die-hard Bears & Cubs fan. When I first got to my new location I would walk the neighborhood and of course wear my bears cap, which was my favorite cap at the time. Those who crossed my path especially the guys would sometimes comment about the cap. Like oh I see you’re a bears fan and of course there were the ones that viewed themselves as would be comics and they would say things like, are you lost? And then pointed to my cap Or etc. In time I joined the locals and purchased a cap more compatible with my new surrounding.

Ruth Pointed to Center Field

I remember my Dad telling me a story about when he and a group of his friends went to watch the New York Yankees play at home. He said they sat directly behind home base and the day was perfect. Little did my Dad know that he was about to watch history in the making. This was the day when Bath Ruth came up to the plate and pointed with his bat to center field indicating that was where the ball was going and sure enough that's were the Babe sent the ball flying to. Some have said it didn’t happen, but my Dad sitting behind home base was only four rows away and he said it did. According to follow up news reports Babe Ruth had visited a kids ward in the hospital and promised this one boy that he would point to center field and make a home run just for him. A movie was made centered around this event. My Dad said he couldn’t validate the hospital event but did see Babe point and put the ball right where he pointed. Wow I would have loved to have enjoyed watching the titans of baseball, at that time and many of them played for the Yankees.

Beer & Baseball go Hand in Hand

One time my lovely wife and I joined up for a bus ride to Chicago to watch the Cubs play. A great time was had by all. During the ride to and from the game, mind-altering liquid was available to those that wanted to partake. At that juncture in my life I enjoyed the brew stuff, my wife was a mixed drinking person. The bus boarded at eight AM and some were even drinking then. They especially had a good time, till errors of judgment and the mind-altering stuff caught up to them. Two large consumers of the bubble had a confrontation with one of the beer-selling ladies. They wanted more to drink and she said that they had already reached the level of having too much to drink. They used unfavorable words in her presence and she just walked away. The two stupid ones yelled at her as she left. In ten minutes she returned with four large fellows that escorted them out of the stadium. We never saw then again that day. They apparently wondered off and ended up in some neighborhood bar and lost track of time. The bus left without them. I never did hear how they got home. I guess bad behavior didn’t deserve them a bus ride home.

I Can Still Hear God Bless America Ringing in My Ears

I look back on the times I’ve enjoyed being at and watching sports and have always been overwhelmed by the playing of God Bless America. It thrills and chills me right to the bone. Find what chills you and do it often. Its a great way to feel better.

I love this wonderful country and am proud to say I’m an American. God Bless America.

Don L. Terrill


Are certain sounds bothering your wellness?

photo by Jef Poskanzer

Tick Tock

My Mother In Law has a clock hanging on her living room wall that’s of the old fashion variety with the swinging arm which ticks at the end of each direction it moves to. When she has it working it goes tick tock. Now most of the time it doesn’t bother me, but sometimes my focus gets on it and I can't seem to get my attention off it. Sometimes I break the spell by visiting the boy’s room or probing for goodies in the kitchen. When all else fails I suggest an early retreat and exit stage left.

I Removed the Batteries

We have one clock in our kitchen that I disabled probably six months ago. It’s just a regular wall hanging clock that has sentimental value to my wife; as the clock got older it started to tick louder all the time. At first it only concerned me when I was in the kitchen and since I don’t spent much time there it was no problem to me. Then out of know where it started ticking even louder and it bothered me while I was sitting in my favorite chair and trying to sleep in the mid afternoon and sometimes in the late evening. While my love was doing her thing somewhere else I removed the batteries and then I found my wellness again. I think my wife knows I did it but isn’t saying anything about it. I guess having someone that loves you is good thing, because they have a tendency to over look your need to change things that they know bothers the one they love.

Too Many Clocks

I had a tenant once that loved clocks and collected them as a hobby. She occupied a one-bedroom apartment and shared her floor with seven other tenants. When she first moved into the building all was well with everyone on that floor; that is until Jane got the rest of her collection out of a storage facility she rented. I’m not sure because I never counted them but I would estimate that she had a least fifty clocks and half a dozen of them were stand up clocks that were taller then she was. Needless to say the tenants jointly filed a noise complaint and that’s when the stuff hit the fan.

After a week of discussion we developed a compromise with her. She could keep the clocks but the noisy ones had to be disabled but could remain in her apartment. It didn’t give her much room to move around, but that was ok because the fire marshal said it didn’t restrict her ability to exit the apartment in case of an emergency. I’m sure she missed the sounds of the clocks but was glad that she could still keep them all.

We humans are all different and that means that what bothers others may not bother you. Now sometimes we all can be really picky about something that’s bothering us and that’s when a compromise must be arrived at. Unless you’re a king, dictator or president you will from time to time need to find common ground and get harmony back in your life.

Life Isn't Noiseless

Trying to get your way all the time is the first step in being a person by yourself. Personally I like living with someone and taint going to let the sound break us up. So live smart and realize life isn’t a noiseless thing. Do the best you can and then just live with it. Remember being alone sucks.

Don L. Terrill